Meet the Team

Our MONQ family is a group of ambitious, creative, fun, and extremely talented individuals who work hard to make aromatherapy products that are beneficial to your body and mind. Get to know them below!

Interested in joining the MONQ team? We’re always looking for talented professionals eager to collaborate and innovate! Visit our careers page to learn about current employment opportunities.

  • Catlin H. Catlin H. COO
  • Julie H. Julie H. Executive Director of Operations
  • Abigail O. Abigail O. Sr. Director of Marketing
  • Angela S. Angela S. Head of Customer Relations & HR Assistant
  • Ash M. Ash M. Happiness Engineer
  • Autumn W. Autumn W. Assistant to Director of Operations
  • Avin K. Avin K. SA Web Dev Lead
  • Brendan W. Brendan W. Lab Assistant/Content Support Specialist
  • Caroline B. Caroline B. Assistant Editor
  • Courtney A. Courtney A. Digital Marketing Manager
  • Dyana P. Dyana P. Sr. Director of Lab
  • Emily M. Emily M. Sr. Director of Content
  • Emily W. Emily W. Marketing Coordinator
  • Evan M. Evan M. Happiness Engineer
  • Jesse W. Jesse W. Web Dev/UX Manager
  • Kirstin M. Kirstin M. Creative Manager
  • Laura P. Laura P. Fulfillment Manager
  • Nathan S. Nathan S. Amazon Specialist
  • Rachel S. Rachel S. Operations Utility
  • Rea R. Rea R. Retail Account Specialist
  • Rebecca S. Rebecca S. Happiness Engineer
  • Shelby K. Shelby K. Social Media Manager
  • Tasha M. Tasha M. Fulfillment Support
  • Tina R. Tina R. Accounting Manager


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