A powerful anti-inflammatory with fragrant notes of honey, tea, and earth, helichrysum essential oil is a highly-valued perfumery ingredient as well as treatment for symptoms of pain and inflammation. Its regenerative and therapeutic activity works wonders mending bruises and injuries of the body and the mind. The plant’s common name is Immortelle, French for “immortal” or “everlasting,” due to the special quality that the flowers exhibit; when dried, they appear fresh and living, naturally preserved and colorful for long periods. The scientific name, Helichrysum italicum, translates to golden sun of Italy, and perfectly represents this flower’s sunny sweet nature. Aromatherapists widely advocate helichrysum to provide emotional comfort, spiritual expansion, and relief for conditions of arthritis, bruising, broken bones, pain, inflammation, scarring, sunburn, skin disorders, immune deficiencies, and headaches.