Cheer R POD


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Blend PODs contain only the MONQ blend and require a MONQ R for use.

Featuring frankincense, palo santo, and sweet myrrh, Cheer is designed to evoke holiday memories and the cozy feelings of winter. It also boosts your immune system and spirit.  The Cheer POD is specifically crafted for use with MONQ R, MONQ’s rechargeable and sustainable device.

Cedarwood, Clove Bud, Douglas Fir, Galangal, Ginger, Peppermint, & Sandalwood.

The MONQ R rechargeable diffuser batteries and Blend PODs are designed to work together as part of an exclusively compatible MONQ product line. MONQ R purchases include all components necessary for use. Blend PODs are interchangeable and contain only the blend. Blend PODs are sold separately and cannot be used without a MONQ R diffuser battery.

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