Sep 24, 2018Terpenes

Terpene Profile: Sabinene

Sabinene is a monoterpene available in the essential oils of Norway spruce, holm oak, nutmeg, Bay Laurel and the Clausena anisate tree of Sub-Saharan Africa. As a monoterpene, it is important to those who use essential oils, but it is equally significant to industrial firms specializing in food flavorings or fragrance production. This is because […]

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Sep 23, 2018Terpenes

Keeping Your Body Systems in Check with Terpenes

The human body is in a constant struggle to maintain equilibrium despite fluctuations in its outside environment. The body’s ability to maintain this equilibrium is referred to as homeostasis. The most common example of this is the internal body temperature. While homeostasis is maintained, the internal temperature of the body is 98.6 degrees. When that […]

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Sep 18, 2018Terpenes

Terpene Profile: Pulegone

Pulegone is a clear and colorless liquid with an oily texture and an appealing odor and flavor. Minty tasting, it is complicated to extract, with LLE or Liquid-Liquid extraction with chloroform, and then evaporation to dryness and resolving in ethanol. It can also be extracted through direct drying of plants, as well as synthetically. It […]

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Sep 13, 2018Terpenes

Terpene Profile: Thujene

Thujene, often referred to as alpha-thujene, is an organic compound classified as a monoterpene.1 It’s found in a variety of natural sources, including eucalyptus, frankincense, dill, juniper, and coriander. 2 Thujene is transparent in color with a slight yellow tint. Outside of its therapeutic properties, thujene is often used in the cosmetic and fragrance industries due […]

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Sep 12, 2018Terpenes

Terpene Profile: Pinocamphone

Pinocamphone is the main compound found in hyssop essential oil, making up 31 to 42 percent of the oil and is known for having muscle-relaxing, antifungal, and insecticidal properties. About Pinocamphone Chemical formula for pinocamphone: C10H16O Molar mass: 152.237 g/mol 1 Classification: Bicyclic monoterpene ketone Pinocamphone is classified as a bicyclic monoterpene ketone. This group of compounds […]

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Sep 11, 2018Terpenes

Why Terpenes Should Play a Bigger Role in Your Meditation Practice

The aromatics you use to set your meditation setting are more significant to the practice than you may think. When you use natural aromatic essences produced in the sophisticated chemical environment of a root, fruit, flower, or tree trunk you are accessing a primordial connection that humans have with the plant kingdom. The fascinating and […]

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Sep 01, 2018Terpenes

Terpene Profile: Neral

Neral, an isomer of citral, is a clear, yellow liquid with an aroma similar to lemons. It is less dense than water, insoluble in water, and is often used in perfumery for its citrus scent.1 The natural form of citral consists of two isomers: citral a, known as geranial, and citral b, known as neral.2 Though […]

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Aug 31, 2018Terpenes

Terpene Profile: Lavandulyl Acetate

Lavandulyl acetate, also known as acetic acid lavandulyl ester is the acetate (salt) ester of the compound lavandulol, one of the monoterpene alcohols found in lavender oil. Of course, that’s not very helpful in explaining what lavandulyl acetate is, so it’s best to think of it as one of the many terpenes found in lavender […]

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