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Breathe Natural Nostalgia. Experience the familiarity of fall and family when you diffuse this Autumn blend in a bottle.

Want to think outside the bottle? Experience the feelings of Autumn with portable aromatherapy!
Only Available in the US & Canada

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Designed for aromatic use only.
Do not ingest or vaporize.
Not intended for topical use.

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Effective Essential Oils Blended By Experts



Cinnamomum cassia

MethodSteam Distilled

A gentle cinnamon essential oil that transports one to an aromatic paradise of baking and creature comforts. This essential oil is used to boost feelings of well-being, warmth, and coziness. Cassia essential oil is commonly recommended to help with indigestion, aches and pains, and fatigue.


Clove Bud

Eugenia caryophyllata

MethodSteam Distilled

Clove bud is derived from the flower buds of the clove tree and has a long and robust history in traditional medicine and aromatherapy. The rich aroma of clove bud is warm and spicy, mimicking its therapeutic properties of invigorating the mind, warming the body and soul, and alleviating aches and discomfort.


Sweet Orange

Citrus Sinensis

OriginUnited States
MethodCold Pressed

Orange is known to uplift the spirit, provide additional energy, and clarify the mind. Some use it as an aid in detoxification, and studies indicate that it may lower the body’s response to stressful situations.



Pimenta Officinalis

MethodSteam Distilled

While the aroma of allspice brings to mind autumn, winter baking and freshly pickled cucumbers because it is often used as a sweet pickling spice, allspice is perhaps best known for its use in jerk seasoning and other Caribbean cuisines, because the spice is indigenous to that region.



Pimpinella Anisum

MethodSteam Distilled
black pepper

Black Pepper

Piper Nigrum

MethodSteam Distilled

Known for its warming and stimulating feelings, the ancient Greeks used Black Pepper to aid their athletes in performance. It has also been used for it’s energizing and invigorating characteristics.



Elettaria cardmomum

OriginSri Lanka
MethodSteam Distilled

Cardamom has a complex therapeutic and aromatic profile. Once considered a symbol of luxury, cardamom properties make it well-suited as a nootropic, aphrodisiac, and mood enhancer. It’s also credited with boosting digestive, skin, and circulatory health and general well-being.


Cinnamon Leaf

Cinnamomum Verum

OriginSri Lanka
MethodSteam Distilled

Cinnamon is one of the earliest spices used by humans, and is known to ease tension. Cinnamon’s warming properties may relax tense muscles, which is why it is commonly used to ease soreness.



Zingiber Officinale

OriginSri Lanka
MethodSteam Distilled

Ginger essential oil comes from the root of the plant in the Zingiber family and dates back to ancient Chinese folk medicine. Commonly used today for culinary purposes because of its flavor, ginger also aids in digestive health and is a great source of nausea and inflammation relief.



Cymbopogon Martini Var. Sofia

MethodSteam Distilled

Gingergrass comes from the same genus and species as palmarosa, but the two plants are distinct varieties. The distillates yield quite different aromatic profiles that nonetheless compliment one another. Gingergrass essential oil is without the rosy notes of palmarosa but does offer a rich bouquet of ginger, wood, spice, and citrus, with a bright green sweetness.



Myristica fragrans

MethodSteam Distilled

The spice that embodies gatherings of family and friends, warmth, and holiday memories, nutmeg is a cherished ingredient within both culinary and aromatherapeutic repertoires. Nutmeg essential oil yields a rich, sweet, and stimulatory element to essential oil blends.

Peru balsam

Myroxylon balsamum

OriginEl Salvador
MethodSteam Distilled
This blend also includes:

Allspice, Anise, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Cinnamon Leaf, Ginger, Gingergrass, Nutmeg & Peru balsam


Feel Fall

The recognizable scents of this blend compliment each other delightfully to remind you of the autumn season.


100% Natural & Organic

Enjoy naturally extracted, sustainably harvested essential oils that are bottled by hand in the US.


Nostalgia Therapy

The relationship between scent and nostalgia can improve mood and create a stronger sense of connection. This blend brings back memories of classic autumn activities.

Change Your Oil

Autumn essential oils are sourced from botanicals on 5 continents.

MONQ knows you want to live your best life. We want to help. That’s why, with our Therapeutic Fragrance Bottled Blends, we’ve empowered you to choose. Choose your blend, choose your experience. Whether you prefer a desktop or passive diffuser, we’ve created options for you. We suggest our battery-operated, no water, no hassle, no mess diffuser to get you started. Or, for wearable aromatherapy anywhere®, purchase a medallion diffuser necklace.

MONQ Therapeutic Fragrance® Bottled Blends are intended for aromatic use only. We recommended selecting the aromatherapy experience that best suits you. 

Our battery-operated, no water, no hassle, no mess diffusers are perfect for any small space. To use, simply remove the cap from your favorite bottled blend and gently thread the diffuser to the bottle top. 

For wearable aromatherapy, add 1-2 drops of Autumn to the felt pad and place it in the medallion.

For a traditional desktop diffuser, refer to the user manual to determine how many drops of Autumn to add. Set the diffuser to an intermittent setting and breathe in therapeutic air®.

MONQ Therapeutic Fragrance Bottled Blends are best when used within 2 years of opening. Store in a cool, dark place.

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