Apr 19, 2021Sinusitis

Finding Sinus Relief in the Springtime

For some, the arrival of spring—goodbye, slush, black ice, and unexpected snow days—also means the onset of seasonal allergy symptoms, including sneezing, watery eyes, and sinus congestion. Though many turn to over-the-counter allergy medicines, these can sometimes cause grogginess that can make going about a busy day difficult. The good news is that nature has […]

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Jul 06, 2019Sinusitis

Do You Have Chronic Sinusitis?

If you dread the arrival of spring—with all the trees in bloom, the deep yellow petals of ragweed, and all the other pollen-drenched blossoms that make you think of sneezes yet to come, you may have chronic sinusitis. You’re not alone. More than three million cases of chronic sinusitis are reported in the U.S. each […]

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Mar 22, 2021Sinusitis

Natural Remedies for Sinus Congestion

Sinus congestion can be a sideliner, because there’s little more frustrating that struggling to breathe, especially when you’re sitting behind the dugout at your son’s Little League game or sniffing through your daughter’s first dance recital. Congestion occurs when inflammation causes the walls of the nasal cavity to swell, filling the space, and it can […]

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Jul 14, 2021Sinusitis

How to Clear Sinuses

Right now, there are about 30 million people dealing with sinus problems, including that work colleague who was written about on Reddit by a person desperate for answers on how to deal with the constant sniffling, no tissue in sight. While there was never a clear consensus on how to politely – or not so […]

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May 28, 2019Sinusitis

The Top Sinus Infection Causes

Sinus infections are a common problem, affecting 31 million people a year who spent more than $1 billion a year on over-the-counter medications and another $150 million on prescription meds to treat them, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.1 Colds are often mistaken for sinus infections, but most sinus infections are […]

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Mar 09, 2021Sinusitis

Finding Sinus Pressure Relief

Sinus pressure can have many causes, but when the membranes of your nasal passages are inflamed, the swelling can make it seem impossible to breathe, and the pain can be debilitating enough to keep you from living your life to the fullest. If that sinus pressure is the result of allergies, you could spend months […]

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Feb 15, 2021Sinusitis

How to Get Rid of a Sinus Headache

A sinus headache can be debilitating, especially as pressure builds behind the nasal passages, and if you’re wondering how to get rid of one – especially as spring brings allergens out of winter hiding – you’re hardly alone. Often caused by allergies or colds that can cause chronic congestion, sinus headaches are mostly felt behind […]

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Sep 08, 2019Sinusitis

Sinusitis: Top 8 Essential Oils for Relief

Sinusitis—an infection or inflammation of the sinuses— is an incredibly common affliction.1 Often caused by allergies or illness, sinus inflammation results in increased mucus production, which does not drain because of narrowed sinus passages.  While sinus infections are generally not contagious, they can be very uncomfortable and may present symptoms similar to the common cold, such […]

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