Nature & Outdoors

Sep 13, 2019Nature & Outdoors

What Are the Types of Environmental Pollution?

Humans live in a natural world where natural things have lived perfecting their balance for millions of years. As humans seek to optimize their environments and lifestyles these natural orders can be disrupted to any extent. But, with the global population reaching an all-time high and our demands for comfort and convenience increasing too, the […]

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Sep 03, 2019Nature & Outdoors

The Problem with Plastic Pollution

“I wanna say one word to you … just one word: PLASTICS” – The Graduate (1963) This line from a movie made over half a century ago perfectly captured the contemporary sentiment (naivety) regarding a fascinating new material with seemingly limitless potential. Plastics are strong, but they’re also plastic, which means they can be molded […]

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Aug 15, 2019Nature & Outdoors

Five of the World’s Biggest Environmental Problems

It’s no secret that the environment is in great danger and increasing human expansions and activities are tilting the balance precariously. In the following post, we will take a closer look at the five largest global environmental problems that threaten to change life on this planet forever.  If the world is to continue being a […]

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Aug 06, 2019Nature & Outdoors

How are Islands Formed?

There is something fascinating and mysterious about islands that have captivated the mind and imagination of humanity for a long time. Swarthy mariners listening to whispers of undiscovered continents across the ocean are filled with the same compelling determination. Try MONQ’s Ocean for yourself using a personal, portable diffuser. Invariably, little care is given to […]

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Aug 04, 2019Nature & Outdoors

What Are Environmentally Friendly Products?

They say that there is nothing more selfless than planting trees, and this same concept applies to the self-discipline and resilience required to live eco-friendly. On the other hand, committing to a life of doing as little harm to the environment as possible has plenty of benefits to your personal health and the world in […]

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Jul 23, 2019Nature & Outdoors

Are Ocean Levels Rising?

Global warming and climate change are not new phrases. Most people hear these terms a lot, but what exactly do they mean? How are humans affecting climate change, and how does it actually affect you? Greenhouse gases are being released into the atmosphere at an unprecedented rate. Oceans have absorbed more than 90 percent of […]

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Jul 15, 2019Nature & Outdoors

How Plastic in the Ocean Affects the Environment

When you get an iced coffee on your way to work, it comes in a plastic cup with a plastic straw. When you order takeout, it comes with plastic utensils wrapped in a plastic bag. Many of your groceries come wrapped or contained in plastic, as well as your toiletries. It seems almost impossible to […]

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Jun 01, 2019Nature & Outdoors

The World’s Cleanest Ocean Shores

For many, the ocean is a place of peace and relaxation. A trip to the shore can instantly clear the mind and relieve the stresses of a busy week. The beauty of the landscape and the fresh scent of sea air help reset the mind and provide relief from busy city life. When you need […]

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