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Dec 14, 2018Herbs & Spices

Best Herbs for Stomach Pain

Stomach pain can really put a damper on your day. Whether you’re feeling ill from something you ate, are having menstrual cramps, are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome or simply have a sore stomach, herbal remedies can ease your pain in no time. Many herbs that can be found in your own kitchen or garden […]

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Dec 10, 2018Herbs & Spices

Is It Better to Eat Plain or Spicy Food?

Why do humans enjoy spicy food so much? From chili pepper eating competitions to adding hot sauce onto a burrito at a restaurant, many people gravitate towards food with a painful kick. Is there any benefit to food that makes us sweat profusely, or is it just a personal preference? The benefits of eating spicy […]

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Dec 06, 2018Herbs & Spices

Why Are Herbs and Spices so Popular in Modern Day Cooking?

If you cook, chances are you have a cabinet full of herbs and spices in your kitchen. Even if all you do is add a dash of black pepper to your eggs in the morning, you’re still using a spice! From common herbs grown in North America to exotic spices from other lands, these flavorful […]

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Dec 05, 2018Herbs & Spices

How Can I Grow My Own Herbs for Cooking?

There’s nothing quite like walking out to your garden to grab a sprig of fresh rosemary or even grabbing a few leaves of basil from the small pot on your kitchen windowsill. When they are available, fresh herbs add a delightful burst of fresh flavor to any meal, and are even lovely when used as […]

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Dec 04, 2018Herbs & Spices

Best Herbs and Spices for Your Health

Adding a pinch of ginger or a few leaves of basil to your meal does more than just give it a delightful flavor. All of your favorite herbs and spices are bursting with health benefits, from boosting longevity and reducing inflammation to reducing your risk of various types of cancers. While all herbs and spices […]

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Dec 03, 2018Herbs & Spices

How Are Herbs and Spices Derived from Plants?

Many people are used to having herbs and spices nicely packaged in a powdered form. The spice section of the grocery store is full of powdered herbs and spices, from basil and dill to cumin and coriander. If you head over to the produce section, you’ll often see some fresh cilantro, thyme, and rosemary. Most […]

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Dec 02, 2018Herbs & Spices

What is the Difference Between a Herb and a Spice?

Herbs and spices are a common part of everyday life, especially those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Although we use the words ‘herbs’ and ‘spices’ frequently, we have become accustomed to lumping the two together into one category. We may be looking for rosemary in the ‘spice aisle’ of a grocery […]

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Dec 01, 2018Herbs & Spices

Healing Properties of Herbs

Herbs have a long history of medicinal use. Before modern pharmaceuticals, the majority of medicine came from nature. The oldest written evidence of using plants as medicine was written on a clay slab over 5000 years ago! This particular slab included 12 different recipes for medicines and referred to over 250 different types of plants […]

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