May 28, 2020CBD

Zen+: Breathe Enhanced Relaxation

Zen+: Breathe enhanced relaxation with MONQ’s newest blend. A MONQ +cbd product, Zen+ launches with a new collection of CBD-infused blends. Building upon the original, handcrafted Zen blend, Zen+ adds CBD to help you feel a deeper sense of presence and peace with this balancing blend. The Zen blend has been scientifically proven to lead […]

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May 28, 2020CBD

Peace+: Breathe Enhanced Serenity

The Peace+: Breathe enhanced serenity with MONQ’s newest blend. A MONQ +cbd product, Peace+ launches with a new collection of CBD-infused blends. This blend builds upon the original, handcrafted Peace blend and adds CBD to clear the cobwebs of the mind, quieting worries and inspiring feelings of peace, creativity, and contentment. Breathe peace to experience […]

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Sep 18, 2018Diffusers

Breathe Autumn with MONQ’s New Pumpkin Spice Blend!

Say hello to all things fall! From pumpkin patches to apple picking, corn mazes, cider, and campfires, it’s time to appreciate all the fall things. You probably already have a few Pumpkin Spice Lattes under your belt, maybe a couple new fall scented candles, but get ready for another delicious fall taste and scent: our […]

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Aug 20, 2018Diffusers

Ease your aches and pains with MONQ’s Relieve!

Get ready to feel some sweet relief. Our blends take out the work of mixing and matching essential oils to improve your mood, create a pleasing scent, or to ease a particular ailment. There are so many oils that provide all kinds of benefits to the mind and body, and finding the perfect combinations can […]

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Jul 03, 2018Diffusers

The Best MONQ Blends For Summer

Happy Fourth of July! One of our favorite summer holidays has arrived and it’s a perfect opportunity to talk about how aromatherapy can play into your summer and holiday plans! Whether you spent the winter dreaming about long walks on the beach or thinking about this Fourth of July celebration, the season is finally here! […]

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Apr 25, 2018Diffusers

Benefits of MONQ Portable Diffusers

It’s no secret that essential oils are all the rage these days. Their supportive and healing properties soothe our pain away, help us sleep better, mitigate our negative emotions, boost our energy, relieve stress, and help regulate our hormones. It seems like there’s very little that essential oils can’t do to help our bodies on […]

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Apr 17, 2018Diffusers

Zen Monk & Zen MONQ

Zen monk. You’ve heard the phrase thousands of times. It brings to mind a certain, well, dichotomy between serenity and clarity. Tranquility and mindfulness. Concentration. Contradiction. Presence. One of the tenets would be to...

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Mar 21, 2018Diffusers

Is MONQ Considered A Vape?

Dr. MONQ explains the key differences between vapes and a MONQ personal aromatherapy diffuser.

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