Important Benefits of Couples Yoga

couples yoga

Yoga is great for engaging the body and improving health—this fact alone has fueled its growing popularity. Highlighted below is a scientific look at how this age-old practice can be applied to strengthening relationships between couples.

So much tension and negativity in a relationship can be chalked up to inner stress bubbling over. And because most people practice yoga as a form of personal improvement and maintenance, it’s an effective stress-buster and mood improver. This can consequently provide deep relaxation and ease tension in all types of relationships.  

couple practicing yogaDeepened Connection

It is a well-known fact that couples who spend time learning and practicing the same pursuits develop a deeper understanding of each other, at least on some level. Gaming, fishing, bowling, and singing can be fun and engaging experiences that enhance romantic feelings and improve the relationship.

Couples who practice yoga together directly cultivate a primordial relationship which involves communication on levels of consciousness. Yoga works to balance and unify the mind and body and works just as well to unify two minds and bodies through building awareness of the present moment and each other.

Increasing awareness through the cultivation of mindfulness allows for new approaches and perspectives that can deepen a relationship through greater understanding, a key part of any mutually-satisfying relationship.1

Improved Sexual Satisfaction and Performance

While yoga and even couples yoga is not a sexual act in any way, it can be applied to fuel passion and increase sexual satisfaction. For instance, yoga has been applied throughout centuries for addressing conditions of sexual dysfunction. In fact, entire factions of yogic practice have been dedicated to this very subject.

Even the most basic yoga practices that cultivate breathing, increase core strength, improve flexibility and endurance have extensive application in the pleasurable arts. In couple’s yoga, the intimacy of the practice can lead to greater sexual trust and facilitate communication of needs and interests.

The cultivation of mindfulness is also an important step in increasing performance and satisfaction in the bedroom. According to studies, this holds true for both men and women.2

happy coupleReduced Stress and Anxiety

If stress and anxiety can be a cause of tension in a relationship, then yoga is one of the best solutions to date. Yoga is already soothing and relaxing in itself, but when it has been optimized through physical connection with your partner, the results are even more significant.

Never underestimate the power of physical connection with your significant other. Studies have shown that even holding hands with a romantic partner has effects that cannot be duplicated by anyone else.3 Through the power of yoga practice, these effects can be greatly optimized.


For the very best results, make your couples yoga practice something the two of you can both look forward to. Yoga mats and proper attire can facilitate movement and add some comfort and style to the activity.

Additionally, never forget the power of essential oils for invigorating the mind, soothing the body and setting a romantic and inspiring setting where two souls can grow close. Try using a blend of essential oils in a room diffuser or try some portable diffuser blends created to inspire romance like Love or Sexy MONQ.

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