Cityscape: Remembering Las Vegas with Lavender Essential Oil

cityscape las vegas Nevada

Memories of Las Vegas

When most people think of Las Vegas, Nevada, they think of gambling. They image the strip with its extravagant hotels and even more extravagant shows. However, when I think of Las Vegas, I think of beautiful desert with awe-inspiring rock formations and lovely plants. As a girl, I fell in love with the lavender that grows freely in the desert around Las Vegas.

red-rock-canyon las vegas

If you have never been in the desert, you must go see the area surrounding Las Vegas because it’s breathtaking. The red sandstone mountains are like nothing you will ever see in most other areas of the country and provide a beautiful contrast to the worldliness of downtown. Much like the benefits of wild lavender, they leave you feeling calm and restored.  

Growing up, my family often made the drive to Las Vegas. It was a great destination that seemed to please everyone in my family. We loved staying at fun hotels with great water parks and hitting up every buffet we could find.  But mostly, we enjoyed taking hikes in nature and finding new places to explore.

The Red Rock Canyon quickly became a family favorite. The drive was beautiful, with both sides of the road covered in wildflowers. I would always pick the lavender and tuck it away in the car. When we came home, my sisters and I would make sachets and fill them with lavender, tucking them away in our drawers and giving them away as gifts.  

Las Vegas and Lavender Essential Oil

I didn’t understand the many amazing benefits of lavender at the time, but now I realize it is one of the most popular essential oils, and it is easy to see why.

flower lavender

Lavender is a great way to relieve headaches and migraines.  Whenever I feel my head beginning to ache, I grab a bottle of lavender oil and add a few diluted drops to my temples.

I also love using lavender as a way to improve my sleep by adding a few drops into a room diffuser or inhaling through a personal aromatherapy diffuser like Happy, Sexy, Sleepy, or Ocean MONQ before I go to bed.

Lavender is also a great remedy for burns. One time, I accidentally touched a hot stove and burned my hand. My friend told me to apply lavender essential oil diluted with a carrier oil, and the pain and burn soon went away.

Overall, lavender is a such a versatile useful oil that smells amazing, coming from a beautiful plant. Next time you are in the Las Vegas area, be sure to enjoy the amazing desert landscape and beautiful plants and flowers as I have. And even when I’m home, the scent of lavender always takes me back to those trips to the desert with my family.

We hope you enjoyed this personal account by a fellow essential oil lover, Leah S. Check out more Cityscape stories here!

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