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Breathe Natural Clarity.


FOCUS is a groundbreaking patent-pending new blend that helps you achieve the mental state that supports your body’s natural ability to focus and reach Flow State. Learn more about the SCIENCE Behind FOCUS Here

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Each Focus MONQ R includes:
  • 1x Focus MONQ R FlipCase
  • 3x Focus MONQ R Blend PODs
  • 1x Rechargeable Diffuser Battery 
  • 1x Charging Cable
  • Mix & Match Only Available in US and Canada


Breathe Natural Clarity. FOCUS helps you achieve the mental state that supports your body’s natural ability to focus and reach Flow State.



Open your mind up to soak in knowledge and understanding all around you.



Experience an increased ability to concentrate and focus your mind on your everyday tasks.



Colors appear to be more vibrant and brighter than ever before.

Focus includes:

Bergamot, Black Pepper, Caraway, Cardamom, Cinnamon (Bark), Cinnamon Leaf, Clary Sage, Coffee, Frankincense, Ginger, Holy Basil (Tulsi), Juniper Berry, Lemon Eucalyptus, Nutmeg, Peppermint, Red Grapefruit, Rosemary & Spearmint

This blend spans across the globe with essential oils from 5 continents.

Learn more about the SCIENCE Behind FOCUS Here




FOCUS is a patent-pending nootropic blend of 20 essential oils that helps users experience and achieve the body’s natural ability to focus and reach Flow State. Breathe in FOCUS whenever, wherever.

In the Zone

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In the Zone

FOCUS promotes Flow State, or being “in the zone.” First described by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi in 1975, individuals in Flow State are more alert, perceptive, and focused, and according to EEG studies, experience more ?- and ?-wave activity.

Productivity & Confidence


Productivity & Confidence

With FOCUS, you’ll feel benefits that increase productivity and boost confidence in your work such as enhanced creativity, timelessness, lateral thinking, more efficient workflow, improved problem-solving abilities, greater attention to detail, and more epiphanies.

First Essential Oil Nootropic

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First Essential Oil Nootropic

FOCUS is the first scientifically-proven, breathable essential oil nootropic. Nootropics are brain-boosting substances that improve memory, protect the brain, and stimulate cognitive function.

Arithmetical Speed

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Arithmetical Speed

Studies have shown that when individuals use FOCUS, their ability to accurately add and subtract single-digit numbers during a timed test improves as much as 15% compared to placebo. These results occurred within minutes of breathing in the nootropic blend.

Verbal Fluency

Focus Pic 7.1

Verbal Fluency

FOCUS has also been shown to improve linguistic abilities. When given 60 seconds to verbalize as many words as possible starting with a specific letter, test subjects were able to articulate more words immediately after using FOCUS compared to using a placebo.

Visual Acuity

woman studying

Visual Acuity

When using FOCUS, individuals experienced more distinct edge discrimination noting that colors appear more vibrant and items appear more defined. Further, respondents could clearly focus on their environment and more easily process visual stimuli.

Alpha and Theta Wave Increases

Terpenes and Essential Oils

Alpha and Theta Wave Increases

When compared to placebo, FOCUS has been shown to increase ?- and ?-brainwaves, which are representative of a relaxed Flow State condition. Additionally, study participants reported an 8% increase in autoletic—purposeful and concentrated—experiences.


young woman studying


After using FOCUS, individuals have reported an enhanced ability to concentrate more effectively on tasks such as manipulating spreadsheet data, working with graphical images, writing reports, and completing a variety of work tasks without interruption or distraction.

FOCUS in Depth

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 2.57.41 PM

FOCUS in Depth

Learn more about the science behind FOCUS and how this nootropic blend helps you achieve all the benefits of clarity, productivity, enhanced vision, and more. Download the FOCUS eBook now.

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Included in Every

3 Blend PODs

MONQ’s unique essential oil blends come in three convenient PODs or personal oil diffusers. Simply twist to attach or detach to the rechargeable diffuser battery and store the other PODs in the FlipCase for use at a later time.


Rechargeable Diffuser Battery

MONQ presents technology to help you continue to breathe aromatherapy anywhere, with the ability to switch out or replace blends using one device. Simply breathe through the end with the Blend POD and recharge through the MONQ FlipCase.

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A portable charger and convenient case all in one. Slide the rechargeable diffuser battery in the charging slot and your other two Blend PODs in the storage slots. Keep it charged through a USB compatible source so you’re always ready for a therapeutic breath.

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Revolutionize the way you breathe

  • icon-recharge Rechargeable
  • icon-reusable Reusable
  • icon-responsible Responsible/Eco-friendly
  • icon-customizable Customizable & Compatible with any MONQ R Blend
  • icon-strong Strong Air Flow Delivery
  • icon-freshness Freshness is Sealed in the Case
  • icon-strong-aroma Strong Aroma
  • icon-portable Portable & Travel Friendly


We’re so excited for you to try MONQ R! Each device includes a FlipCase, reusable diffuser, and 3 interchangeable Blend PODs. The PODs can be changed by screwing them onto or off the diffuser. Similar to MONQ’s original diffusers, to use the MONQ R diffuser, breathe in the aromatherapy vapor through your mouth and out your nose. MONQ should not be inhaled into the lungs. Please consult to better understand how to use our personal aromatherapy diffusers properly.

The average user will breathe in approximately 200 breaths of Therapeutic Air from each POD. When you buy a MONQ R device—each with 3 Blend PODs—you get nearly 600 breaths of aromatherapy.

A fully charged diffuser battery will last approximately a week. Additionally, the FlipCase powerpack is designed to keep the battery fully charged for an optimal draw with every breath.

Mix & Match is the newest MONQ R option! With Mix & Match, you choose your favorite color FlipCase and corresponding base Blend. On the product page, select “Customize Your MONQ R.” Then, complete your purchase by selecting any two additional Blend PODS. Mix & Match MONQ R is available for all existing MONQ R blends with a $10 customization charge.

Yes! We have two Mix & Match options. The first is to customize your MONQ R by choosing your base Blend and FlipCase and selecting the Customize Your MONQ R option. This allows you to purchase the device with three separate blends. Alternatively, our Blend PODS can be purchased individually, so you can easily try each blend and share them with friends!

To charge the diffuser, simply put it in the FlipCase, and the MONQ R case will charge the diffuser for you!

To charge the FlipCase, simply plug it into an electrical source using the provided USB charging cord. The light on the bottom of the MONQ R will light up when it is charging.

Yes. MONQ will guarantee the MONQ R device for six months after the purchase date. Please contact MONQ Happiness with questions about the device or guarantee. If the warranty has already lapsed, we will be happy to help you troubleshoot issues that may affect your experience.

Nearly all of our blends are available in Blend PODs, which are compatible with the MONQ R. Customers can choose a standard MONQ R, which includes three PODs of the base blend, or Mix & Match MONQ R, which allows you to choose your FlipCase and base Blend and any two additional Blend PODS (+$10).

MONQ original diffusers are not compatible with MONQ R.

No! We love our MONQ original diffusers and know many of our customers do too! MONQ original diffusers are perfect for trying out new blends and sharing with friends. MONQ R is simply another, more sustainable option for our customers.

MONQ R was created to revolutionize the way you breathe—it’s rechargeable, reusable, responsible, and reinvented. There are lots of R’s in there, so MONQ R just seemed to fit!

Each MONQ R comes with 3 Blend PODs. When you purchase a standard MONQ R, you receive 3 PODs of the base blend. If you choose to customize your MONQ R with Mix & Match, you pick your FlipCase and base Blend POD and finish your order with any two additional Blend PODs! 

Want more? No problem! Blend PODs can be purchased individually!

Yes! The Blend PODS are recyclable.

You’re in luck! We have replacement Blend PODs that can be purchased on!

When do you need to reorder? Here are some tips:

  • The light doesn’t shine as bright. We can all use a tune-up once in a while. So can your diffuser. When the crystal light starts blinking, doesn’t shine as bright, or doesn’t light up, you need a new diffuser.
  •  The air you breathe seems a little less fresh. Our blends are pleasantly robust. When your diffuser begins to lose flavor or taste stale, please replace it. We want you to have the best experience. 
  • The vapor flow changes. Vapor output changes from diffuser to diffuser and user to user. But, if the vapor of your go-to diffuser changes, grab a new one.
  • You don’t feel the way you want. MONQ products are designed to help you Feel the Way You Want. Anything less than that? It’s time for a new diffuser. =)

“As the founder of MONQ, I am often asked to name my favorite blend. For over 4 years, that favorite has been Zen MONQ. Now, with the release of FOCUS MONQ, I must change my opinion. This all-natural nootropic is clearly a game changer and is now my “go to diffuser” when I need to accomplish a task. And, since I always need to accomplish a task, I find myself using it daily. In fact, using FOCUS MONQ has helped us release the product!”

Eric F.


“As a busy entrepreneur, I’m always looking for ways to elevate my performance. Whether I’m looking for mindfulness in the midst of chaos or just achieving optimal focus on the task at hand, I have found that proper breathing can help to alleviate the physiological symptoms of stress as well as to enhance my mood and energy level.

I was very enthusiastic to embrace the original MONQ products when they were first introduced to me. They had all the benefits of smoking – a physical reminder to take a break, to breathe slowly, and to live in the moment – without the deleterious side effects. The added bonus was that the doctor who formulated the products included essential oil blends that not only tasted great but provided the additional soothing effects known to many as natural herbal medicine. When he asked me to sample the newest blend, I was happy to oblige.

A more sophisticated and complex mixture, FOCUS was specifically designed to engage the brain and promote a flow state. I wholeheartedly agree that this is the new preferred way to work and play. I feel a sense of clarity and a reduction in brain fog when I use it prior to beginning one of my writing tasks. The taste is clean and not overpowering. I would recommend this device without reservation to anyone seeking a similar supplement. The delivery system is fun and classy enough to bring for a night out. Looking forward to enjoying FOCUS MONQ into the future and continuing to reap the benefits of smart aromatherapy.”

Amber P.

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