Cityscape: The Scents of New Port Richey, An Amazing Town In Florida

cityscape New Port Richey

My grandfather lived in Florida before he passed away. I would get to see him every so often, but I have to say that I didn’t really think about the smells that would bring me back to his town in Florida. That’s when I started to panic that I would not really remember the city itself or even some of the times that I had spent with him because I didn’t have anything to connect me back to the town. However, some essential oils have allowed me to remember the times I spent with my grandfather in Florida. Before I tell you about these oils, though, I want to share a couple of the main attractions that I love in this city.

Attractions Near New Port Richey

The beaches are one of the main attractions that visitors love. Yes, New Port Richey is a Gulf of Mexico town, which means you have access to the amazing gulf water. This water is almost always warm and allows you to enjoy your time in the city even more because you can take a dip in the water and get cooled off from the Florida heat.

The Tarpon Springs sponge docks is another area that you may have never heard of before but really need to check out. The sponge docks bring up the sea sponges from the fishermen who go out and collect them. These are the same sponges that you can buy in stores. Yes, these are real animals that can be used for cleaning yourself or other parts of your home. What is really great about going to the sponge docks is that you have a chance to buy the sponges directly from the fishermen at times, but you also get to catch all the scents at the docks.

What else is nice about this area is the fact that you can use the docks as a place to find a charter boat to go out on the water.

OceanNew Port Richey and Ocean MONQ

Now the essential oil that reminds me most of New Port Richey is not a single oil, but a blend of oils that comes together to create a scent that transports me back to the times that I had in Florida: Ocean diffuser.

I love this scent because it combines and captures all the scents I experienced when I was in New Port Richey, from the smell of the beaches and the fresh breeze coming off of the Gulf of Mexico. This blend of oils has a combination of scents that allows me to experience New Port Richey all over again, even though I have not been back since my grandfather passed away in 2014.

Finding the essential oils that bring me back to a happy time and place is something I never thought I would be able to do. Ocean diffuser brought me back to New Port Richey, Florida and the unforgettable moments I spent with my grandfather.

Rachel Donovan

By Rachel Donovan

Rachel is a freelance writer who enjoys writing and researching interesting and new topics. As a California native, she can be found spending her time on the beach with a good book.

Favorite MONQ blend: Ocean

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