Crystals & Healing Stones

What are Chakra Stones?

Crystal healing has been in practice dating back to Ancient Egypt.1 Prior to going over what chakra stones are and some of their healing properties, you first must understand chakras. Chakra refers to the ‘wheels’ of energy that are scattered throughout your body. Those that adhere to the principles believe that different wheels or chakras […]

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Ways of Using Crystal Power in Modern Holistic Medicine

Crystal therapy is something that really gained popularity among the holistic medicine community in the 1980s. The actual practice itself has been used among all kinds of different cultures and time periods throughout history, however. While there are plenty of different ways to go about crystal healing and using crystals power, almost every end-goal is […]

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Different Spiritual Crystals for Romance and Love

People have had a fascination with crystals and various gemstones dating back thousands of years.1 This is especially true as it relates to romance and love as they were used in imagery throughout the Middle Ages by both poets and authors. Crystals have their own unique vibrations and emit all kinds of different energies. Choosing […]

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Who Discovered the Healing Energy of Crystals?

The use of crystals for healing has existed for centuries. In fact, ancient civilizations have used crystals for healing, protection, and even rituals. While it is not clear when crystals and the use of crystals first emerged, one of the first historical references to using crystals dates all the way back to the ancient Sumerians […]

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What Are Some Crystals for Good Luck and Protection?

Crystals have been used in various parts of the world throughout history for both added luck and protection. They come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and colors and are all believed to be living organisms.1 While the crystals themselves cannot reverse “fate” or the universe’s intention, that is not their purpose is anyway. […]

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Which Crystals Pair with Which MONQ Blends?

Crystals have a lot of beneficial properties that can give you a variety of benefits. However, each crystal has its own unique properties that make it ideal for specific situations, much like essential oils. If you are looking to pair crystals with the benefits of essential oils, you will want to factor in which pairings […]

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A General Guide for Buying Crystals

Crystals have been used by our ancestors for centuries.1 Crystal Therapy is the use of crystals either on or around the body in order to provide balance or to offer other beneficial changes.2 If you are someone that is looking to embrace crystal healing, you are likely interested in learning more about what crystals are […]

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Why You Might Want To Wear a Chakra Bracelet

Chakra bracelets are said to have healing powers when used correctly. Your body is made up of different chakras, which are wheels of energy scattered throughout the body. It is through these wheels that energy flows. These energy intersection points happen to correspond with different nerve centers throughout the body, along with major organs. Therefore, […]

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