New Year, New You Pack

Start the New Year on a journey to a new you—get Active, be Healthy, and feel Happy.

Includes: Active, Happy, & Healthy original diffusers.

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FOCUS on Peace Pack

FOCUS 2020 on being the best you. Breathe Peace and FOCUS for clarity, inspiration, and flow.

Includes: 2 FOCUS & 2 Peace original diffusers

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Feel Nature MONQ R

Feel Nature and help sustain it with MONQ R, a rechargeable FlipCase, and Feel Nature 3-POD pack.

Includes: Ocean MONQ R FlipCase & one Forest, Ocean, and Mountain POD.

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Feel Better POD Pack

Experience positivity and feel better each day of the New Year when you breathe therapeutic air®.

Includes: One Peace, Cheer, and Relieve POD

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Peace Anywhere Set

Breathe Peace in the New Year with this on-the-go set designed to clear the mind and inspire creativity.

Includes: Peace Therapeutic Fragrance® (10mL) & MONQ Anywhere Diffuser (black)

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Self-Care Set

Indulge in self-care in the New Year. Take time to calm your mind and body so you can be at your best.

Includes: Zen & Sleepy Therapeutic Fragrance® (10mL, each)

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Get in the flow when you wear FOCUS—the newest way to experience MONQ aromatherapy anywhere®.

Includes: FOCUS Therapeutic Fragrance(r) (10mL) & Om Medallion Aromatherapy AnyWear Necklace

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MONQ eGift Card

Give the gift of wellness to celebrate a new year.

Available in any denomination.


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