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Health & Wellness

How Can I Choose the Best Diet For Me?

Jumping on a diet plan is a common lifestyle choice that many adults make at some point in their life. A sound diet can lead to a number of health benefits, including weight loss. There are a number of reasons that adults look to find a proper diet. The following information is designed to help steer you in the right direction to find a diet plan that works for you, plus what to look out for and helpful tips.

diet plan and pencil

Why Go On a Diet Plan?

There are many reasons why adults look to dieting. The biggest reason seems to be weight loss. There is a major reason for concern when it comes to weight; data shows that close to 40 percent of American adults are obese, or 93 million adults. 1 While many perceive obesity as just being bigger with no ill health effects, the condition can be quite harmful. Obesity, which is a diagnosable disease, can lead to type II diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, and even premature death. 2 Obesity can affect wellness in a negative way and finding a way to control it is important.

What are Some Key Components to a Diet?

The one thing to know about dieting is there is no diet that works for everybody. One diet could work well for one person, but not at all for another. This is why finding a diet that is best can be a difficult task for each individual. However, there are universal components to a diet plan that you should pay particular attention to. Consider these:

salt shaker on its side with spilt salt

Sodium Intake

Many diets you find that are low in fat may compensate for flavor by adding salt. Currently, about 90 percent of adults in the U.S. consume more sodium than what is recommended in a healthy diet. 3 While sodium is important for your daily diet, too much sodium can lead to water retention, which can lead to heart conditions. Consuming a diet that keeps your sodium intake reasonably within daily limits is be important for managing a healthy lifestyle while dieting and even when not.

Fruit and Vegetable Consumption

Another component of a healthy diet should be the fresh fruits and vegetables you consume. Fruits and vegetables contain many antioxidants, potassium, fiber, as well as compounds that help to keep your body functioning properly. In addition, fruits and vegetables contain no or low sodium and they generally are low in calories. While fruits and vegetable consumption can be a great element in a healthy diet, the data shows that most adults are lacking in this area. Roughly nine percent of adults meet the recommended vegetable intake while another 12 percent are meeting the requirements for fruit consumption each day. 4 Finding a diet that meets these requirements should be of great importance, regardless of your body weight goals.

Food Sources

It should be noted that if you are looking for a sound diet plan, you should consider only eating what you cook at home. The number of fast food options has more than doubled in recent decades, 5 which can lead to empty calories, too much sodium and fat, as well as weight gain. Consider finding diet plans that promote food cooked in a healthy way from your kitchen for best results.

fiber foods

Eat Fiber

The last component to look out for in any diet is the amount of fiber you consume. Fiber helps to add bulk to your food, meaning it can help to signal your brain that you have consumed enough food in a meal. In addition, fiber helps to aid in cholesterol levels as well as control body weight. The recommended daily intake for fiber in the U.S. is about 25-30 grams, but data shows that adults consume about half of this amount on average. 6 A diet plan should allow for ample fiber consumption from food sources as a way to promote overall health.

Quick Tips for Selecting a Diet Plan

When it comes to finding a diet plan, you should look for some key features to maximize your wellness. Consider the quick tips ahead for selecting a diet plan that works best for you.


Avoid Starvation

It seems natural to think that starving your body can work wonders for losing weight, but dramatically decreasing your overall caloric intake may only have a short-term benefit in your body weight. 7 Consider finding a diet plan that encourages moderation in caloric intake.

Focus on Healthy Foods

It seems simple enough to add healthy foods to your diet, but one common area that adults get lost in is what healthy means. Often, adults going on a diet consider organic and gluten-free foods as healthy options that can help to lose weight, but these foods are not always the best options. There are organic cookies and ice cream in the markets, but these should not be considered “healthy” for weight loss. Consider finding a diet that incorporates fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, moderate carbohydrate consumption, as well as low saturated fats.

Be Aware of Paleo

Yes, the Paleo diet has benefits that can boost your health, but when referring only to weight management, it should be noted that Paleo is not always the best. Paleo foods tend to be high in fat, low in carbs, and oftentimes are loaded with calories, suggesting that those looking to lose weight should be mindful of the ingredients in a particular Paleo food. However, depending on what you are looking for in a diet, the Paleo diet may be perfect!

woman drinking water

Drink Water

Consider finding a diet plan that encourages water consumption. Studies have shown that consuming about 500 mL of water, or 16 ounces, prior to a meal can lead to a greater weight loss effect. 8 There are no set standards with how much water you should consume, but timely consumption could have a great effect.

Finding the Best Diet

When it comes to finding the best diet for your health and wellness, it is best to look towards plans that encourage moderation and better food choices. Your nutrition can be the key to boosting your overall wellness and finding the best diet plan for you should be something you take seriously. Consider what a proper nutrition plan can do for your wellness here , but also give the information above a careful consideration in your search for the best diet plan.

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