MONQ Stewardship


MONQ's Stewardship is based on Environmental Ethics, Sustainability, and Responsibility.

MONQ’s mission is to blend the ancient and modern—nature with technology—to improve human lives one breath at a time, helping you feel better, do better, be better™.

Because everything we do centers on wellness and depends on nature, it is important that we practice sustainable and environmentally responsible sourcing and production, to ensure our products are as safe as possible and healthy for you and our earth.

ethically sourced

Ethically Sourced

MONQ sources the ingredients and packaging for our products from reputable vendors committed to ethical practices.

MONQ has long-standing relationships with our vendors. For our blend ingredients, we partner with vendors committed to ethical sourcing. This means our suppliers get the essential oils directly from the growers who harvest the botanical ingredients on their organic farms or through wild harvesting. When possible the essential oils are distilled at the source location to avoid waste, contamination, and the additional environmental impact of shipping bulky, raw plant material instead of just the derived essential oil.


Sustainable Essential Oils

In addition to ensuring the essential oils we use are ethically sourced, MONQ promotes sustainable selection and use practices.

MONQ avoids using essential oils that are endangered or threatened, and depending upon the global harvest, may even opt to substitute an essential oil with a similar terpene and therapeutic profile for one that is scarce or difficult to source in a responsible manner.

Likewise, MONQ prudently manages our essential oil inventory in a manner that is both efficient and environmentally friendly. Because we wait to prepare our essential oil blends until they are needed to fill diffusers, we ensure the longest possible shelf-life of the essential oils, thereby reducing waste.


Responsible Essential Oil Use

MONQ’s innovative personal aromatherapy diffusers are more than just convenient. They are actually designed to promote responsible use—of the essential oils in each as well as the diffuser itself. MONQ Original diffusers are filled with 1 mL of our essential oil blend, which when used as recommended last approximately one month. Yet, because of the technology and delivery mode, the Original diffusers contain substantially less essential oil than is used with other diffuser methods. In fact, one use of a water-based diffuser uses as much essential oil as an entire MONQ Original diffuser!

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to responsible management and use of our essential oil inventory, MONQ has  environmentally responsible policies with regard to device design and production.

MONQ offers a variety of experiences so our customers can choose the blend and experience that best suits their lifestyle (ensuring products are used fully!). Each experience is designed to be environmentally friendly and has minimal packaging.

Our personal aromatherapy diffusers are recyclable at facilities that accept lithium-ion batteries. Additionally, MONQ R batteries and FlipCases are rechargeable and reusable, and the Blend PODs not only produce less waste and have less packaging but may be recyclable in some municipalities.

Responsible Production, Fulfillment, and Business Practices

MONQ’s commitment to ecological responsibility extends beyond our products. Our lab, production, and fulfillment teams minimize waste and recycle whenever possible. This means we recycle the boxes and bottles that enter our building and minimize the packaging used to get our blends into our customers’ hands.

As an e-commerce company, MONQ does not have a dedicated storefront. Rather, we rely on retail partners to feature MONQ products on their shelves, and keep our business dealings digital whenever and wherever possible.

As we transitioned to a largely remote workforce in response to COVID-19, we realized our team was collaborating better and more efficiently. So, MONQ leadership has chosen to keep the majority of our team working remotely, reducing emissions related to transportation and the energy demands of a full building.

At MONQ, wellness is our business and that means keeping the air we breathe clean. Shop confidently knowing MONQ is dedicated to providing environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible products and experiences.