Thinking and Focus

Intelligence is really important in the modern age. We are constantly learning through each interaction we have with others and the world around us. While most development occurs when we are younger, our ability to expand our minds continues across the lifespan. Evaluating and expanding the way we think creates space for growth, exploration, and connection.

There are a number of things that can be done to enhance your intelligence and expand your thinking. If you are interested in enhancing your intelligence, try activities such as puzzles, reading, playing an instrument, meditating, and exercising1. You can also complement intelligence with changes in your daily routine through food, relaxation, and rest2.

As we think about enhancing our thinking, we can look into the role of Paleo Air and how our ancestors breathed. Our ancestors did not have the many pollutants that fill the air as they do now in large cities. Paleolithic humans, on the other hand, breathed fresh air filled with the scents and beneficial chemical compounds released by plants. Individuals take many steps in order to enhance their intelligence—to maximize their capacity of thinking. Some people practice brain exercises, while others try to exercise more frequently. However, Paleo Air may be one of the simplest ways to enhance your thinking ability. Research has shown that air purifiers, air filters, and room diffusers with essential oils can significantly enhance indoor air quality and, in turn, promote attention and intelligence.3

If you want to expand your thinking further, consider the benefits of essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, clove, black pepper, and lemon balm, all of which are a great addition to diffuse or use in roll-on form when trying the activities above.

Of course, there’s no magic solution or essential oil blend that can teach you everything you want to know and turn you into a smarter individual overnight. If you want to retain information more effectively and perform better academically, you’re going to have to put in a lot of effort. That said, fresh air can make your efforts more successful as well as trying other activities listed above. When you’re breathing in clean, enriched air and challenging your mind, you’ll be more attentive, less overwhelmed, more productive, and perfectly primed to learn.

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