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Living Inside & Loving It: Another Take on Social Distancing

Living Inside & Loving It_ Another Take on Social Distancing

As I lie in my bed this morning, I began to think about what a strange time this is. I woke up to the birds chirping, but I didn’t hear cars or buses. Just the birds. And I realized, our community is becoming still as we work together to flatten the curve of COVID-19.1

What a strange time. 

And then I remembered, I’ve done this before, kind of. 

In college, my sorority house was quarantined. A nasty virus spread like wildfire through the house. There were 70 women living-in and all but a handful of us fell ill. The student health center alerted the dean and the health department, and all of a sudden, we were quarantined, in our sorority house, for an indefinite period of time. No class. No parties. No leaving campus.

At first, it was shocking. My sorority sisters feared the loss of jobs and scholarships that paid their tuition. Trips home and for fun were canceled. Boyfriends were threatening to break us out, even if it meant scaling the wall to a third-story window. We were a tad panicked. 

Until … our social chair turned it on its head and decided to make an opportunity out of the quarantine. We were getting media attention, so why not show up and show the world why our sorority was the best? Out came the banner supplies and within hours, we had a banner flying in our front yard that read, “Living Inside & Loving It!” The media loved it. The school loved it. Our sorority headquarters loved it. We loved it. We turned an unfortunate circumstance around and embraced the positive

We were only quarantined for about a week, and no one became so severely ill that her life was threatened. We were very lucky in that regard. But, we still made the most of our time and an undesirable situation. We worked on our relationships with one another, put extra efforts into our studies and sorority initiatives, like our philanthropy, and we got to focus on what really matters in life. 

You may not be in a giant house with 70 of your closest friends (you may be thankful for that, too!), but we are connected like never before. FaceTime, Skype, and all of our social media outlets give us an instant connection—meet your friends for your regular girls’ or game night. Share a yoga practice or a workout. Create a virtual band and find a new sound. Unplug and connect with those in your home. Go for a walk. Hike. Breathe.

Flip this virus on its head—don’t let it beat any part of you, especially your spirit. This is our time to try living inside and love it. 

Photo credits: MonkeyBusinessImages/shutterstock.com


By Emily McKinley

Emily is an inquisitive writer and editor, busy mom of three, and outdoors enthusiast. She loves breathing the fresh air of the mountains and enjoys using essential oils and aromatherapy to bring health, peace, and calm to her family.

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