Terpene Deficiency Quiz

Are you surrounded by terpenes? Do you breathe in enough of them?

Terpenes are naturally occurring, aromatic molecules produced by plants, which provide a variety of health benefits. When we breathe in terpenes, we breathe in wellness.

Take this quiz to find out if you are breathing in enough terpenes to help you achieve wellness.

Are you Terpene Deficient?


So, are you terpene deficient?

If you scored 7 or less:

Chances are, you are a city dweller and lover of all things on the go. You mostly spend your days (and nights) indoors and get very little time immersed in nature. You may find yourself struggling with a variety of ailments, both physical and emotional. Your body and mind could benefit from more time there, breathing Therapeutic Air®. In the meantime, grab a MONQ Feel Nature® personal aromatherapy diffuser and start reaping the benefits of terpene-rich air, anytime, anywhere.

If you scored between 8 and 14:

You’re likely terpene deficient, too. And, perhaps, significantly so. Based on your answers, it’s fair to say you likely live a suburban lifestyle, with opportunities to get outdoors on a regular basis. Whether or not you take advantage of these opportunities—well, that ebbs and flows with work and family obligations, friends, and weather. Because our bodies have evolved to breathe terpene-rich air, you may feel an immediate boost by breathing in more, and you may even experience fewer illnesses and discomforts simply by adding terpenes to your daily life. MONQ makes it easy to do just that with our Feel Nature® blends. We bring you terpene-rich air, anytime, anywhere.

If you scored 15 or more:

Congratulations! You may be among the few whose lifestyle lends itself to breathing healthy, terpene-rich air daily. You are a nature lover and an outdoors enthusiast. You’ve managed to structure your lifestyle around being outdoors and probably experience a greater sense of peace and calm than your city-dwelling peers. You may even enjoy greater physical health since the terpenes protect against maladies characteristic of urban life. While you may be naturally breathing adequate levels of terpenes, it never hurts to add more with MONQ Feel Nature® blends.

Find out which Feel Nature® blend has the terpenes you may benefit from most! 

Which Feel Nature® Blend Do You Need?



A great blend full of beneficial terpenes that are known to boost energy, protect against infections, and have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Forest transports you to nature, anytime, anywhere, with a blend of black spruce, douglas fir, and sandalwood essential oils

Terpenes Found In Forest:


Primarily characterized by properties that help to alleviate symptoms of stress, sadness, and nervousness. It’s a great blend for individuals seeking stress relief, whether those symptoms are more physical or emotional in nature. Mountain features juniper leaf, peppermint, and scotch pine essential oils. It shares several primary terpenes with Forest, plus has high concentrations of menthol, which may help soothe the physical symptoms of stress and illnesses, and linalool, which is believed to alleviate symptoms of stress.

Terpenes Found In Mountain:


An ideal blend to breathe in Therapeutic Air® designed to relieve aches and discomforts. Its distinct taste is derived from eucalyptus, lime, and tangerine essential oils. Several of the terpenes in this blend are known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Terpenes found in Ocean:


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