Essential Oil Gift Set

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This set includes:

  • 1 Zen in a Bottle
  • 1 Zen Personal Diffuser
  • 1 Ocean in a Bottle
  • 1 Ocean Personal Diffuser
  • 1 Sleepy in a Bottle
  • 1 Sleepy Personal Diffuser
  • 1 Medallion Drip Necklace
  • 1 MONQstyle Personal Diffuser Holder Necklace

Do you want to share the essential oil love with someone close to you? Give the gift of aromatherapy with MONQ’s essential oil gift set. This set has three popular MONQ blends: Zen, for relaxation, Ocean, for adventure, and Sleepy, for rest. Contained in our new essential oil bottles and personal essential oil diffusers, the blends can be used on-the-go with a stylish essential oil necklace for drops from the bottle and another to hold a personal diffuser.

Please Note: Our bottled oil products are NOT to be used to refill MONQ Portable Aromatherapy Devices. Do not drink, ingest, vape or apply directly to the skin.

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