The Man Who Couldn’t Dream

man who couldn't dream

This is the story of a man who couldn’t dream. As a Happiness Engineer for MONQ®, I hear hundreds of stories a day. The “HE” is MONQ’s version of a customer service agent, peppered with something extra. We are the “Disney World” of customer service encouraged to be warm, not robotic. We have genuine interactions with our customers as if they were old friends. I am bewitched by tales of a tribe of people who are utterly charismatic. Their stories, as a result, are so stirring, I decided to dedicate a whole blog series to it. I’ve decided to begin with a young man who had suffered from insomnia until he tried our Sleepy personal essential oil diffuser.

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I received his email late one Friday night; we will call him Danny.

Danny started to tell me a story about his extreme insomnia. He had been so sleep deprived that sometimes he would go two days without being able to doze. His insomnia came on after his brother passed away. He did not go into detail, but he eluded to the fact that he felt if he were there the night of his death, he could have prevented it. When Danny was able to fight his way into slumberland, he did not dream.

Actually, everyone dreams, but the sad part is not everyone remembers their dreams.

I would be entirely out of sorts if I couldn’t recall my nocturnal mind adventure. I love escaping into the dream realm so much that any scenario would do. I wouldn’t even want to do without that dream you have where you are in math class up at the chalkboard and you turn around and realize you are standing there in your birthday suit. For me, dreams are keys to our subconscious, a puzzle for us to interpret and apply to our journey. I found out Danny felt just as passionate about his dreams.

Poor Danny, still a stranger to me and yet, I worried about him. The more he opened up the more I got the feeling one of our diffusers had helped him. It turned out to be much more than that.

He told me that he became a man on a mission not only to sleep well again but to also dream and remember well again. His quality of life was dwindling. He would lay in bed and close his eyes tight, hoping that if he could just squeeze his eyes hard enough, he could will himself to sleep. Danny said that before he had this issue, he would rely on his dreams to give him guidance upon awakening. Imagining was a ritual he looked forward to each night. When it was taken away, it put a lid on his joy. He stopped at nothing to try to lift this curse.

He went to five different libraries reading book after book about sleeplessness. Danny thought he found some answers in a text he came upon about the Ancient Greek Historian Herodotus. Herodotus recorded that there was a group of people who lived many thousands of years ago in Africa. These natives did not eat any living thing, and they did not dream.

Danny told me he was a vegan and thought maybe he had found a light at the end of the tunnel. However, he could not get himself to eat meat. In the end, he was not willing to compromise his morals and start lunching on old Bessie. So he went back to the drawing board.

He tried everything from meditation to yoga. Nothing was working. His sleep deprivation was like a hurricane ripping through his mind, rapidly destroying his world. He lost his girlfriend, his friends, and even his family, who was starting to question his “condition”. His mother begged him to see a doctor; he didn’t want to be prescribed medication. He was running out of options.

So, Danny saw a doctor who rattled off a list of possible afflictions: allergies, asthma, shaky leg syndrome, arthritis, sleep apnea and hyperthyroidism to name a few. In the end, Danny was diagnosed with depression was prescribed anti-depressants; which also came with a list of messed up things that could happen to him if he took these pills.

Danny went home that night without filling the prescription. He was desperate, but he wanted so badly to find a natural alternative to pull him out of his place of torment. He started searching videos on YouTube looking for other people’s advice about healing themselves holistically. As he was in the middle of watching a video of a man talk about how the Raw Food diet helped him relieve his depression, he noticed an ad for MONQ®. Something told him to click on it. He did, and his life would be his own again soon after.

He read stories of people who had tried the Sleepy MONQ Essential Oil diffuser. How it helped them get to sleep and improve their anxiety. He ordered the original Sleepy diffuser which contains Valerian, a powerful essential oil known to combat insomnia. Studies have shown that if you can beat your insomnia, you can reduce anxiety and depression.1

Danny told me in his email that after a week of using the Sleepy diffuser he was finally able to get a full night of sleep. He said that after two weeks, he was able to look in the mirror and smile. Dan could not remember the last time he grinned; he barely recognized the man staring back at him in the mirror.

What I read next blew my mind! Danny had a dream the night before writing to us. He said the dream was so vivid that he woke up crying tears of joy. I couldn’t help tearing up myself. He went on to say how grateful he was to MONQ® for creating such a fantastic product, that he was now a customer for life.

He also teased and said he had a dream that we were having a blow out sale and he was able to buy our diffusers for half price, “hint, hint”! I told him that I was happy that he seemed to have gotten his sense of humor back, so I sent him a small discount code in appreciation for his story.

Please do know that this is Danny’s unique MONQ® story. We do not claim that our Sleepy diffuser will cure your insomnia or depression. I merely wanted to share this story to spread a little hope and talk about a product that is near and dear to my heart. Danny is putting the pieces back together. He checks in every once in awhile and has tried a few other blends that he loves as well. Whenever I wake up from a magical dream, I think of Danny.

“Sleep is the best meditation” – Dalai Lama

The identities of our customers are protected and kept completely confidential.

Coco Warbucks

MONQ Blogger + Happiness Engineer
Favorite MONQ Blend: Sexy

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