Crystals & Healing Stones

Essential Oils Meet Crystal Grids

You have crystals. You have essential oils. Today, you get to learn a way to work with these tools in a new and more powerful way. In aromatherapy, we blend oils to accomplish what a single oil cannot, or to accomplish some shift more quickly and easily. Crystal grids are a bit of the same. […]

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Pairing Crystals and Essential Oils for Health and Happiness

Pairing—putting two wonderful things together to generate an even better result. Certainly, you’ve enjoyed pairing wine with the perfect entree or coffee and tea with dessert. But the pairing discussed below can prove even more beneficial than a delicious dinner: crystals and essential oils for building a happier and healthier life. Characteristics of Healthy, Happy […]

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Emotional Healing with Essential Oils and Crystals

Creating an enriching space for your beautiful life is a personal and powerful task. Using essential oils and crystals together can help you create beneficial spaces by affecting the energy and vibration around you. These subtle, yet powerful, tools affect the environment energetically to support, comfort and motivate you. At home or at work, use […]

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Crystals, Essential Oils, and Chakras

When someone has just experienced a natural healing therapy for the first time there is a deep connection when some element of the natural world contacts the body’s energy system. These new students of natural healing are always eager to learn more because they have gotten a taste of the reality that healing is within […]

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