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Smell your way to happiness_ the power of scent||pine tree|vanilla bean

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Smell Your Way to Happiness: The Power of Scent

Can certain scents make you happier? Imagine just how much nicer your average day might be if you literally had the secret to happiness just sitting there in a bottle, waiting to add its smile-inducing aroma on your day.

This isn't as much science fiction or fantasy as you might think. While you want to be cautious about assuming any remedy will bring immediate happiness, it has been shown to provide a pick-me-up for mood when needed.

For example, a study from Wheeling Jesuit University showed that peppermint and cinnamon both had powerful positive emotional effects. 1 These scents were tested on individuals who easily became frustrated while driving and were shown to promote higher levels of alertness, decrease frustration, and reduce stress.

Additionally, a 2005 study explains that up to 75 percent of emotions are triggered by scent. 2 Though it’s difficult to confirm this exact number, this clearly indicates the power of scent on the body, mind, and emotions.


How Scents Increase Happiness

One of the most interesting aspects of how scent affects mood is the many different ways that these scents can achieve end result: increased happiness for you. Because of this mechanism, different scents provide different benefits, which depends on both the makeup of the scent itself as well as the mood-boosting benefit you’re looking for.

If you're feeling anxious, a scent that relieves stress and promotes calm is the best match. On the other hand, if you’re feeling tired, then an energy-boosting blend is a great choice.

Because of their potency and range of aromatic chemical compounds they contain, essential oils are a great example of mood-boosting scents. These oils provide a range of physical and psychological benefits, promoting a healthier and happier you.

Mood-Boosting Essential Oils


Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is a popular essential oil that brings a crisp refreshing fragrance many people love. This oil has been shown to have positive effects by decreasing fatigue, alleviating stress, and even boosting energy levels. 3

Try using this essential oil aromatically in a room diffuser or personal essential oil diffusers like Forest , Ocean , or Mountain MONQ.

pine tree

Pine Essential Oil

Anyone who spent a lot of time outdoors as a child or camping with family is likely to love the scent of pine. Pine essential can vary from having a relatively gentle to a strong one and is well-known for alleviating stress and boosting mood.

Try burning a pine-scented candle or adding a few drops of pine essential oil into a room diffuser to experience the benefits that this oil provides.

In addition to pine, other essential oils extracted from trees have also been shown to promote relaxation and allow for a more meditative state. In fact, many of these oils are grouped together because they are common choices for aromatherapy during meditation.

This group includes spruce, cypress, sandalwood, frankincense, and cedarwood essential oils.

vanilla bean

Vanilla Essential Oil

Vanilla is seen as a calming and nostalgia-inducing fragrance. It has also been shown to alleviate stress by introducing a gentle calming effect that is mellow, pleasant, and promotes a positive emotional response in subjects exposed to the scent in concentrated amounts. 4

Lavender Essential Oil

In a 2012 study, patients exposed to the scent of lavender at various times reported experiencing stress relief and an energy boost. 5

Even more encouraging were the measured physiological changes in the body that occurred during this study like reduced blood pressure and heart rate.

These physiological effects make lavender a great choice for smelling your way to happiness. Try adding a few drops of this oil into a warm bath or use it in a personal essential oil diffuser like Relieve , Happy , Sexy , or Sleepy MONQ.

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon is a strong energy-booster when it comes to aromatherapy. Additionally, this essential oil has been shown to boost mental clarity. 6 So, if part of your struggle to find happiness is coming from fatigue or brain fog, adding a little cinnamon to your next aromatherapy blend might be the ticket.


Scent is a powerful sense and one that you can significantly improve mood. This gives you additional power to combat negative emotions in your life and set the stage for better ones like calm, peace, and happiness.

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