MONQ Rewards | F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MONQ Rewards?
MONQ Rewards is a point based system which allows us to reward you for being a loyal customer and for every action you take to spread the MONQ love. We at MONQ are passionate about aromatherapy and we want the world to be excited too!

Who can join MONQ Rewards?
All MONQ customers are eligible to join MONQ Rewards and start accruing seeds. Customers are automatically enrolled into MONQ Rewards upon their first purchase at MONQ.com. You must be over the age of 18 to participate.

What are seeds?
Seeds = points. You can redeem seeds to purchase MONQ products or exclusive MONQ swag (swag store coming soon).

How do I earn seeds?
You earn seeds by completing various actions, such as sharing MONQ online and writing product reviews.

How do I progress through the program?
There are three stages. All customers are automatically enrolled as a Sprout upon completing a purchase on MONQ.com. Accrue seeds within a 12 month period to move through to the next state. The stages are as follows:

Sprout: (0-499 points) You begin earning seeds on your first purchase at MONQ.com. Continue earning seeds by sharing the MONQ love and work your way up to the next stage!

Leaf: (500-1499 points) You transition to Leaf after earning 500 seeds within a 12 month period. This stage gives you a 1.25x multiplier on all seeds earned.

Bud: (1500-4999 points) You transition to Bud after earning 1500 seeds within a 12 month period. This stage gives you a 1.5x multiplier to all seeds earned. You will also have the opportunity to:

– Join our exclusive MONQ Facebook group

– Have access to exclusive offers and sales

– Complete training modules that prepare you to become an official MONQ Ambassador (NEW MONQ Ambassador program coming 2018).

– Be mentored by our handpicked MONQ Ambassadors who will help prepare you for the next stage

When do my seeds start accruing?
Seeds start accruing from the moment you place your first order at MONQ.com.

Do my seeds expire?
Seeds expire after one year however, you remain in your stage despite redeeming seeds or having them expire.

Can Seeds be applied to cover shipping cost?
At this time, seeds will not be able to cover the cost of shipping. 

Can I donate or gift the value of my rewards?
MONQ has partnered with the Canopy Project to allow for you to cash in your seeds to plant more trees around the world. 🌎 This feature will be live in Fall 2017.

Troubleshooting Questions

Why isn’t my store credit code working?
No worries! We have converted your store credit into seeds (our new point currency). You can view and redeem your seed balance after logging into your account on MONQ.com

How do I apply seeds to a purchase?
Add your favorite personal essential oil diffuser(s) to the cart and select proceed to checkout. Validate your cart looks correct, and select the blue checkout button. Select “Apply Seeds” at the top left hand side of the page to redeem.

How do I reset my password? 
Visit My Account from the menu bar located at the top right corner of the page. Choose “Lost Password” located beneath the blue login button.

Why am I seeing “invalid email address” when I try to log in?
Register your account here.

*Disclaimer: Multiple offers cannot be combined at checkout. Attempts to use, store credit codes or coupon codes in conjunction with your earned seeds will not work. MONQ is not responsible for technical glitches that can create any unearned seed balances. MONQ reserves the right to remove any unearned seeds from your account should we find such a technical glitch to have occurred.