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Health & Wellness

Using Virgin Coconut Oil as a Weight Loss Tool

Losing weight is not easy— a very obvious statement. Finding a new routine and changing diehard habits can be tough tasks to take on, which is why so many people struggle with weight loss. Fortunately, essential oils can be a much more helpful tool than you may realize to aid your dieting process, helping you stick to your healthier choices while not feeling deprived of the extra calories you usually intake.

coconut oil Coconut Oil - The Latest Health Craze

Coconut oil has been attracting attention as a health food lately, and researchers agree that it has a lot of potential health benefits, 1 including raising HDL cholesterol levels. 2 Those who support the use of coconut oil cite the health of people from India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and various other tropical places where coconut consumption is common, as an example of how coconut can provide potential health benefits.

It's important to note that the positive health markers of these indigenous populations may also be attributed to their diets including less processed foods than the average American diet, but the use and benefits behind coconut oil are definitely worth exploring.

Researchers think that the medium chain triglycerides (MCT) in the oil can help with weight loss, although studies that focus specifically on coconut oil, rather than the MCTs are comparatively rare. 3 It is widely accepted that MCTs can help to increase satiety, therefore making it easier to eat less without feeling deprived. Coconut oil offers a similar benefit, although it is perhaps not quite as satisfying as MCT oil. 4 If it is less satiating, according to some research, then why is it part of the health craze? Taste! Coconut has a very recognizable and delicious taste and can help you stick to your weight loss regimen with a flavor you enjoy.

What is Virgin Coconut Oil? coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil is made by pressing the liquid out of the coconut meat and then collecting the oil by separating it from the rest of the liquid. This requires less processing than certain other methods, and the oil contains more antioxidants than the dried, bleached oil that is sold in some department stores. Antioxidants are useful for helping to reduce inflammation and can help fight heart disease.

coconut oil Using Virgin Coconut Oil to Lose Weight

The weight loss benefit of the coconut oil is rooted in how it can help you feel fuller and limit excessive calorie intake. Fat takes longer to digest, and it's natural for humans to have a preference for fatty foods because they are a good source of energy. 5 Many diet gurus recommend that people either add coconut oil to their coffee or mix it in with low-calorie smoothies to make them taste more luxurious and feel more filling. If you have a drink with coconut oil in it for breakfast, then you are less likely to snack during the day, and stick within your daily calorie allowance without feeling deprived. It's a small psychological trick, but it can be a big help if your diet is going to go on for many months.

When buying the oil, it’s best to look for virgin coconut oil. Processed coconut oil may look “cleaner” and may even have a different smell, but it has had a lot of its healthy benefits pressed out of it. Using this means you're taking in fat but without any of the components that make coconut oil useful. For comparison, It's like taking the skin off of a potato which contains fiber and micronutrients or drinking fruit juice without the pulp. Why throw the useful, beneficial components away? It's more satisfying, and better for you, to eat the whole food, and the same is true for virgin coconut oil.

Coconut Oil as a Carrier Oil

Along with offering weight loss benefits associated with MCTs, coconut oil can also be useful as a carrier oil because of its relatively mild aroma. Blending coconut with some of your other essential oils can also help you to receive the benefits of each oil in one use.

Try using coconut oil as an aromatherapy oil carrier, for things like bergamot, peppermint, or cinnamon. These oils can help to stop cravings in their tracks and can promote fat burning as well. You’ll still need to practice standard diet and weight loss activities, but when your body starts turning to energy stores to keep your energy levels up, using essential oils such as bergamot can help by making it easier for the body to break down fat. 6

Inhaling the aroma of peppermint oil can help to promote fat loss as well because it can curb your appetite. 7 These oils can help to cut your daily calorie intake and help you to resist the urge overeat naturally.

Dieting Is a Long-Term Strategy  width=

Dieting is not a short process. You need to make a number of good decisions over the course of a long period of time. While there’s no magic button, the idea is that the coconut oil makes it easier for you to help form and stick to healthy habits.

Aromatherapy can be a helpful tool in this process to help you say "no thank you" to the donuts in the staff meeting, or pass on the candy aisle in the store.

Everyone has their own strategies for losing weight and keeping it off. It may take some experimentation to find the best strategy for your weight loss journey. Be patient, though, and you will get there!

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