Meet Our Team

Our MONQ family is a group of ambitious, creative, fun, and extremely talented individuals who work hard to make aromatherapy products that are beneficial to your body and mind. Get to know them below!

  • Catlin H.Catlin H.Executive Chief of Staff & Strategy Officer
  • Angela S.Angela S.Director of Operations
  • Brendan W.Brendan W.Lab Manager/Shopify Developer/SEO Analyst
  • Caroline B.Caroline B.Assistant Editor
  • Dyana P.Dyana P.Sr. Director of Lab
  • Kirstin M.Kirstin M.Executive Director of Creative
  • Laura P.Laura P.Fulfillment Manager
  • Rea R. Rea R.Executive Director of Sales
  • Rebecca S.Rebecca S.Lead Happiness Engineer & Social Media Assistant
  • Sheila B.Sheila B.Operations Associate