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Why MONQ? An Overview

You may be wondering why you should use MONQ®. Admittedly it is not as self-evident as some other products you may come across in your daily life, and yet the potential benefits are plentiful.

Two of the expressions frequently used when discussing MONQ Therapeutic Air are "Feel the Way You Want ® ", and more recently, " Feel Nature ® ". We use these expressions because, by choosing the blend to match their desired state of mind, many people find that they do feel the way they want or are transported into their desired natural setting. Sometimes this change in their feeling is almost immediate, and sometimes there may be a delay of a few minutes. However, i t is almost always pleasant and in the desired direction. It has a variable duration, sometimes lasting minutes and sometimes hours.

Because everyone experiences MONQ differently, it is difficult to provide exact recommendations regarding how much and how frequently to use MONQ® diffusers. If you are unsure of how often you should use your diffuser, we suggest that taking two to three breaths between one and three times a day is a good place to start.

General Reasons

Let’s elaborate upon a number of common reasons that our repeat users offer for continuing to use and enjoy MONQ:

  • As a meditative escape from the routine of everyday life

  • To experience the effects of essential oils in a portable, concentrated fashion

  • For the fresh, natural tastes and aromas

  • As a healthy alternative in an environment where others are smoking cigarettes

  • To be an early adopter of a new social movement with a ‘cool’ new product

By far the most common and most compelling reason why people use MONQ is for the change it creates in how they experience the world. We have many blends, each with a name that tells you what you can expect from breathing on a diffuser. Notice that we didn’t say “inhaling” on a diffuser, as there is no need to inhale to experience the benefits of MONQ. The proper way to use MONQ diffusers is to take a gentle breath into your mouth and exhale gently through your nose. MONQ should not be inhaled into the lungs.

Specific Blends MONQ Careers Hand Holding Diffusers

Why would you choose any of the various specific blends? Here are some reasons:

Feel The Way You Want ® :

Sexy - Feel confidence and charisma
Happy - Feel joy and kindness
Zen - Feel presence and peace
Sleepy - Feel tranquility and gratitude

Feel Nature ® :

Forest - Experience wisdom and compassion
Ocean - Experience adventure and opportunity
Mountain - Experience courage and resilience

Each blend has a unique and very distinct taste. We recommend trying them all to figure out which ones you love the most!

The Effect

For most people, the effect they want changes during the day or depends upon their short-term and long-term goals. This is not surprising. For example, you may wish to be energized early in the day, but calm and restful later in the evening. Alternatively, you may want to have a lot of focus and energy when starting a new venture, but feel relaxed or invigorated when celebrating its success.

Many people resort to unhealthy habits to achieve certain states or feelings. They may drink many cups of coffee for energy, drink alcohol to relieve stress or take illegal narcotics for relaxation. MONQ could be a safer, healthier alternative. Again, we recommend trying each of the ten blends to determine which feeling or effect you enjoy most and at what time of day or week. You can also check out our many reviews on Facebook to read about how MONQ has helped others.

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