Discover the Impact Essential Oils Have on Weird Dreams

The impact essential oils have onweird dreams

Dreams are a part of everyone’s lives, from the time they are small children, all the way through to old age. Because dreams are for everyone, many people want to know what, if any impact, essential oils have on dreams. Here we will take a look at exactly how essential oils impact dreams and whether or not they can cause someone to experience weird dreams.

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How Can Essential Oils Influence Dreams?

When considering this question it is important to remember that smells often have a direct impact on the brain and can trigger memories. The dreaming process is considered part of the process of the brain establishing those memories.

Anyone who has ever had a weird dream understands that real experiences and those encountered in dreams can be very different. Although it is not fully understood why the brain creates these vivid but often weird dreams it is known that it is part of the process that the brain uses to understand all the information that it has taken in during the day and it is directly connected with the process of forming long-term memories. Because smells and a person’s olfactory system are directly linked to the brain it can trigger memories and impact the production of hormones and other factors that can influence your feelings and impact your dreams.

The impact that different essential oils will have on an individual will vary from one person to another.1 This means that it will usually require some experimentation to find out which essential oils have the type of effect on your dreams that you are looking to experience. In some cases, a person may be looking to have less of an effect on their dreams if they’ve been using certain essential oils to help them sleep but have, in turn, experienced unsettling dreams. The first step is to simply realize that the essential oil you’re using is simply triggering the brain in a way that is producing the dreams you’re having.

If you are having weird dreams that are fun and interesting then there’s no reason to change anything that you’re doing. If, on the other hand, the weirdness of the dreams you’re experiencing makes you feel unsettled, then you may want to experiment by using different essential oils when sleeping.2 In either case, it is always important to remember that the dreams are not usually something that you need to be concerned about as they are simply the brain working through its processes and the information it has received during your waking hours.

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Can Essential Oils Help With Lucid Dreaming?

When it comes to what one person will think of as a weird dream, the idea of being aware you are dreaming and even actively controlling that dream will be for some, the weirdest dream of all while for others it is the very kind of dream they want to have. If you have ever dreamed of flying or being a superhero or any other situation that you really wanted to experience again, then you may want to consider using essential oils as a way to achieve lucid dreams more often.

There are some who have never experienced becoming aware that they are dreaming while continuing to dream. But there are many others who have had this experience. With practice, there are many people that say that lucid dreaming can be done on a regular basis. This means the ability to go to sleep at night and when you begin dreaming to become aware of it and to make an active effort to control some aspects of the dream.

If you have experienced weird dreams and you want to understand them better then the practice of having lucid dreams could be the solution. When you’re dreaming you will then understand that you are dreaming and you can enjoy the dream even if it is weird because you know that it is only a dream even though you are experiencing it at the same time you are aware it is a dream. It also means that you can alter and change certain aspects of the dream with practice.

Essential Oils That Can Cause Weird Dreams



This essential oil is one that a lot of people use at night to help them relax and sleep better. Because this and other essential oils are accessed through the limbic system which connects with your memories and your emotions, then it makes sense that it can impact your dreams. For most people, lavender will relax them and help them to sleep better. For the average person, being more relaxed will increase the likelihood that their dreams are pleasant rather than nightmarish. But because each person is different there are cases where it can produce either lucid dreaming or in some cases, it may have the opposite effect of causing the dreams to be very strange and weird rather than calm and enjoyable.



This essential oil has been used for thousands of years by some Native Americans and is sometimes called dream sage.  The Native Americans that use mugwort believe that it made their dreams more memorable and vivid. They also reported that they were better able to recall their dreams when using this scent.  But because of its strong impact, there are many who report that their dreams go wild and uncomfortably weird. So it will really depend on the individual as to which essential oil can help them achieve the type of dream that they’re looking for.

Essential oils are capable of helping people in many different ways. There is no doubt that scents can have a real and impactful effect on a person’s emotional state and so it only makes sense that when an essential oil is used at night for sleeping that it could have an effect on dreams. If you enjoy the dreams then there’s no reason to change the oil you’re using but if the dreams are too weird and uncomfortable then simply experiment with other essential oils. One oil that may help with both dreams and getting a better night’s sleep is Sleepy. Try it today!

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