Essential Oil Guide

Essential Oils Can Keep School Air Healthier

If there’s one fact that most people know, it’s that young kids are hotbeds for bacteria. Because of this, in a school setting, illnesses can spread quickly. While many people tend to stay indoors because of outdoor toxins, indoor air has the potential to be much more toxic than outdoor air, according to Dr. Mark […]

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Essential Oils on the Go: How to Use Essential Oils in the Car

If you work outside the home, you likely commute to and from work every single day. Driving your car to work, school, and the grocery store seems like nothing more than a chore. What if there was a way to make your car ride more about the journey than the destination? Unless you’ve just purchased […]

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DIY Pesticides

When mosquitoes are out in full force, many people turn to bug sprays filled with harmful chemicals. While these sprays might be effective, it’s alarming how many chemicals we expose ourselves to on a daily basis. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and drenching it in harmful chemicals isn’t the only way […]

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Essential Oils and Exotic Pets: Do they Mix?

While dogs and cats are the pets of choice for the majority of people, in some cases, especially for renters, these pets are not practical, making exotic animals – such as hermit crabs brought home from an impromptu trip to the beach, hamsters that take the place of other furry friends for kids who are […]

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Which Essential Oils are Toxic to Dogs?

Before our beloved dog of 10 years died of lymphoma, I sought out essential oils that were known for helping to boost the immune system in a desperate bid to slow the disease that took over new parts of his body while all of us slept. I didn’t really think to research the safety factors […]

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Discovering Essential Oils That are Safe for Cats

If your house is home to a cat, you’re not alone. There are, according to statistics, 88 million domesticated cats in the U.S., making felines the most popular pets in the country.1 And here’s something interesting: The bulk of a cat’s brain – a whopping 90 percent – is similar to the human brain. It’s […]

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Best Essential Oils for Healing Cuts and Scrapes

Scars can serve as reminders of happy memories enjoying time in nature or getting into childhood adventures, but they can also be a feature that you’re not a huge fan of aesthetically. Luckily, the skincare benefits of essential oils have the potential to reduce the appearance of scars or heal cuts and scrapes effectively before […]

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A Guide to Essential Oils for Dog Anxiety

For people with dogs, canine anxiety can be beyond vexing, especially if that anxiety results in the dog eating your couch. Or another couch. Or another. Dogs may stress out if there is a storm, freak over fireworks or lose their furry little minds when their human goes to the store for a gallon of […]

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