Mar 28, 2019Qualia

Highlighting Qualia in Each of the Five Senses

Qualia, simply put, is the feeling of what it is like to be us at any given time. At every given moment, we have an opportunity to check in with what our personal felt experience of that moment is. And, because we are human beings, we have a vast capacity to observe that experience and […]

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Mar 12, 2019Qualia

The Connection Between Qualia and Aromatherapy

Have you ever had a certain aroma send you immediately back to a memory from years before? Have you ever smelled a certain food from your childhood and conjured up memories from a long time ago? The sense of smell is a very unique system in comparison to the other senses. All of the senses […]

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Mar 09, 2019Qualia

The Relationship Between Phenomenal Consciousness and Intentionality

Phenomenal consciousness and intentionality are two different ways of understanding consciousness.1 The way you understand these two concepts could have dramatic effects on your understanding of your life in general. In this way, philosophy can have a profound effect on your life. The key is coming to your own understanding of what feels true to […]

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Feb 24, 2019Qualia

Understanding the Question of Consciousness: A Comprehensive Guide to Qualia

What’s the difference between a robot and a human? What makes the human experience distinct from the experience of other living things? What is the basic makeup of consciousness? There are many potential answers to that question, but one of the central responses has to do with a term called qualia. Qualia is a term […]

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Jun 04, 2018Qualia

Qualia: Understanding Perception

What is Qualia? Before we begin to understand this philosophy concept, we must first learn what it is. It is an internal subjective sense of perceiving and it works by raising the awareness of stimulation in the senses. Derived from the Latin term, it is pronounced Qual-ee-uh, with the exact meaning being translated to “what […]

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Apr 16, 2018Qualia

What Are Qualia and Why Are They Important in Your Life?

You've probably never heard of qualia before, but they are a huge part of making your experiences of the world around you unique! Learn more in this post.

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