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MONQ Monthly Horoscopes_ July Blends


MONQ Monthly Horoscope — Your July Blends

We love to share the ways in which essential oils can boost your health and happiness, and expand your life. Here, we pair monthly predictions from talented astrologers with the unique powers of our essential oil blends. Each sign gets its own recommended oil to help you make the most of the exciting times ahead. 

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July 2019 Horoscope

Welcome to summer—the height of fun vacation season and Mercury retrograde. Yep, it’s retrograde time again, so these predictions and suggested blends will focus on how you can navigate and make the best of these possibly trying times.  Mercury retrograde will affect the water signs directly this month, but because of some usual experiences with retrogrades last year (when all fire signs were affected at once), there’ll be some interesting or different opportunities for everyone. This Mercury retrograde will be particularly powerful, so follow the usual “make no important decisions” rule if you can. Mercury retrograde has a reputation for making machinery and electronics go bonkers, but it is a wonderful time to turn within. Expand your mindfulness practice this month, paying particular attention to why you are drawn to what is calling to you. 

Important dates:

July 2: New Moon Solar Eclipse July 16: Full moon

areis stars

Aries the Ram: March 21 – April 20 

Aries, last month we promised some new insights and surprises. You might have gotten some new, clear direction, and the process could be continuing this month. For you, this month’s Mercury retrograde will bring energy to your creativity and expressive skills. Be aware that all these creative impulses can have deeper inspiration, so proceed carefully with important decisions.  Turn from your mind to the heart in sorting out new directions, health, living situations, and of course, matters of the heart. Tap into the deep wells of gratitude for all you have. Spend time with loved ones—near or far, and infuse these times with more gratitude. This grateful heart will help you clarify and attract all that you need. We suggest Relieve, a harmonizing essential oil blend for calm and balancing.

Taurus stars

Taurus the Bull: April 21 – May 20

Recent months have brought you fun and activity, Taurus. This month, Mercury retrograde is shining on your personal security, home, and family. While energy and insights gained might have you feeling that it’s time to start something new, somewhere new—keep in mind that Mercury’s absence is best managed by being thoughtful.  While your ideas are great, don’t succumb to rushing headlong. This month calls you to deal well with details and communications. Be careful with contracts and commitments that will affect you in the future. Communicate your plans to those near and dear and listen carefully to their insights. Take your time this month and nothing will be lost.  We suggest FOCUS, a powerful essential oil blend for clarity and openness to soaking in the knowledge and understanding all around you. 

gemini stars

Gemini the Twins: May 22 – June 21

Ah, Gemini ... the party of May–June is over. But don’t you be afraid. This shift is going to bring you just what you need, so have faith. Mercury retrograde is affecting communications, information, and education for you, along with a bit of shift in finances.  A change of course that you’ve embraced lately may now feel a bit less “right” than before. Don’t let this bit of discomfort discourage you. Just hold course this month, continuing to communicate and plan for what lies ahead. Be careful with money, knowing opportunities will be coming. Be open to new connections that will help you move ahead. Relax and flow on. We suggest Active, a motivating essential oil blend for natural energy, purpose, and passion.

gemini stars

Cancer the Crab: June 22 – July 23

Cancer, welcome to your birthday month for many. You may have faced a feeling of being a bit off in June as you were transitioning to some new energy. You’ll be glad to hear that this is mostly over, and this month you’ll feel more like there’s a true party going on for you. The stars will bring energy to finances and material things. There is a solar eclipse in your sign, which may bring up some karmic issues.  Be confident and stay the course. Take on those tasks a bit out of your comfort zone, and be there for others doing the same. But keep the light shining on your needs, goals, and dreams. This is what will serve you best in the long run.  We suggest Vibrant, an invigorating essential oil blend to support openness, clarity, and awareness.

leo stars

Leo the Lion: July 23 – August 23

Exciting times are here for you, Leo friends. There is lots of great energy bubbling around you and your projects. It’s almost time for things to truly come together for you. There are just a few details for you to focus on this month. Mercury retrograde is affecting your self-identity while energizing your work.  You may find it’s time to make peace with some old part of you. This isn’t a challenge, so just relax and accept. Take good care of yourself, and you’ll be prepared to move forward into the future. Enjoy time with friends, and continue to work on your dreams. Just pace yourself this month, do the inside work, and you’ll be ready for what comes in the future.  We suggest Zen, a balancing essential oil blend for peace and a comfortable feeling of presence.

virgo stars

Virgo the Maiden: August 24 – September 22

There’s so much going on for you right now, Virgo, and that’s a good thing. This is an interesting month as Mercury retrograde will open space for your spiritual side, but the stars are also bringing power to social activities. Instead of getting too involved in pondering the depths and details, keep this month light and fun. You might be feeling the power of change—perhaps you’re thinking about a move or seeking a new career direction. Know that these moves are going to happen because they will be empowered to happen. You don’t have to do all the work. So, take this month to visualize good things, do what you can, then trust that all will be just as it should be.  We suggest Happy, a grounding essential oil blend for natural bliss, joy, and kindness.

libra stars

Libra the Scales: September 23 – October 23

Feeling creative, Libra? The stars are boosting your inventive, artistic, and financial powers this month. The Mercury retrograde is affecting your wishes to be social and involved in groups.  Allow us to suggest however that you run wild creatively, yet keep the work under wraps as you refine and define your work. Remember that you are always amazing at making new things happen. There’s no need this month to rush revealing new concepts until their true time. You know your work is good. There’s no rush to get others to agree.  We suggest Sleepy, a calming essential oil blend to help you enjoy tranquility and gratitude.

scorpio stars

Scorpio the Scorpion: October 24 – November 22

The retrograde is a good message for everyone, but especially for you this month, Scorpio. Use this retrograde to your advantage … that’s what it is here for. For you, this Mercury retrograde shines into your career and destiny, which can likely bring opportunities in some new venture or some possibility that you have overlooked.  You may have faced some hard news recently, hitting you emotionally or financially. Remember that you have the strength and power to survive and even thrive through these challenges. You can be creative or you can pitch it all. Choose to build and not give up—that’s where your true power lies.  We suggest Healthy, a restorative essential oil blend for vitality and renewal.

sagittarius stars

Sagittarius the Archer: November 23 – December 22

Remember how you engaged with all things good last month, Sagittarius? That positivity can continue for you with a few adjustments. This Mercury retrograde hits you in the realms of expansion and with what is established. However, you still have great opportunities to transform with some care. You might feel overwhelmed with possibilities or intuitions. View this overwhelmed feeling as abundance and file information that fits you for future action. You don’t have to have all the answers right now. Perhaps a bit of travel to a favorite energy spot can help you recharge and find some of the answers that you’re looking for. We suggest Love an exotic essential oil blend for warmth, comfort, and passion.

capricorn stars

Capricorn the Mountain Goat: December 22 – January 20

Take a deep breath, Capricorn, and believe in yourself. This Mercury retrograde is bringing you a powerful opportunity. It is affecting your abilities to create and transform, especially in regards to relationships or long-held beliefs. It’s time to look at your life honestly.  Some parts of life nudge individuals to change. People face relationships, habits, or beliefs that they may have outgrown but still stick with out of habit. The stars are insistent this month that you let go of those things that are holding you back. Don’t be your own limitation any longer.  We suggest Forest, an enlightening essential oil blend for natural peace, wisdom, and compassion.

aquarius stars

Aquarius the Water Bearer: January 21 – February 18

Aquarius, you have an opportunity ahead. The stars are affecting you in regards to relationships, with a special boost in health, as well as your skills and abilities. Perhaps you’ve tried to step up your game and go outside of your comfort zone in the past only to be overlooked by others. Those responses are most often about the busyness of others and not a judgment of your wonder.  July is a great time for you to stretch yourself again. You might be exploring new creative directions or even have set your sights on deepening a relationship. Be brave and allow the world to see who you truly are. The stars are applauding your efforts already.  We suggest Ocean, a liberating essential oil blend to experience adventure and opportunity.

pieces stars

Pisces the Fish: February 19 – March 20

Don’t hide your light this month, Pisces. This Mercury retrograde will affect your health, personal growth, and skills. Don’t feel particularly confident about the work you’ve done in these areas of late? Take a deep breath and cheer yourself on. Self-care opportunities abound for you this month, especially when it comes to you being your own encourager. Some voices of self-criticism may rise up for you, but remind yourself that everyone has weaknesses and strengths. Put your thought and efforts into those areas that you know are your powerhouses and let those successes lift you. Do things that bring you great joy. Why would you not?  We suggest Mountain, an empowering essential oil blend to promote feelings of courage, fortitude, and resilience. —————————— This month, our thanks to astrologer and aspiring social scientist Nikki. You can read her complete predictions at Thought Catalog. Photo credits: onephoto/, N.Wolfgang/, RomoloTavani/

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