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Apr 18, 2019Nature & Outdoors

The Problem with Plastic in the Oceans

Plastics make up a large percentage of the immediate world, and just about anything humans need or conceptualize can be created from this versatile substance. Plastics allow cars to carry people farther than feet, food to be preserved, and technology to solve a range of problems. However, despite their virtues, plastics are not a natural […]

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Apr 02, 2019Nature & Outdoors

Do the Sea Animals We Eat Contain Plastic?

Plastics have become a common part of everyday life and have a wide range of benefits to offer today’s super-modern civilization. Since their incremental introduction to human industry less than a century ago, plastics have provided innumerable solutions to reducing energy expenses, improving the longevity of food products, and supporting life in thousands of other […]

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Mar 09, 2019Nature & Outdoors

What are Underwater Mountains?

Many of us have stared in awe at stunning mountain ranges all across the globe, but have you ever thought about mountains that exist below sea level? This almost seems impossible, since the term ‘mountain’ evokes images of huge, imposing peaks at high altitude. Even so, there’s a whole world below sea level – and […]

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Dec 03, 2018Nature & Outdoors

What Types of Animals Can Benefit from Rewilding Initiatives?

Rewilding has attracted a lot of media attention in the last few years. The idea behind rewilding is that by reintroducing predators into an environment and allowing nature to take its course, the environment will recover and perform at its best. By letting plants grow wild, predators hunt prey, and the cycle of life to […]

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Dec 02, 2018Nature & Outdoors

What Is Rewilding and Why Should You Do It?

Rewilding is a form of conservation aimed at restoring the natural processes of the land through reintroducing native flora and fauna and taking a more hands-off approach to conservation. The idea has been practiced for decades, although it originally didn’t have a name. It was Dave Foreman who coined the term “rewilding” in 1990, and […]

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Nov 24, 2018Nature & Outdoors

How Many Rewilding Initiatives Are There in the World?

Rewilding is a large-scale conservation project which involves protecting land from human interference and simply letting nature take its course. While some traditional nature projects are quite hands-on and involve the people behind the projects controlling the population of specific animals, trimming trees or controlling pests, rewilding involves a more hands-off approach. Rewilding can take […]

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Nov 23, 2018Nature & Outdoors

Who Started Rewilding and Why Does It Matter so Much?

Rewilding is a relatively new approach to conservation that is incredibly important. The term was coined by Dave Foreman, an activist, and conservationist who founded Earth First and also helped establish the Wildlands Network and Rewilding Institute. The term first appeared in Newsweek’s “Trying to Take Back the Planet” in February 1990. Foreman’s work was […]

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Nov 21, 2018Nature & Outdoors

Can Rewilding Be Done in a City Environment?

Rewilding is the latest trend in conservation, and it is something that is attracting a lot of attention even in the mainstream media. The idea behind rewilding is that instead of carefully curating the activities of nature, people sit back and allow nature to take its course. Many rewilding projects take place on now-barren farmland […]

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