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Indulge in Passionate Luxury with Newly Reformulated MONQ Love Blend


Indulge in Passionate Luxury with Newly Reformulated MONQ Love Blend

MONQ loves bringing you essential oil blends that help you feel better, do better, be better. TM So, we improved our Love blend to bring you a new formula that’s simply indulgent—we’re confident you’ll fall in love. Indulge in passionate luxury with every breath of this blend designed to set all of your senses on fire.

Everyone’s experienced that feeling of pure love . Maybe it was when you were nestled on your mother’s lap, wrapped in your father’s arms, or held in the embrace of your significant other. There’s nothing like the feeling of love, and Love MONQ is designed to bring you all the luxurious warmth of those moments. Love yourself. Breathe Love.

love monq r with roses behind it Primary Ingredients in Love

Love is purposefully simple with just four ingredients: cacao, peppermint, vanilla, and sweet orange. Together, they create a perfect synergy that makes all of your senses smolder.

Cacao Essential Oil

The foremost ingredient in high-end chocolate, this decadent essential oil is classified as a superfood thanks to the range of health benefits it offers.

Cacao essential oil boasts a wide range of health benefits like reducing inflammation, maintaining heart health, boosting cognitive function, and increasing libido. Cacao is especially beneficial because it works in synergy with other essential oils, enhancing and amplifying the benefits they have to offer.

Cacao essential oil pairs especially well with warm oils like vanilla, citrus scents like orange, and mint varieties like peppermint—creating the perfect combination in the Love blend.

Peppermint Essential Oil

One of the most versatile essential oils, peppermint has been used for thousands of years to spice up food and drinks, relieve aches and pains, clear the mind, and improve memory and focus.

In fact, peppermint is one of the oldest herbs to be used as an all-natural healing agent.

While a variety of different biochemicals make up peppermint essential oil, none is more impactful than menthol, especially because it comprises nearly 40% of the oil’s terpene profile.

It’s the menthol that gives peppermint its minty flavor, recognizable aroma, and powerful cooling properties. The menthol in peppermint essential oil also provides antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and carminative (gas-relieving) benefits.

In addition to these properties, peppermint essential oil has been shown to relieve muscle tension, remedy sinus congestion, and reduce headache pain.

Vanilla Essential Oil

Vanilla is easily one of the most popular and recognizable scents and flavors in the world. However, vanilla isn’t just a delicious flavor. In addition to a range of other mental and physical health benefits, it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory and relaxant.

The main active compound in vanilla essential oil is vanillin , which creates the smell and taste we associate with it. The higher the concentration of vanillin, the greater the health benefits of the oil.

In Love, the addition of vanilla rounds out the blend to provide its warm and comforting aroma.

Orange Essential Oil

There is something about the scent of citrus that energizes and revitalizes the spirit while creating a sense of calm, and orange is no different. These properties make orange essential oil a perfect addition to the blend of essential oils in Love.

There are many different active compounds in wild orange essential oil, including antioxidants (vitamins C and A), potassium, and monoterpenes, such as limonene .

The combination of these compounds, and many others, contribute to the benefits that orange essential oil provides, including boosting mood, reducing discomfort, and increasing energy.

Final Thoughts

MONQ’s newly reformulated Love blend is the perfect way to experience passionate luxury with every breath. Looking for a gift for your special someone this Valentine’s Day? pair it with MONQ’s newly reformulated Sexy.

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