Ethical Sourcing and Manufacturing

MONQ has ensured that our international manufacturers are involved in ethical practices in the production of our products. The manufacturers have passed rigorous third party testing and audits, ensuring that both MONQ diffusers are safe for our customers and safely assembled. MONQ’s manufacturers use only adult labor limited to 8 hours per day, and both safety and health requirements are met. Below are some certifications and reports from third-party companies showing the care and effort made to produce MONQ diffusers in the most conscientious possible fashion.

FCC electromagnetic compatibility
This shows that MONQ diffusers do not cause any sort of electromagnetic interference through their use, nor does any electromagnetic interference cause a MONQ diffuser to perform incorrectly.

TCT Verification-Electromagnetic interference testing Redacted Version

EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Testing for EN (European Standards)
This certifies that MONQ diffusers are made with a degree of quality in Compliance with internationally recognized European Standards required for sale and/or distribution in the EU and Oceania.


EPA Regulation Compliance
This certification designates MONQ diffusers as being in compliance with Environmental safety requirements required by the Environmental Protection Agency

TCT Verification-Basic EPA testing Redacted version

Factory Exterior Picture
The factory where MONQ diffusers are made:

Third Party Labor Safety Verification
This image is part of a larger report on the specific operations and quality standards of MONQ’s diffuser manufacturer. MONQ proudly does not use either child labor or coerced labor, and all assemblers work 8 hours per day, ensuring that they are not overworked in assembling devices. This audit was performed in accordance with International Labor Organization Standards.

Testing devices for quality assurance
All MONQ diffusers are rigorously tested by our manufacturer to ensure that they are safe to use and of the highest caliber quality.