Where Do I Start – What MONQ Should I Buy?

Our new customers frequently ask us—Which MONQ blend is right for me? We’re here for you! We’ve done the match-making for you, for our five best-selling blends.

  1. Zen: Do you get stressed out easily?
  2. FOCUS: Do you want to be more productive, have better clarity, and get into flow state?
  3. Ocean: Do you want to get away and escape the day-to-day?
  4. Happy: Do you need a boost in your mood and energy?
  5. Sleepy: Do you toss and turn at night while trying to find rest?

Another question we get from our customers all the time?—What is the best MONQ value? Our Personal Aromatherapy Blend Sets save you up to 15% and are available in packs of 4, 5, 7 and 10!

In addition to our original, portable diffusers, we offer an incredible family of aromatherapy products to meet your needs. This includes our fan-favorite, the MONQ R—a re-chargeable and re-usable diffuser as well as our brand-new line of Therapeutic Fragrance® essential oil blends.

Remember, MONQ has an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee, so buy with confidence. We can’t wait for you to join the over 30,000 5-star reviews from our MONQ family of customers! 


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