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MONQ Monthly Horoscope – Your December Blends


MONQ Monthly Horoscope – Your December Blends

We love to share our essential oil blends in ways that can boost your health and happiness and expand the joys of life. Here, we pair monthly predictions from talented astrologers with the unique powers of essential oil blends. Each sign gets its own recommended blend to help make the most of the exciting times ahead. Read on to see your December horoscope and recommended MONQ blends this month. 

December 2020 Horoscope

Wow, give yourself a hearty congratulations for getting through this tough year! It’s hard to believe it is December and that the holiday season is in full swing! It’s also time to celebrate our Sagittarius friends.  December is also bringing us a very significant astrological event: the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, an event that only occurs every 20 years. However, what is unique about this event this time around is that these plants will be closer than they have been in nearly 400 years.  This is a time where energy will be abundant as we collectively adjust to the holidays looking different this year. More than ever, we will need to trust ourselves to keep our spirits uplifted so we can envision a brighter year ahead. Many of us will feel extra introspective in December, craving a better future as we seek success. Keep reading below to see what December has in store for your sign! We break it down into “houses,” which means the areas where you’re likely to see some action. And of course, check out your intuitively connected MONQ blend.

Important Dates

December 14, 2020: New moon in Sagittarius December 14, 2020: Total solar eclipse December 21, 2020: The Great Conjunction in Aquarius December 29, 2020: Full moon in Cancer

Aries the Ram: March 21 – April 19

Although you are fiery and independent, this time of year brings out your soft side, Aries. This month you will continue to burn the candle at both ends as you’re known to do, but for the greater good. You will seek to give back to your community by creatively making connections despite the constraints of technology and physical space.  When you collaborate with others, you shine. And this month, you won’t let social distancing stop you. You will innovate and use virtual meetings to your advantage and continue to be the life of the party! Friends and family members will appreciate all that you do to make the holidays feel fun and festive, even if they look different this year.  At the end of the month, you may experience some burnout as the new year approaches. Your desire to socialize will continue, so make sure you take care of your health. Get some rest, and take time to relax. Try Cheer for December. Breathe in the holiday spirit and relax and unwind with woody frankincense, palo santo, and myrrh. 

taurus december horoscopeTaurus the Bull: April 20 – May 20

What is your true calling, Taurus? The approaching new year will have you considering taking risks to go after what you truly want. You’re feeling especially contemplative but need time to do things in your own way. That requires some creative thinking. Create a list of new goals in order to set yourself up for success.  Family tensions will rise this month due to time constraints. Be sure to take time for others before you get too obsessed with your shiny new list of goals. There is plenty of time to chase what you want but also slow down for a bit this month. Some of your family members might be disappointed in your holiday celebration decisions, but you will smooth things over with a long chat on the phone. During the Great Conjunction, you might be challenged to do something out of the ordinary. Instead of insisting on doing everything your way, consider the other person’s point of view and let yourself try something different.  Try Focus in December, Taurus. This grounding blend will help you navigate the push-pull of the month.

Gemini the Twins: May 21 – June 20 

December is a month of enlightenment for you, Gemini! You are expanding your spiritual ideals and beliefs to embrace the energy that comes your way, becoming more open-minded to new rituals and practices. You will devour literature and new information to gain philosophical insights like never before, and discover a new favorite book. A lot of energy is colliding mid-month with the new moon and total solar eclipse. Leave extra early for appointments. Over-communicate work tasks. Don’t procrastinate on projects (or wrapping presents). Your energy might be a little out of sorts, but if you stay on top of it now, it will be smooth sailing!  Let go of old habits that aren’t serving you before the new year is upon us. You might have to break up a relationship that is bogging you down. It’s not always easy, but it’s best to make a clean cut before the new year. Consider Ocean +cbd this month to deal with the ever-evolving shifts occurring in your life.

cancer december horoscopeCancer the Crab: June 21 – July 22 

Let it go, Cancer. Your protective side is showing! There might be some conflict coming in the family this month, and you’re the go-to voice of reason because you are so nurturing and sensitive. Know when to say “no,” and know when to retreat to protect your heart. Don’t engage in battles that can’t be won. Mid-month, an old grudge will resurface in your memory. Use your sentimental side to overcome that old grudge. In the season of giving, consider extending the olive branch to ask for forgiveness or do the forgiving. This could be from a friend, family member, or work colleague. It might also be a grudge you haven’t thought about in years.  As we get closer to December 25, you will have the urge to pull out the old photo albums and reminisce about times gone by. Call up someone special or schedule a virtual meeting to share these memories with someone special. They will appreciate it more than you know, and you might make the holiday season that much brighter for someone else.  Peace is just what you need for December. You will be helping others by finding it.

Leo the Lion: July 23 – August 22 

Sure, it’s not February, but love is in the air for you, Leo! You will be feeling ready to redefine love and explore what love truly means to you. This might result in wanting more from a current relationship, appreciating your partner for who they are and letting them know it, or letting a friend or family member know that you care. Either way, you’re going to express how you feel. December will also be a month where you desire nothing more than to curl up on the couch and read a good book. If your to-be-read pile is getting a little too high, spend some time relaxed and curled up under a warm blanket with a book or two. There’s no better time to relax.  The Great Conjunction is going to supercharge your energy. Your impatient side might come out, which could result in a disagreement at work or at home. Do your best to get a grip on your demands. After all, you don’t want to cause unnecessary stress that you will likely feel bad about later.  Of course, Love is your blend for this month, Leo! It’s in the air and you are cultivating it.

virgo december horoscopeVirgo the Maiden: August 23 – September 22 

Buckle up, Virgo. This is going to be an intense month for you, but not necessarily in a bad way. Your job is going to bring more responsibilities than expected, but it’s a task you are truly meant to do. This is your time to shine if you accept it. The solar eclipse this month will push you out of your routine. You will be encouraged to view something with a new perspective to uncover the truth, instead of acting out of compulsion. Your maturity will impress those around you, especially since Virgos tend to be highly critical. Or as you see it, constructively critical.  Family time is important this month. Your desire to serve up the perfect holiday will result in fun times for everyone. You will make it so charming and festive that it will feel like holidays past, even if the traditions are new and different. Everyone will appreciate your efforts, and you will feel satisfied in pulling off a challenge during a difficult time.  Who says Pumpkin Spice is only for fall? This is your pick for December because these seasonal spices are as festive as ever! 

Libra the Scales: September 23 – October 22

During the only total solar eclipse of the year, Libras will be faced with decision-making tasks that require being completely honest. It might be a harsh truth with regards to something you vowed to never talk or think about again. It might challenge your beliefs and force you to see a different perspective. Be prepared to handle the truth around December 14.  Since you love learning new things and sharing them with others, December is the perfect time to start thinking about conquering a task in the new year with your partner. You’re both ready to let 2020 go and start fresh. Whether that’s getting into a new hobby or making home improvements, you will both be on the same page.  During the full moon on December 30, you might start to question everything. To manifest what you truly want, write it down to avoid slipping into self-pity. Now is not the time to be indecisive, but rather to go after your goals. When you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, you won’t be so hard on yourself when your friends are bragging about their New Year’s resolutions.   Try Vibrant in December. It is restorative and stimulating with citrus, spice, and cooling mint.

scorpio december horoscopeScorpio the Scorpion: October 23 – November 21 

You were made for the Great Conjunction, Scorpio! When Saturn and Jupiter finally meet up, you will be ready to tap into their energies. You have big ideas and the tools to execute your plans. Your passion and strategic skills will take you to an incredible breakthrough. But don’t be blinded by determination. You don’t want to neglect the rest of your life.  Is there an obstacle in your path? You will be ready to overcome it at the beginning of the month and create harmony for the rest of the year. Your family will be impressed by your actions, allowing you to maintain a positive disposition during the holidays. Even that person you usually don’t get along with won’t be a problem on those holiday virtual visits.  You will also experience unexpected joy this month from someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. You will rekindle that connection and have an incredible conversation that strengthens your old bond. This interaction will spark intense feelings of gratitude, which will fuel your generosity to help others.  Try Relieve in December. You have a lot going on and may need to inspire recovery.

Sagittarius the Archer: November 22 – December 21 

Sagittarius, are you still recovering from the hidden messages from your subconscious last month? Those might have been tough to deal with. But, this month, there is so much positivity ahead. During the first week of December, you will experience what seems like an impossible stroke of luck. In reality, this has been coming for a long time. Your gift for conversation is going to be a uniting factor during this unique holiday season. People will come to you for advice on how to make their holiday celebrations fun and exciting. As a result, your digital calendar will be booked. Don’t forget to take time for those closest to you. You don’t want to make promises that you can’t keep.  You will make an effort with a romantic partner to get beyond the surface level to figure out what you both want. There will be some tension at first, but this will be better for the long haul. For new relationships, this will provide clarity. For seasoned relationships, this will create more unity for the future as you head into the new year on the same page.  December is a great month for Zen. It will help anchor your energy and keep you grounded.

capricorn december horoscopeCapricorn the Mountain Goat: December 22 – January 19  

Capricorn, you’re still feeling that energy aura from Mercury retrograde ending last month. You’re feeling productive, proud, and unstoppable. Keep riding that wave until the full moon. Your energy will shift heading into the new year, but you will have accomplished what you needed to at this time. As we enter your birthday season, know the next adventure is just around the corner.  As practical as you are, the holidays will have you wanting to surprise someone special with an unexpected gift. Go with the flow and stop thinking about its utility, but rather think about the joy it will bring the person you love. You don’t always have to be so responsible. Have fun and buy the present! The excitement on the recipient’s face will result in so much happiness for you and them.  The new moon will help you gain a new perspective on your life, whether it is financial, professional, or otherwise. Information that you need may surface to help you make an important decision. Instead of being pessimistic, view this as an opportunity in a year where opportunity may have felt scarce to you. Not everything that comes your way is a hurdle.  Try Mountain for this month. Peppermint will invigorate you and keep your spirits high.

Aquarius the Water Bearer: January 20 – February 18 

Aquarius, there are some major changes coming into your life. Since Saturn rarely enters your sign, there will be some big energy shifts that make you feel more confident, powerful, and motivated than usual. Although these changes may feel overwhelming at first, they will reveal incredible blessings in the next few months. Most of the month will be harmonious for you. An attempt to show your emotions may result in a surprising reaction from friends and family members. Be careful with how you communicate, but don’t let this attempt spoil your intent. This is an important lesson in wearing your heart on your sleeve.  Although this time of year is known for the comfort of tradition, this year will look different, and you are completely okay with that. You will sail through the holiday season by embracing new habits and traditions, and you are completely okay with being outside of the norm. You will find this energy renewing. Spread your good cheer to others who need it.   Try Sexy in December. You’re going to be feeling confident in your skin.

pisces december horoscopePisces the Fish: February 19 – March 21 

What’s bothering you, Pisces? December is the last month of the year, so it’s time to clean out your spiritual closet and figure out what is weighing you down. You probably have a big box packed away in the back labeled “limiting beliefs.” If so, get rid of them during the Great Conjunction. This symbolic gesture will be a rebirth of sorts.  The holiday season is one of heightened emotions, and for the emotional Pisces, this energy will take a toll. You may struggle with sleeping well later in the month. Your dreams will amplify the see-saw of joy and sadness that many people feel at this time of year. Try writing them down to gain clarity. Practice self-care to help you get the rest you need and deserve.  And speaking of self-care, this is a great time to have some alone time. Constant celebrations and get-togethers can be overwhelming for you. Speak up and take the time you need to be comfortable. Spend extra time doing your favorite hobby and indulge in healthy feel-good activities. Sleepy +cbd is your blend for December. Its tranquility will help you achieve the next level in your self-care!

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for more MONQ blends to try out this month or to gift to your loved ones during this very different holiday season, check out MONQ’s holiday gift guide to share wellness this holiday season. Photo credits: JackieNiam/

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