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“After doing extensive research to confirm MONQ would be a safe and healthy choice for my retreat guests, members, and team members I decided to invest.  I purchased 1 starter kit for each of my 2 locations and within 2 days both locations had sold over 50% of the diffusers!  Guests & team members are loving the benefits of the MONQ diffusers and I have to say I’m a huge fan as well.  The zen really helps me sleep at night and the vibrant gives me a perfect pick me up when I start to crash in the afternoon.  I placed a large order of 60 more diffusers for each location to gear up for the holidays.”

– Bobbie Cobb, Massage Heights

For brick-and-mortar locations, we’ve designed a variety of Retail Displays,
These are point-of-sale displays that are interactive, informal, and eco-friendly.

MONQ® Retail Display

Our Retail Displays are made from reclaimed wood. We have:

  • a display which includes storage for 80 packaged as well as 10 tester diffusers (see picture), and
  • a display which includes storage for 40 packaged as well as 10 tester diffusers.

A 30-page booklet is included on each of the displays and highlights the benefits of MONQ.

You can also now buy individual Personal Aromatherapy Diffusers in shelf space ready, stackable boxes for all of the 16 MONQ Blends.

To also purchase our newest product, MONQ R, make sure to ask your wholesale representative.

MONQ Guarantee

MONQ guarantees satisfaction, so we provide all retailers with enough extra Diffusers to implement MONQ’s guarantee without risk. In the unlikely event that a customer returns a MONQ to you, you can refund their money and replace it with a new one (from the set of extras we will send for this purpose).

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