Device Specifications

Quality Components, Tested for Safety

MONQ is dedicated to making excellent aromatherapy experiences. Here are some important features of our diffusers. No need to wonder about what’s in your hand; it’s all here! We have two key different devices.


Let's start with the MONQ ORIGINAL Hand Held Diffuser


MONQ aromatherapy devices use well-tested, high-quality batteries. Each device is equipped with a recyclable lithium-ion battery with a 210mAh capacity that operates at 0.882 watt-hours and weighs 0.004 grams. The battery can withstand a temperature of up to 120 degrees Celsius before deterioration, is protected from the device’s heat source by an internal divider, and does not pose any risk of flame or explosion under even extreme circumstances. Rarely, a device will remain activated, which can lead to overheating. When this occurs, place the device on a solid non-flammable surface, such as tile or marble, and wait for it to cool down.


You can also Revolutionize the way you breathe with the MONQ R Rechargeable Flip Case

Everything you love about MONQ is now rechargeable and reusable.


Flip Case

A portable charger and convenient case all in one. Slide the rechargeable diffuser battery in the charging slot and your other two Blend PODs in the storage slots. Keep it charged through a USB compatible source so you're always ready to enjoy your favorite blend.

Blend POD

MONQ's unique essential oils blends come in three convenient PODs or personal oil diffusers. Simply twist to attach or detach to the rechargeable diffuser battery and store the other PODs in the FlipCase for use at a later time. Our Blend PODs can be purchased individually, so you and easily try each blend, then mix and match to find your favorites!

Rechargeable Diffuser Battery

MONQ presents technology to help you continue to breathe aromatherapy anywhere, with the ability to switch out or replace blends using one device. A fully charged diffuser battery will last a week. Additionally, the powerpack is designed to also keep the battery fully charged for optimal usage.

Extra Blend PODs

Each MONQ R comes with three Blend PODs, one attached to the diffuser and two others stored in the FlipCase. Blend PODs are easy to store, switch out, trade or take anywhere.

FCC Testing

MONQ has been FCC certified, meaning MONQs do not cause any sort of electromagnetic interference, and electromagnetic interference does not cause a MONQ to perform incorrectly.

TCT Verification-Electromagnetic interference testing Redacted Version

TCT Verification-Basic EPA testing Redacted version

Ethical Sourcing and Manufacturing

MONQ has ensured that our Chinese manufacturers are indeed involved in ethical practices in the production of our products. The manufacturers have passed rigorous third party testing and audits, ensuring that both MONQs themselves are safe for our customers and safely assembled. MONQ’s manufacturers use only adult labor limited to 8 hours per day, and both safety and health requirements are met. Below are some certifications and reports from third-party companies showing the care and effort made to produce MONQs in the most conscientious possible fashion.

Third Party Labor Safety Verification

This document is part of a larger report on the specific operations and quality standards of MONQ’s device manufacturer. MONQ proudly does not use either child labor or coerced labor, and all assemblers work 8 hours per day, ensuring that they are not overworked in assembling devices. This audit was performed in accordance with International Labor Organization Standards.

Eurowin Intl- Working conditions

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