Essential Oil Guide

The Complete Guide to Essential Oils

Essential oils are the backbone of any modern aromatherapy treatment. They are compounds extracted from plants with unique aromatic qualities that have been used around the world for thousands of years for a variety of different purposes. Essential oils may be used for health reasons, as a form of art, during social gatherings, in perfumes […]

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What Are Essential Oils And How Can They Help You?

An essential oil is a natural fragrant oil that can be extracted from any number of plants. They are the primary component in an aromatherapy treatment. The oils can be applied topically or inhaled to experience a number of health benefits. They are also used in beauty products, skin care products, and natural cleaners. Hundreds […]

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Top Essential Oils for Boosting Your Immune System

The immune system is incredibly complex. And though there is a wide variety of information out there on how to boost the immune system, what exactly does that mean? Are we increasing the amount of neutrophils? Boosting the productivity of cytokines? More often than not, the specifics are incredibly vague. So, when it is said […]

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Preparing For The Seasons With Essential Oils

Whether you’re just beginning to build an aromatherapy collection or looking to replenish your favorite oils, it’s always a good idea to consider the upcoming season and the challenges it may bring. The allergies that come with spring or the common cold season of fall don’t have to just be suffered; you can actually prepare […]

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Top Four Essential Oils for Unwinding Over Fall Break

Fall break is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to unwind and forget about your college troubles for a few short days. It’s also a time to relax with friends, visit the family, and eat some really delicious food. The cherry on top is that fall is one of the best times […]

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4 Essential Oil Cleaning Alternatives To Use Around The House

There’s no need to risk your health with dangerous chemicals when all that you want is a clean home. Some of the best possible cleaning solutions are simple mixtures containing water, vinegar, and essential oils. Exactly which essential oils are best to use depends on where and what you are cleaning. You can often combine […]

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Top 3 Essential Oils for Cuffing Season

Cuffing season is a term used to describe a period of the fall and winter months when single individuals try to look for someone to “cuff” themselves down to a serious relationship. It’s about the long nights, cold weather, and prolonged periods of indoor activity that causes single people to get lonelier than usual, hence, […]

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Matching Essential Oil Blends With Your Favorite Halloween Movie

Halloween is a great time to watch scary movies, and it’s a season in which people are thinking about ghosts, monsters and other frightening creatures. You can set the mood with blends of essential oils, making those movies essentially come to life. How is that possible? Discover which blends pair up perfectly with your favorite […]

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