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MONQ Original Diffusers

MONQ original diffusers were the world’s first personal aromatherapy diffusers. These disposable diffusers deliver approximately 200 breaths of therapeutic air®.  To use, simply breathe gently in your mouth and out your nose. MONQ users do not inhale into their lungs.

To learn more about the MONQ Original diffuser device, visit monq.com/device.


MONQ revolutionized the way you breathe with this rechargeable, reusable, and sustainable aromatherapy device. MONQ Rs include a sleek, charging FlipCase, three Blend PODs, a diffuser battery, and USB charging cord.

Just like MONQ original diffusers, to use MONQ R, breathe gently in your mouth and out your nose.

For your safety and peace of mind, MONQ R diffuser components are only compatible with each other. Blend PODs are not refillable but may be replaced with Blend PODs of any blend.

To learn more about the MONQ R device, visit monq.com/device.

How to Use: 

  1. Remove the diffuser battery from the charging slot. A Blend POD will be attached.
  2. Breathe in gently from the Blend POD. The LED light on the rechargeable diffuser battery will illuminate to indicate that the oils are flowing. If it does not illuminate, it’s time for a recharge.
  3. The additional two slots in the case are designed to store extra Blend PODs.
  4. To change the Blend POD, untwist from the diffuser battery, and replace it with your POD of choice. 
  5. Properly dispose of empty Blend PODs out of the reach of children and pets.

Charging the Case: 

  1. Using the included charging cable, insert the micro-USB plug into the port on the bottom of the FlipCase and insert the USB-A plug into a compatible power source.
  2. The indicator light on the bottom of the FlipCase will illuminate while charging and will shut off when fully charged. Disconnect the USB charging cable when fully charged.

Charging the Diffuser Battery: 

  1. Insert the battery with attached Blend POD into the charging slot of the FlipCase. The MONQ logo will slide into the slot first. A solid light will illuminate to indicate that the battery is charging. No light indicates a fully charged battery. 
  2. Return the diffuser battery to the case charging slot after use to keep it fully charged and ready to use. 

NOTE: The battery and FlipCase cannot both be charged at the same time. 

Caution statements: 

  • MONQ R should be kept out of the reach of children. 
  • MONQ R is not user-serviceable. Attempting to open, service, or repair the components of the MONQ R may result in injury. 
  • Store in a cool dry, well-ventilated space. Do not use, store, or charge items in or near heat sources, such as radiators, stoves, or fires. High temperatures may cause battery fluid leakage, thermal burns, battery explosion, or fire. 
  • Do not use any MONQ R components with any other manufacturers’ devices or products. MONQ R devices should be used with compatible MONQ products. 
  • To reduce the risk of injury, do not use the MONQ R if it becomes wet or immersed in liquid, appears damaged or broken, has been exposed to excessive heat, is operating in an erratic manner, or is unusually hot to the touch. 
  • Do not use the product while charging.
  • Discard the lithium-ion battery by recycling it or in accordance with state and local requirements. Do not dispose of it in a fire, as doing so may cause injury. 

Therapeutic Fragrance® 

MONQ designed Therapeutic Fragrance bottled blends to diffuse passively or actively in your spaces. We recommend: 

  • Simply smell. Open the bottle, waft under your nose, and breathe in the aromatherapy. 
  • Diffuse in your space. Try our no water, no hassle, no mess, portable Anywhere Diffuser with intermittent mist to avoid sensory adaptation. 
  • Wear your aromatherapy. Passively diffuse your Therapeutic Fragrance using aromatherapy jewelry, such as our Om Medallion Aromatherapy AnyWear Necklace or an aromatherapy bracelet. 

MONQ Therapeutic Fragrance should not be used topically, ingested, or vaped. To enjoy breathable and topical experiences, explore our diffuser and Roll-On options. 

Anywhere Diffuser

Enjoy portable aromatherapy for your spaces with our Anywhere Diffuser.

To Use the Diffuser: 

  1. Gently twist and pull the top of the diffuser up and away from the casing. 
  2. Insert batteries. Remove the battery cover by gently depressing the finger grip and sliding the cover off. Insert 3 AA batteries according to the battery guide. Replace cover.
  3. Prepare bottled essential oil blend by removing the dropper top from the bottle and attaching the diffuser wick top. Press firmly on the wick top to ensure a seal. Insert wick. 
  4. Insert the essential oil bottle wick first into the diffuser port. Twist the bottle until securely threaded on the diffuser top. 
  5. Insert the diffuser into the casing. Apply gentle pressure and turn to seal. 
  6. Slide the on/off switch to the desired setting.
  7. Breathe therapeutic air®.

MONQ Desktop Diffuser Setting Guide

Setting Low Medium High
Mist Duration 4 seconds 5 seconds 6 seconds
Mist Frequency 17 minutes 12 minutes 10 minutes


MONQ Roll-On essential oil blends are specially formulated for your topical use. Simply roll your preferred blend on your hands, wrists, neck, temples. We recommend also applying Relieve and Relieve+ to areas of soreness. Blends may be applied as frequently as desired. Sleepy and Sleepy+ may be most effective when applied thirty minutes prior to rest. 

Roll-Ons should not be used on or by children, internally, or ingested.


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