Jan 28, 2020Physiology

Energy Healing: Different Styles of Practice

Energy healing is an exciting area of study. From ancient roots, this practice has evolved as it has grown over centuries. All branches of energy healing work from a similar concept: the human body has an energy system through which life force energy flows. Like any of the body’s systems, blockages in the energy system […]

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Jan 16, 2020Physiology

Energy Healing: The Basics

Energy healing is an ancient practice used in many traditions in the modern world. In the U.S., it is not always well understood, but interest is growing. This series of articles intends to provide insight into energy healing. They’ll provide information on the basic practice, traditions of energy healing, and simple energy healing practices you […]

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Dec 21, 2018Physiology

Healing Properties of the Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe vera is an ingredient in many natural remedies, from soothing gels for sunburn to face masks to internal supplements. It has been used to treat skin issues, digestive problems and even to promote hair growth! What is an aloe vera plant, where does it come from, and what makes it so popular? What is […]

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Nov 06, 2018Physiology

Sensory Adaptation Purpose

If you could smell your breath, you’d be smelling it all the time, and that would be boring. Same goes for tasting your tongue, feeling your clothes, or seeing your nose. Nature, in its infinite wisdom, has saved us from this tedium through the gift of Sensory Adaptation. Sensory Adaptation is the phenomenon of tuning […]

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Nov 05, 2018Physiology

Mechanisms of MONQ

Tens of thousands of people have told us that: MONQ Works Some tell us that it eases their stress. Others tell us that it improves their lives in many other ways. This Paper Addresses Why MONQ Works Authors: Eric S. Fishman, MD, Preston Campbell, Ph.D. Mechanism of Action We will assume that you understand that […]

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Oct 23, 2018Physiology

What Would Happen to the World Without Trees?

Trees perform numerous tasks that counterbalance human pollutants, balance the water and carbon cycles, and improve the quality of land making it more suitable for wider varieties of plant and animal life. This is all in addition to the essential oxygen and high-quality airborne compounds that keep humans and animals alive and healthy. MONQ also […]

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Oct 19, 2018Physiology

Green Self-Care: What Goes in and on Your Body

Self-care has changed. It is no longer a suggestion to get a massage or plan girls’ night out. Self-care is beginning to be seen as a critical factor to thriving in this busy, changing, stressful world. Self-care is basically very simple. Each of us is charged with taking care of our own body as we […]

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Oct 09, 2018Physiology

Discover The Differences Between Happiness and Peace Of Mind

The majority of people are confused about the difference between happiness and peace of mind. If the average person is asked what they want in life their answer will be happy. Far fewer people respond that they want inner peace. These two states of mind are certainly closely related, and yet they are different and […]

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