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Feel peace & presence with this blend. Zen in a bottle is scientifically proven to increase relaxation.


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Designed for aromatic use only.
Do not ingest or vaporize.
Not intended for topical use.

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Zen inspires serenity, clarity of purpose, relaxation and a substantial lowering of stress levels.

Effective Essential Oils Blended by Experts


Zen Increases Relaxation

In a recent study, Zen increased alpha + theta waves throughout the duration of meditation session relative to a control by 19%. Alpha and Theta waves are known for putting the brain in a more relaxed state.

Natural and Organic

100% Organic And Natural

Enjoy naturally extracted, vegan, GMO free essential oils that are bottled by hand in the US.

Presence and Peace

Feel Presence & Peace

This balancing essential oil blend is specially crafted to facilitate your path to serenity, peace, mindfulness & concentration.

Change Your Oil

This blend spans across the globe with essential oils from 5 continents.


“There are not enough positive words to describe Zen: namaste, relaxation, calm, joy, feeling of being centered, and instant inner peace are a few! It tastes amazing and works like magic in a second! I’d be lost without my Zen MONQ.”

Danielle T.

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