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Feel joy and kindness with this grounding essential oil blend.

Indulge in passionate luxury with each breath of this blend designed to set all of your senses on fire.

Feel presence and peace with this balancing essential oil blend.


MONQ personal aromatherapy diffusers are not intended for individuals under 18.

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"Love, Love, LOVE. Fantastic, quick, and relaxing way to bolster the body
with high-quality essential oils. Can feel the therapeutic effects immediately. Very grateful for this company."
-Krystal D.


"This product has helped me sleep and destress so much! I am finally
able to sleep through the night without having night terrors! I really love that it’s all-natural
too because I worry a lot about putting chemicals into my body! I just wanna say thank you
so much for helping me get my life back and you will have me as a customer for life!”

-Sasha B.


"I love them! I watched MONQs videos, read the reviews, and decided to buy the box
of all 7 blends. I thought I would only find 1 or 2 that I liked, but I quickly fell in love with all of them."

-Lauren F.