A sophisticated selection of eco-friendly accessories for MONQ fans! Desktop holders, necklaces and travel cases for your essential oil diffusers as well as complimentary accessories like reusable water bottles and bamboo notebooks that fit your lifestyle!

Essential Oil Necklace Zen

MONQstyle Necklace

MONQstyle Necklace

Double Rose MONQ Necklace

Double Rose MONQ Necklace
White Case Tile

Faux Leather Travel Case

Faux Leather Travel Case
cylinder desktop holder all three full

Cylinder Desktop Holder

Cylinder Desktop Holder
black MONQ camp mug

MONQ Enamel Camp Mug

MONQ Enamel Camp Mug

Bamboo Holder

Bamboo Holder

Mindfully Chosen Accessories

In addition to our personal essential oil diffusers, MONQ now offers a range of handpicked accessories to pair with your favorite blends. All accessory items have been mindfully chosen to ensure that they are not only high quality but also eco-friendly. Our mission is to spread happiness, love, and wellness through the MONQ lifestyle. Each product in our accessory line has been purposely chosen with this mission in mind. We know that our customers are passionate about protecting our planet just like we are. That’s why we only bring you amazing accessory products that are environmentally responsible and will help you perpetuate love and wellness in your everyday life.

Sustainable Storage

All of our wooden desktop holders are crafted from natural wood and made in the USA. (In fact, they are proudly manufactured in Tennessee!) Available in three different styles, each is then offered in various different finishes (Ash, Oak, Wenge, and Ebony). These sleek storage units make a handsome addition to any space. Perfect for holding your aromatherapy devices on your desk, bookshelf, nightstand or wherever is convenient for you.

Reusable Shopping Bags

It’s no secret that plastic bags are becoming a huge problem in our world today. That’s exactly why we created that the ideal carryall! The MONQ tote is oversized and an awesome way to carry groceries from the farmer’s market, activewear for the gym, yoga gear, books from the library and more. This bag is made from jute, which is a highly durable and sustainable plant fiber that is rapidly renewable. Jute won’t fade in the sunlight and is color-fast, so you know this bag is not only good for the earth, it’s going to look good with you carrying it! The straps are heavy duty cotton, which is another natural fiber. The bonus is that both jute and cotton are completely biodegradable and are recyclable fibers. Ditch the plastic and help love Mother Earth with this awesome bag!

Eco-Friendly Drinkware

One of our favorite ways to be green and cut out disposable plastics is with our new reusable water bottles! In the United States alone, almost 50 million plastic water bottles are consumed every year. Not even a quarter of those are recycled, and that means a lot of plastic is sitting in landfills and oceans. By choosing to wash and refill a reusable bottle, you can make a positive change every time you rehydrate. The MONQ water bottle is versatile! But these 20.9-ounce stainless steel bottles don’t have to be just for water. Each bottle is insulated to keep your tea, coffee or cocoa hot for up to 12 hours and your juice, shake or other cold drinks cool for up to 24 hours! With a vacuum seal lid, you can throw this bottle in your backpack or tote bag and rest assured that it’s not going to make a mess. And if you’re taking a hot drink, when you get to your final destination, pour it into our new campfire mug! The 15-ounce mug is a great way to enjoy your favorite tea or coffee while you cozy up to meditate, study or get to work!

Bamboo Notebook

Another thing we like to keep in our bag is a notebook. You never know when you are going to need to jot down an idea, make a to-do list, plan out a project or even write down some song lyrics. That’s why we make sure to keep this bamboo notebook handy. Bamboo is another awesome renewable natural resource which is why we chose it for our notebooks. It’s also sturdy so this notebook can roll around in your tote bag or travel and it your words will be safe inside! We also love that all 90 inner pages are made from recycled paper.

Carrying Cases

We usually don’t pull out our notebook without also reaching for our favorite set of essential oil diffusers. A nice way to take your diffusers with you wherever you go is to carry them in our new faux leather travel sleeves! These vegan leather sleeves are lined with felt so that your blends stay safe inside. Obviously, we love that faux leather is a more conscientious option, too!

Unique Necklaces

While we’re talking about taking keeping our essential oils close, what better way to keep aromatherapy with you everywhere than by wearing your favorite personal aromatherapy diffuser right around your neck? MONQStyle necklaces are available in a variety of finishes to match everyone’s wardrobe! You’ll never have to worry about losing your diffuser in the bottom of your purse or duffel bag when it’s conveniently (and beautifully) being held directly on your person.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At MONQ, we care about creating high-quality products to help you feel well, be well and do well. That’s why we offer outstanding customer service and will make sure that you are happy with your purchase. If you aren’t please contact us and let us make it right!


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How do I use MONQ?

  • Remove the MONQ Personal Diffuser from its white protective case.
  • Press your lips to the end opposite of the jewel.
  • Breathe in through your mouth without inhaling into your lungs, similar to sipping on a straw.
  • Exhale through your nose.

How long does it last?

The longevity of each personal diffuser depends on usage. Most people get around 200 breaths from each device, which is close to 1 month of continued use. Most users are satisfied taking 2-3 breaths every few hours due to the robust and complex flavors within our 10 blends. They end up requiring fewer, softer breaths than they might have initially anticipated, and since there is no need to inhale, the device generally lasts a long time. Users who are particularly empathic or sensitive to external stimuli (including aromatherapy) often like to soften the impact of each breath, by inserting their fingertip as a spacer between their mouth and the device. Not surprisingly, these users find their personal diffuser lasts far longer, sometimes more than 300 breaths.

Is this a vaporizor?

MONQ personal essential oil diffusers use vaporizer technology to deliver all-natural essential oil blends in classic aromatherapy combinations. Our diffusers are available in 10 different blends, all of which are free of nicotine and tobacco, GMOs, and artificial ingredients, and are 100% organic and vegan. Breathe our MONQ blends into your mouth, pause, and exhale through your nose. Plant fragrances pass through your olfactory system inspiring relaxation. Visit to learn about each blend, and while you’re there read through some of our many customer reviews.