Pumpkin Spice Bundle

Enjoy this iconic fall scent on-the-go and in your spaces with a Pumpkin Spice Original diffuser and Bottled Blend.

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Fall Adventure Set

Embrace adventure! Warm your body and ignite your spirit with each breath from these Forest and Sexy Original diffusers.

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Fall Feelings POD Pack

It’s fall, y’all! Stay Active and Healthy, walk through the Forest, and kindle relationships with Love and Sexy, all in this POD pack.

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Fall 4-Pack

Breathe supportive and therapeutic scents with this Fall 4-Pack featuring Forest, Happy, Relieve, and Zen Original diffusers.

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Aromatherapy Diffuser Holder

Clear the clutter and free your mind when you organize your Original MONQ diffusers with this all-natural bamboo diffuser holder.

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Feel Nature MONQ R

Feel Nature MONQ R features an Ocean FlipCase and one each of Mountain, Ocean,
& Forest Blend PODs.

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Peace Anywhere Set

Breathe Peace anywhere with this on-the-go set designed to clear the mind, inspire creativity, and bring about serenity.

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Faux Leather Travel Case

Take your aromatherapy anywhere in this brown travel pouch—the perfect fall accessory for your therapeutic air®

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Roll-On Collection

Roll-On Collection features Focus, Relieve, and Sleepy Roll-Ons (10 mL, each) perfectly formulated for topical use on the go!

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Focus AnyWear

Get in the flow when you wear Focus Therapeutic Fragrance (10mL) in the
Om Medallion Necklace.

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