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Experience a Zest for Life with MONQ’s Joy

Experience zest for life with this Feel Fun blend featuring sweet orange and citrus family essential oils. One of three new blends in MONQ’s Feel Fun line, this uplifting blend is designed to evoke lighthearted nostalgia.

Joy features essential oils from the family of orange and mandarin plants, helping you feel Joy with every breath.

Joy Primary Ingredients

limes on wooden background Lime Essential Oil

Though lime is sometimes overshadowed by the lemon in culinary dishes or cleaning products, lime essential oil contains just as many benefits as its citrus counterpart.

Lime essential oil is often used in aromatherapy because of its refreshing scent.  

This popular, citrusy scent holds many beneficial properties that can help your body and mind, and rounds out the citrus-filled Joy blend.

Mandarin Essential Oil

Mandarin essential oil is a unique citrus oil. While many citrus oils increase energy, mandarin is actually used for its calming properties. It contains high concentrations of the terpene limonene (approximately 65–75%), which significantly contributes to its relaxing properties.

This fresh, sweet citrus oil is often used for its purifying properties. In the Joy blend, mandarin essential oil provides a calming effect. Additionally, it’s great for reducing tension and improving sleep quality.

Orange Essential Oil

There is something about the scent of citrus that energizes and revitalizes the spirit while creating a sense of calm, and orange is no different. These properties make orange essential oil a perfect addition to the blend of energizing yet relaxing essential oils in Joy.

There are many different active compounds in wild orange essential oil, including vitamins C and A, potassium, and monoterpenes, such as limonene .

The combination of these compounds, and many others, contribute to the benefits that orange essential oil provides, including boosting mood, reducing discomfort, and increasing energy.


Final Thoughts

Joy launches alongside two other Feel Fun blends. These blends are designed to evoke lighthearted nostalgia for fun and excitement. Try the full line: Bright, Fresh, and Joy, and look forward to future Feel Fun blend debuts.

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