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Jan 16, 2019Wellness Lifestyle

What Is the Benefit of a Company Having a Wellness Program?

A wellness program was once considered to be a glorified perk that larger companies would offer as a way to boost employee wellness, success, and happiness. However, wellness program offerings have grown in recent years, and now it seems that a majority of companies offer some added perk to boost your wellness. A wellness program […]

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Dec 05, 2018Wellness Lifestyle

Top Ways to Achieve Natural Sinus Relief

What makes good sinuses go bad? You may be surprised to find out the problem isn’t the sinuses themselves. In fact, they are just hollow air spaces within the bones that sit between your eyes, right behind your cheekbones and in the forehead.1 They make mucus that helps keep the inside of your nose moist. […]

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Dec 01, 2018Wellness Lifestyle

How Can I Choose the Best Diet For Me?

Jumping on a diet plan is a common lifestyle choice that many adults make at some point in their life. A sound diet can lead to a number of health benefits, including weight loss. There are a number of reasons that adults look to find a proper diet. The following information is designed to help […]

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Nov 27, 2018Wellness Lifestyle

Tips for Exercising at Your Desk

As adults, individuals spend at least a third of each day at the office sitting behind a chair, and while sitting is necessary to complete tasks, performing desk exercises may be something that you should consider. Desk exercises, which are actual physical activities designed at getting you more activity throughout the work day, are gaining […]

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Nov 26, 2018Wellness Lifestyle

Controlling Job Stress

One of the most common elements in adult life having a full-time job. The workplace is where adults spend a large majority of time throughout the week, and while it is a source of income and stability, your career may be a great source of job stress. Job stress is the type of stress that […]

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Nov 21, 2018Wellness Lifestyle

Top 10 Lifestyle Changes for Optimal Wellness

The daily routine for most people tends to be overloaded with tasks, chores, and very little time and energy remaining for health and wellness. Many individuals struggle to find a balance that allows for optimal time for being healthy and living a balanced lifestyle. However, if you’d like to become more healthy despite these obstacles, […]

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Nov 20, 2018Wellness Lifestyle

Why Positive Thinking Is the Key to a Healthy Lifestyle

The power of positive thinking is something that many people overlook. The information presented below is geared towards opening your eyes to what positivity can do for you and your health. This sort of positive thinking can help guide you towards better behaviors that can allow you to fully optimize your overall health and wellness. […]

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Nov 19, 2018Wellness Lifestyle

Effects of Wellness on Life Expectancy

One of the most important topics in health and wellness is answering the question of how to maximize life expectancy. This is often a measure of how healthy you are, how well you take care of yourself, genetics, and the role of modern medical technology. When compared to decades ago, the human life expectancy has […]

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