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A brief guide to giving the best massage ever|massage area|essential oil room diffuser|woman getting a massage

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Top Tips for Giving the Best Massage Ever

The ability to give a professional level massage requires training and experience. Even so, it is possible for an average person to give a massage that is relaxing and therapeutic. There are techniques that can be applied that will allow you to give a special someone a great massage right in the comfort of your home. Highlighted below are some top tips for giving the best massage ever.

massage area

Set Up a Comfortable Place in Your Home

If you actually have a massage table or can get one, then this is the most suitable option for achieving the best result because it’s specifically designed to provide comfort, cradle the face, and allow for the straight alignment of the spine.

If that is not available, then you might consider using a lounge chair. These are often built in a similar way, and while it won't give precisely the same support, it will simulate it sufficiently.

Other ideas would be to use the floor or a table that is sufficiently long enough. Depending on the relationship you have with the person, then suggesting the use of a bed may or may not be an appropriate choice. 1

Place a sheet on the surface that's going to be used. In most cases, the person receiving the massage will remove much of their clothing and the sheets will allow the experience to be more comfortable and hygienic. If you're using oil to perform the massage, then it will also be something that can catch any excess oil that runs off.

essential oil room diffuser

Prepare the Room's Atmosphere

The room itself will need to be appropriately warm for the individual receiving the massage, as they will have most of their clothing removed. The ambiance of the room should be based on the relationship between the person receiving the massage and the person giving it. If it is a romantic interlude, then an appropriate setting would be suggested. If, on the other hand, it is a situation where you are simply giving a friend a massage, then a different setting would be more appropriate. 2

The use of oil during the massage can be therapeutic. However, you may also want to consider the use of candles or diffusers to get the added effect of aromatherapy. Try adding a few drops of a relaxing essential oil to a diffuser to promote increased relaxation.

woman getting a massage

Use Short, Circular Strokes

The amount of oil you should start with should be about the size of a quarter in the palm of your hand. Always make sure to warm it up a bit by rubbing it in both hands before beginning the massage. Jojoba oil and coconut oil are a couple of the favorites that you might consider using. If you prefer, then you might consider more expensive specialty oils that are scented.

By combining the use of your fingers to knead the muscles, along with moving your hands in a short circular motion with moderate pressure, you can begin the massage. In addition to using your fingers, you can also apply your knuckles into the muscles in a kneading type motion.

You will want to try to get the motion and the power from the core of your body rather than using strength directly from your shoulders. Using your shoulders rather than your core can cause you to become fatigued and less able to give an effective massage. Plan to massage the entirety of the back for three to five minutes. You can always alternate between kneading with your fingers and knuckles and moving your hands in a circular motion.

Move Along the Back with Cupped Hands

After three to five minutes of massage, begin using a light patting of the back muscles with the hands cupped. Going up and down the back while patting it with your hands cupped will create a compressive effect on the tissues of the back. This technique should be applied for an additional three or four minutes.

Things to Avoid

If you decide to massage the entire body, there are a few areas that should be avoided. The front area of the neck is one of these. You should also avoid the inside part of the upper arm. The reason these areas should be avoided is that they are more sensitive than some other areas, and because you lack experience, those areas are vulnerable to improper massage.

If you are performing a massage on the limbs, then you should avoid applying pressure while moving away from the heart. It's always better to apply the pressure as you move towards the heart when massaging the limbs.

Using these techniques can allow you to provide a relaxing and effective massage. It's important that you pay attention to the person receiving the massage so that you can recognize what is benefiting them and what may be uncomfortable for them. It doesn't take professional training to provide this type of massage, and it is something that, with a little effort, can be done effectively.

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