Destress & Relaxation

10 Relaxing Activities for Destressing at Night

There’s no need for yet another news report talking about how stressful modern life is. It is rapidly becoming a major health epidemic to remind individuals that stress is an issue faced by pretty much everyone. Though some everyday stressors are understandable, chronic stress is becoming a dangerous health issue. Being able to relax isn’t […]

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Binaural Beats: Can They Help Me Destress?

Stress is a natural occurrence, but it can also become a serious health problem if it persists.  Prolonged stress can lead to a wide variety of health problems including depression, sleep issues, stomach issues, dental problems, a weakened immune system, anger issues, and more.1 Stress is a killer that takes over 110 million lives every […]

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Finding the Perfect Relaxing Hobby for You

While technology has brought a lot of good into the world over the past 20 or 30 years, there have been some drawbacks, as well. Sharing culture, learning via online videos and college courses, and making a living online have all been major positives of the online world. Being able to find information once contained […]

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Top Ways to Relax in the City

When you think of living out in the country, relaxation seems to go hand-in-hand with the environment. But when you consider a large town or a city, relaxation might be more difficult to come by. Nevertheless, there are definitely some great ways to relax even in a city environment, some of which are discussed below. […]

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Gaming as Stress Relief: Games to Reduce Stress

Stress seems to be a constant in today’s fast-moving society. There’s stress from work, traveling, and the constant stream of bad news from laptops, TVs, and smartphones. Because of all of the negative health consequences that excess stress has been linked to, the push to reduce daily stress is more important than ever. The good […]

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Here’s Why A Soothing Voice and Tone Relaxes You

Our world is made up of many sounds. Do sounds make us feel a certain way depending on the tone?  Can we become more relaxed by a soothing voice? Research has shown the answer to those questions to be yes and yes.  There are a wide variety of sounds that can help us de-stress and […]

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