Cityscape: Citrus Scents Found in Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

What’s not to love about Italy? Amazing foods and breathtaking views are all over the country. Several scents come to mind when I think of Italy as a whole, but I’ll narrow my choice to my favorite city that I was lucky enough to explore while studying abroad.

Florence, Italy is a truly stunning place with some incredible options when it comes to food, sight-seeing, and attractions. In autumn the weather is mild, and the hills surrounding the city provide a stunning landscape of red and gold against a sunset. The city streets are quieter than they are during the peak season, so it’s ideal to enjoy the delicious cuisine and amazing architecture in a less rushed environment.

The scents in Italy are far removed from what you may be familiar with in your hometown. The aromas can tell you what to expect to enjoy the day, and in Florence, the aromas reflect a place that was built by some of the brightest minds in 15th-century architecture. The Santo Spirito church smells of damp plaster, candles, and white lilies. As you head to the outskirts, you’ll be surrounded by the scent of orange and lemon, from trees growing in conservatories all around, my favorite being the orangery in the famous Boboli Gardens. These inescapable scents are warming, soothing, and even delicious, which make a visit to Florence as calming and relaxing as it is exciting.

Florence’s Citrus Aromas and Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil comes from the fruit of the Citrus sinensis plant. Its sweet scent comes from the peel of the plant and is well worth adding to your daily routine because of its immune-boosting effects.

The oil is common in cleaners and lotions, and its potent aroma can help to revitalize you while also having a calming effect and are helpful for getting you into an alert, but relaxed, state. Orange oil can also help to reduce fatigue, clean up skin infections, fight colds and flu, and even boost the libido.

The Italians have a reputation for being passionate but also relaxed, which isn’t too shocking considering the soothing scents they are exposed to every day. Florence is on the Arno river with several conservatories, orangeries, and pleasing fruit and citrus aromas. I believe these scents give the Italians a zest for life.

Live Longer, Live Happier

The life expectancy in Italy is longer than that of many other parts of Europe. Studies attribute this to the Mediterranean diet, which is rich in healthy oils, and Italians love their fruits and vegetables as well. However, outside of diet and obvious medical advancements, the laidback and relaxing lifestyle that the country values may contribute to the citizens’ happiness and subsequent longer lifespan. I try to emulate this lifestyle by using orange essential oils to calm me and relieve stress since I can’t always surround myself with the city’s remarkable history and temperate climate.

Florence is one of my favorite cities because it combines the old and the new perfectly. The waterways are stunning. The jewelry shops on the Ponte Vecchio are one of the best places to get souvenirs, and the breathtaking cathedral is a must-visit every time I go. You can try to recreate the dining experience in any good Italian restaurant, but it’s the smells and scents that can take you back there. Also, adding some orange essential oil to your life cannot only relax you and give numerous health benefits but might make you feel like you’re in Florence, walking through the Boboli Gardens and get the Italian passion for life day in, day out—  and get you planning your next vacation too!

We hope you enjoyed this personal account by a fellow essential oil lover, Calvin M. Check out more Cityscape stories here

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