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Explaining and Effectively Dealing with Spring Allergies|pollen coming off|jar of local honey|vibrant MONQ R next to flower

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Explaining and Effectively Dealing with Spring Allergies

While spring might be something many look forward to, it also happens to be a time of year millions of allergy sufferers dread. While spring might be a beautiful season, it is also one of the worst times of the year for those that suffer from spring allergies. During spring, plants release pollen in abundance which causes those with spring allergies to suffer from a variety of symptoms ranging from itchy eyes to runny noses. In this article, we will be going over why people get allergies this time of year and some of the best natural remedies to treat them.

pollen coming off Why Do People Get Allergies In The Spring?

The reason why spring is such a prominent period for allergies has to do with the cycle plants go through. It is during the spring when all of the plants and grasses release their sperm cells (pollen) into the air for fertilization. Because of this, it is during this time of the year when the pollen count in the air is at the highest. Thus, anyone that is allergic to pollen will suffer. When you are allergic to pollen, your immune system treats the pollen as something that it needs to attack. Therefore, during this process, your body begins to release histamine which can cause the various symptoms associated with allergies. It is not known why some suffer from allergies and some don’t, but it is said to have something to do with genetics.

Common Symptoms Of Spring Allergies

There are all kinds of common symptoms that you will want to be on the lookout for if you are looking to figure out whether or not you suffer from spring allergies. The most common symptoms will be itchy and red eyes, a runny nose, persistent sneezing, and more. While these symptoms can be confused with the symptoms of a common cold, you can generally tell the difference by seeing whether or not the symptoms get better or they remain consistent and persistent.

Natural Remedies To Treat Spring Allergies

Neti Pot

The Neti Pot is a commonly used product to treat allergies and their respective symptoms. The Neti Pot uses a sterile saline solution in order to effectively flush out your sinuses in order to get rid of the allergens and inflammation present. When you suffer from allergens, you will have pollen buildup in your nasal cavity which can cause persistent symptoms. While non-allergy sufferers will have the same buildup, it is not going to cause them the same kind of symptoms. By using a product like the Neti Pot, you can successfully flush the pollen out which can improve your symptoms considerably.

jar of local honey Consuming Local Honey

While there is still much debate as to whether or not it works, the theory is that consuming and exposing yourself to local honey can help your immune system build up an effective defense against the type of pollen in your area. Much like an allergy shot exposes your body to small quantities of pollen to help your immune system build up the natural defense, consuming local honey can expose you to the same pollen which should allow your body to better adapt to it and minimize the symptoms present when further exposed to it in larger quantities.

vibrant MONQ R next to flower Aromatherapy with Essential Oils

An allergic reaction is something that is triggered by your immune system. Because of this, providing a boost in your immune system function should help your body fight against the attacks on your immune system that occur when exposed to common allergens. Essential oils have been proven to help the body naturally fight against inflammation with success through improving immune system function. 1 Because of this, essential oils can offer tremendous benefits to those that suffer from allergies when paired with a diffuser.

For instance, peppermint oil has shown the ability to reduce inflammation which can significantly decrease the symptoms present in the nasal cavity when exposed to an allergen like pollen. Along with this, it has even shown to reduce the symptoms of chronic inflammatory disorders such as allergic rhinitis. 2

Tea tree oil is another essential oil that is effective in weakening the symptoms present with spring allergies. Tea tree oil is such a good oil to ward off the symptoms of spring allergies because it has the ability to eliminate airborne pathogens that can cause allergies in the first place. Along with the ability to reduce airborne pathogens, it even offers anti-inflammatory properties making it less likely to experience severe inflammation that can lead to allergy symptoms. By using tea tree oil with a diffuser throughout your home, you will be able to help purify the air which can lead to fewer allergens present throughout your entire home. This is only going to help minimize the chances that pollen and other common allergens end up causing you issues at least while you are in your home.

Lemon oil is another essential oil that can have tremendous positive effects on those that tend to suffer from spring allergies. Lemon oil is such an effective essential oil to utilize in aromatherapy during the spring season because it can help to boost immune system function and it can even help to flush out toxins. However, it has also shown the ability to kill off bacteria and fungus through its antibacterial and antifungal properties. 3 Each of which makes it a good natural ingredient to use in the fight against spring allergies.

Spring allergies can impact just about anyone. While your genetics likely have a lot to do with it, you can experience spring allergies and they can disappear seemingly at any point. While there is no cure to getting rid of spring allergies forever, there are ways to effectively reduce the symptoms that are present when you suffer from them. Anything that can help to strengthen your immune system should provide you with some kind of relief from spring allergies. Along with this, flushing out your sinuses can further assist in minimizing the symptoms that you are forced to endure.

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