Reviews About MONQ Essential Oils

Reviews About MONQ Essential Oils

Feel free to read these customer reviews about our essential oils

“Great deal! Love the essential”

“Great deal! Love the essential oils”—Amie G. Any 10 Blends

“Everything you need”

“I love the 10 diffusers. My favorites are mountain, zen, and vibrant. They do make you feel the way you want! Excellent for those new to essential oils.”—Jocelyn Any 10 Blends

“Love that their are different”

“Love that there are different combinations of essential oils in each of the diffusers! I would buy 6 out of the 10 I currently have.”—Jordana R. Any 10 Blends

“Happy & Active”

“Absolutely loved these and will continue to use them! Essential oils are the way to go. Pleasant taste and gives just enough of a pick me up!”—Diane Z. Active

“Active MONQ”

“Active MONQ is definitely my new favorite! The essential oils are all so perfectly balanced and not one overpowers the other. I get a perfect balance of taste and scent that somehow compliments each other in such a way that the individual scent and taste is highlighted. I am actually able to distinctly experience each ingredient and then enjoy them all together as well.”—Ashley A. Active

“Love it ~ gives that slight energy boost”

“Active is my favorite ~ I can truly feel the essential oils and love the pepper ‘kick’. Wish it lasted longer given the price, however, I’d buy again because I really like it.”—AIRMI I. Active

“Hands down best essential oils”

“Hands down best essential oils ever.”—Lorena S. Active

“I bought the product for”

“I bought the product for a birthday gift because my friend loves essential oils and she loves it and it does actually work she use it when she needs a little extra boost”—Blanca L. Active

“Great product!!!”

“I bought the Zen MONQ and had it shipped to a friend. I wanted them to be able to experience the pure joy of this personal essential oil diffuser.”—Robert S. Active

“Amazing energy boost”

“I can’t even describe how amazing these stunning, delicious products make me feel. I’m extremely picky about my essential oil blends (I usually make my own because I can’t stand any blends I’ve found in bottles), and I’ve always been frustrated by the lack of portable options. When I found MONQ, I knew I had to try them all. I especially love Active because it gives me that boost of energy I often need as a result of health issues and chronic fatigue. I don’t like to rely on artificial chemicals, and now I don’t need to. MONQ is all the pick-me-up I could ever need, and I love gifting it to friends and family as well!”—Mel F. Active

“Beautiful & Effective”

“I just received my MONQ – 4 pack. Shipping was so fast. I chose the Zen, Healthy, Active, and Sleepy. First I have to say, these products are made with a great eye for quality. The individual packaging is so good that I am keeping those and just put the MONQs back in there after using them. I might change this though because the vapes are so beautiful, I would like to keep them out and put them in a really cool tall shot glass I have. The first one I tried was Healthy. I love and use turmeric in a lot of different forms for its many, many benefits. The fragrance and taste are marvelous! I drew a light breath, didn’t inhale and just focused on the taste and mouthfeel. I held that for a moment or two and then slowly breathed out of my nose. I literally had an immediate physical sensation. That was unexpected actually. The feeling was one of well being, my body felt less weighted, and there was, I think, a mild sense of euphoria. These effects were all quite mild, and very comfortable. I am a folk herbalist so I believe in the benefits of essential oils. I also feel like I can easily recognize very good blends and these absolutely are. Later in the day, I took a breath of the Healthy with a breath of the Active – a very nice combination as Turmeric with that cinnamon and then with black pepper is a fantastic combination. I used the Zen – just one breath before a daily cleansing ritual I do. I felt like it solidified my mood for that and helped me focus intently on the ritual. Then it was Sleepy before bed. I have chronic sensorimotor neuropathy and as a result, I have a lot of difficulty sleeping through the pain. This was not some miracle that had me sleeping through the night :), however, it was a perfect addition to the bedtime environment I try to create to help me sleep.

MONQ, I really love these personal diffusers. Design is so important to me in almost everything I use (yes, I have been known to judge a book by its cover) and these products really deliver on design. But they have the rare ability to look good AND work well. Thank you.

Megan”—Megan Active

“Pick Me Up”

“I like using this essential oil diffuser when I need a little energy. It just seems like the orange and black pepper perk me up. Love all the blends I’ve gotten so far!”—Susan L. Active


“I LOVE essential oils and was super excited to try MONQ. The first one I tried was Active- you see, I am NOT a morning person, but I am a Mom & I run my own small business so I drink excessive amounts of coffee. I put my Active MONQ beside my bed and when I wake up I take a few breaths of it. I was amazed by how effective it was! The peppery taste is subtle, but nice and best of all, I have gone from 4 cups of coffee per morning to only 1! I had to order more. I have since tried Sleepy, Vibrant & Zen. I love them all! Thanks, MONQ.”—Misty L. Active

“Really glad I got this”

“I love essential oils natural remedies. You can really tell these are carefully crafted based on the qualities of each ingredient. I use this in the morning and whenever I want a little boost. This one specifically has a grounding effect that helps me stay on task at work and at the gym. The main three ingredients are perfect for an “active” effect. Orange invigorates, b. pepper gives you a kick and sage always centers you. I can’t wait to try all the diffusers. Another important note is that if used as directed it does last very long. I use mine 2-3 times a day for 2-3 puffs. It lasts more than 2 months. If you enjoy essential oils I think you’d appreciate this product a lot.”—Josephine M. Active

“Love it!”

“I love the idea of essential oils, but never knew where to start. This was such a good way to dive in! I love Active Monq! It really does give me an extra little boost, and it smells amazing!”—Charlyn F. Active



“Great taste and design!”

“I recently bought Sleep, Vibrant, Active, Happy, and Sexy. They work great and taste of essential oils are good. Love the design carrying options available for purchase. I would also recommend a Stress Relief Blend! Can’t wait to see more blends coming out soon!”—Krystalle H. Active

“Active MONQ”

“I was pretty skeptical about how this diffuser would work. I use it every day as a pick-me-up when I need it and IT WORKS! The ‘black pepper’ isn’t like how you would think it would be since the other two essential oils help dull it down. Definitely a great diffuser to keep on hand!”—Kendra Y. Active

“Great stuff”

“I was worried it’d be a lot of unhealthy chemicals that you’re breathing in but after researching it I found it’s just essential oils.
I bought the Active and really love it. It helps me wake up a bit if I’m feeling groggy. Now it won’t make you all hyped like an energy drink but it gives you a gentle nudge towards awakeness. The taste was good too the black pepper wasn’t over powering but light. Definitely a great product”—Kaitlyn M. Active


“I’m not a smoker but love essential oils. This is the best I’ve ever experienced.”—Alisha Active


“I’m truly glad I invested in MONQ! I was skeptical about it not working because I didn’t understand essential oils, but I love it!!”—Cassidy R. Active

“Active MONQ”

“It worked perfectly just how I expected it. The only thing that kind of sucks is that you have to continuously keep replacing it, instead of just being able to buy the essential oils and refill that way. I’m sure eventually it’ll be like that. I understand the product is still new so hopefully supporting it right now and buying it will allow for an easier path to improving MONQ.”—milagros c. Active

“Everything I expected”

“Love the concept of being able to use essential oils in this manner. The taste isn’t overwhelming and the blends are very complimentary. Will buy again and again”—Neva N. Active

“It has a little zing!”

“The pepper hit the spot here really bringing together the 3 essential oils into a light yet zippy blend”—Sarah F. Active


“These diffusers are such a sleek, elegant and efficient way to absorb the essential oils. And they last a LONG time! I’m so happy with my MONQ!”—Savannah H. Active


“This has been my first experience with essential oils and it has been good. I love that they are portable and can go anywhere I go so they are always ready whenever I need it. I feel more energized when using and hope it continues.”—Rodrick Active

“I love it!”

“This is a great blend with a wonderful aroma and is energizing. I read that these essential oils can help with weight loss and have found this to be true. It makes me less hungry and have more energy to work out! Highly recommend.”—Siena C. Active

“Active BOMB”

“This is my favorite blend so far, then Active, then Healthy (those are the ones I’ve tried). The sweetness of vanilla gets a zing from fennel and a savory balance from thyme. I also want to say that MONQ’s customer service is fantastic- they quickly made things right after I received a faulty unit to begin with.
I am an ex-smoker who doesn’t want to be associated with vaping. I was actually researching use of a portable nebulizer as a way to use homeopathics and essential oils for respiratory detox when I came across this product. Although it is decidedly more chic than a medical device, I’m not crazy about the rhinestone and bright colored light at the tip that goes on when in use. Still worth it for me, though.”—April E. Active

“It actually works!”

“What an amazing product! Being the skeptical shopper that I am I’m always very hesitant in trying or buying anything in fear of disappointment and wasting money, but I was very intrigued by the MONQ essential oil diffusers. After having looked into the MONQ diffusers a little more and reading many of the very positive reviews from those who had already tried them themselves I decided it seemed like a safe bet to try one out. AND WOW. I must say that I fell in love with my active MONQ. I’m someone who usually requires at least 3 cups of coffee throughout the day to really stay going but my active MONQ did the job wonderfully! Just a couple puffs here and there and I was good to go. And the aroma and slight taste of this MONQ was very pleasant. I loved the little sensation the black pepper adds. Overall, I am very impressed with this product and am planning on trying out more of the collection here soon. Great job, MONQ!”—Kasie C. Active

“A great product for someone”

“A great product for someone who likes essential oils! Also makes for great “O” blowing practice!”—Janell W. Any 7 Blends

“Great product”

“A nice product, very attractive design and pleasant essential oil blends. Not sure yet about how long they will last. Will likely repurchase.”—Mairin D. Any 7 Blends

“All 7 blends”

“Absolutely IN LOVE with my set of MONQ essential oil pens! Just became an ambassador so I can share my excitement with everyone near me. Zen and Vibrant are my favorites so far!”—Nicole C. Any 7 Blends

“Love them!”

“Absolutely love this product. I use sleepy, zen and happy the most because I have a hard time slowing down and it causes anxieties. Great job on making essential oils easy to use on the go! I have recommended these and will keep on doing so!”—Davika Candler Any 7 Blends

“Love, Love, LOVE!!!”

“An easy way to get the instant benefits from essential oils! Love the product. Love the packaging. Love the oil blends! Each one is perfect!!!”—Amy K. Any 7 Blends

“Love Love Love MONQ!:heart:️”

“As a long time user of aromatherapy and essential oils I am in love with MONQ. It’s cute, easy to use and convenient. I keep Natural Clarity at my desk and enjoy Active after work before hitting the gym. I love all 7 blends :two_hearts:”—Ana N. Any 7 Blends


“As a Nurse, soon to be Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and someone who has been using essential oils personally for the past few years and has seen the benefits with myself and family, this is a great idea! I was extremely excited when I learned about this product and can see so many health benefits from using these!

I have used several different diffusing methods and love that these are portable and classy! Very interesting blends with so many possibilities!

Can’t wait to try them and I know a few others who are interested and would love to try them as well! I will definitely be recommending this product to others and using it in my own practice.”—Amanda K. Any 7 Blends

“Love this product”

“Ask any of my friends and they will call me an oily lady 😉 I love the ease and feel of these personal diffusers. It makes essential oils easy when out on the go. The blends have been thought out and are very enjoyable.”—Katina D. Any 7 Blends

“Will most likely buy more”

“Different blends for every aspect of life. They all taste great. If you’re into aromatherapy I highly recommend these personal essential oil diffusers.”—Marvin M. Any 7 Blends

“It’s worth it”

“Do it! Essential oils by themselves are expensive. MONQ blends several together for optimal effect and sells them to you at a steal. It’s worth it.”—Joshua T. Any 7 Blends

“Love it”

“Easy way to use essential oils.”—Jamie D. Any 7 Blends

“Great product! I love the”

“Great product! I love the blends and the effects!…and the product design and packaging really are luxurious in quality! Such a wonderful and truly pleasant way to diffuse essential oils :)”—Melissa T. Any 7 Blends


“I am a huge fan of essential oils, and strong believer of their healing properties, so when I saw your product I knew I had to try them, and I’m already in love!”—Julianna D. Any 7 Blends

“EO pen diffuser”

“I am an all natural type gal and this intrigued me as a former smoker that loves essential oils. I will make this a part of my routine using the healthy or active pen during the morning, the zen or sexy pen during the day and of course the sleepy at night. I’m a customer…..”—Susan V. Any 7 Blends

“Great product – The Essential Girl Recommended”

“I am an essential oil blogger, focused on providing accurate info about the science behind essential oils. I have tried this product and consider it effective, safe, and a good value. Visit my website for a more thorough review!”—Rachel Andorfer Any 7 Blends

“In Love”

“I am completely in love with all of my MONQs!!! As if the essential oils were not reason enough, the design is perfect. It is so small and easy to carry around with me. I feel so centered when I head to work or wind down at the end of the day. There is a MONQ for everything!”—Elizabeth Pryde Any 7 Blends

“I am in love with”

“I am in love with my MONQs. They make my obsession with essential oils even worse.”—Sabrina S. Any 7 Blends

“New favorite ‘accessory'”

“I am so glad I began my MONQ experience with a full taste pallet. Not only did it help me understand the benefit of each blend through experience but it helps me in choosing my daily intention. I evaluate how I am doing in the morning and grab the blend that will best help me complement my persona. If I wake up feeling a bit anxious, ‘zen’ is my jam for the day. If I am starting the dash on a sluggish note I feel attracted to the ‘vibrant’ or ‘active’ blend.
Thank you MONQ for such an amazing product. I am so excited to add ritual (and essential oils) to my daily mindfulness practice.”—Megan Z. Any 7 Blends

“Review of MONQ essential oil”

“I bought all the blends together and I have really enjoyed all of them. I like the Zen and Happy the most. They smell amazing which is nice. You can take them and use them anywhere. They are a cool treat for me as I’m trying to keep myself healthy.”—Kim Any 7 Blends


“I bought MONQ products as a Christmas present for my sisters and we absolutely love them. My family has always used essential oils in our house diffusers and in our water but this is a whole new level of awesomeness! Keep up the good work!”—Ayriss S. Any 7 Blends


“I bought my MONQ I was referred by Haley Taylor they are awesome! I referred them to Chloe. So why not just give them a try. They’re essential oils, there’s no nicotine and there are plenty of choices and plenty of helpful diffusers!”—Mona G. Any 7 Blends

“Lowkey Obsessed”

“I bought the 7 blends package and less than a week later I bought the new LOVE MONQ and even after that I bought the all 10 Blends pack and now I have a little collection of them. Personally, aromatherapy really helps me and these really make using essential oils much more convenient than just dabbing the oils on your clothes or a bracelet. I told a lot of my friends about it and they want to invest in some, too.”—Skylar B. Any 7 Blends

“Perfect gift”

“I bought these for my mom, who loves essential oils, and she adored it.”—Andréanne B. Any 7 Blends

“I carry Zen in my purse.”

“I carry Zen in my purse. I love the smell… so relaxing. My favourite is definitely Sleepy; this blend of essential oils really works! Great concept, pretty and discreet device. Effective support to get through the day to day, to uplift or unwind as needed.”—Carmen D. Any 7 Blends

“Do I like these or not?”

“I DO!! I wasn’t sure at first … they tasted like essential oils. No kidding, they aren’t my nicotine filled vape. After a few tries, the taste and relaxing grew on me. Definitely ordering more!”—Trisha G. Any 7 Blends

“So fun and fragrant!”

“I find it a bit difficult not to inhale — a friend of mine had her lungs scraped and essential oils she’d infused were present! But to be able to have a delicious prescription every day is so nice! I love the crackling noise it makes.”—Tricia L. Any 7 Blends

“So far so good”

“I have only really used the zen and happy thus far but they seem to work well. At first, I got a little bit of a headache from not being used to the essential oils used but they have helped quite a bit and I can definitely tell a difference when I use them.”—Jordan S. Any 7 Blends

“Surprisingly awesome!”

“I have to say, I was kinda skeptic on if these would work or not. I have been an essential oil user for almost 10 years now. These are one of the most convenient ways to get the benefits and effects of an essential oil without affecting another person. When I wear oils topically on my skin, others are sometimes bothered by their aromas. These give you more of a taste of the essential oils with all the great benefits! I’m in love!”—Kaleigh L. Any 7 Blends


“I heard of these thru Facebook and having learned of the beauty of essential oils/diffusers for over a year now- I greatly appreciate the benefits of breathing in some good juju. These little pens are simply amazing.”—MARIA C. Any 7 Blends

“The Perfect 7”

“I initially left a review on the ZEN but all of them are amazing. My favorite is the SEXY MONQ. I even gave one to my teenage daughter who loves essential oils too.”—Christen J. Any 7 Blends


“I just got my set of all 7 blends of MONQ essential oil diffusers last week and I am already obsessed! The zen is my favorite- I use before I meditate. I will definitely be ordering again soon.”—Sarah W. Any 7 Blends


“I love all the different MONQ diffusers, they are great. I would think an addition of a “digestive” would be a nice option. Perhaps with Ginger and/or other essential oils that aid in digestion. Thank you so much for creating the diffusers!”—Melissa B. Any 7 Blends

“7 blends of yum”

“I love essential oils and I’m so happy I got the pack of all kinds to try them out. It’s almost like you are drinking tea! They’re calming and delicious.”—eve s. Any 7 Blends

“Honestly blown away”

“I love essential oils and use oil burners often I have really bad insomnia and can’t sleep for days sometimes. My doctor had prescribed me the strongest ambien possible and they still don’t work very well. When I tried the sleep one alone I was sold! Couldn’t be happier will be purchasing a lot more this week. Thanks guys keep up the good work!”—Daniel P. Any 7 Blends

“Absolutely Amazing”

“I love essential oils, so naturally I absolutely love MONQ. I have tried all the blends, and love all the benefits of each. With a sleek stylish design, reaping the reward of therapeutic air has never been easier! What mood will you choose?”—Mrs T. Any 7 Blends

“Great for the aromatherapy savvy”

“I love essential oils! This a great portable way to use them”—Amanda F. Any 7 Blends

“Positive vibes only”

“I love MONQ! Every blend is sheer perfection. Vibrant in the mornings, Sleepy at night–each blend totally lives up to its name. My favorites are Vibrant, Happy, and Healthy. Using MONQ diffusers has reminded me to take time for focused breathing every day–the essential oils are just the icing on the cake.”—Chelsea H. Any 7 Blends

“My favorite purchase I’ve made in a long time!!!”

“I LOVE MY MONQ!!! I bought the 7 pack, and it is one of my best purchases in a very long time. I’m a huge essential oil person, I can’t sleep without my diffuser and I have to say I love these so so much. I used them on vacation and all my friends keep asking about them. BUY THEM!! Sexy is my fav!”—Chanlier K. Any 7 Blends

“Mental Wellness”

“I love My MONQ. My MONQ works great with my daily therapy for mental wellness. The essential oils work great to help bring me back to the present moment. I love all the different blends.”—Lilliana O. Any 7 Blends

“So grateful for these!”

“I love My MONQs! After leaving a majority of my essential oils at home while on a month-long cross country trip, these things were a lifesaver! They are small, compact, and convenient to bring and use anytime, anywhere. My favorite blends so far are Vibrant, Zen, and Sleepy. Sleepy, although I don’t care for the taste of valerian, knocks me right out, Zen is so pleasant and relaxing and appropriate any time of day, and Vibrant – I took a few drags of Vibrant on my way to the coffee shop, by the time I got to the coffee shop, I realized I didn’t really need coffee, that’s how alert I felt! I HIGHLY recommend these and will definitely be buying more as needed!”—Mallory Q. Any 7 Blends

“Great Product”

“I love these! They work great and are very easy to use. When it comes to essential oils this is my favorite way to use them. It’s fun and relaxing.”—christina l. Any 7 Blends

“7 blends”

“I loved the vapes!!! Nice to do something so healthy and get those essential oils into my body, easiest thing ever. So relaxing and pleasant,
Thanks”—Robin G. Any 7 Blends

“Love it!”

“I ordered this pack as I use essential oils as a part of my daily routine already and thought it would be an awesome addition as I love plant-based alternatives to medicine! All 7 blends are amazing, but I think I like Zen and Sexy the best! I will definitely be ordering again soon!”—Audra Any 7 Blends

“I really enjoy them all.”

“I really enjoy them all. It’s relaxing and the essential oils taste good.”—Ariana S. Any 7 Blends

“Makes it so easy!”

“I recently have loved incorporating essential oils in my life, but sometimes they are just difficult to work with on the go. MONQ has completely solved that problem with still providing high-quality oils. I’m obsessed!”—Emily K. Any 7 Blends


“I was extremely skeptical about this product. I’ve tried many essential oil products only to be disappointed. Not only did the package come in 3 days but as soon as I opened the package I was blown away. Each diffuser is packaged separately in its own cute little wrapper. I opened and tested them all. I could taste and smell every single ingredient listed on each diffuser. I use healthy and vibrant in the morning. I use Zen after work and depending on the day I use the other blends. A perfect way to use essential oils for mind body and spirit.”—Rebecca A. Any 7 Blends


“I’m a big essential oils fan … and I love this new fun way to experience them! I think my favorite is Zen. Or Vibrant. Or Healthy. Or … oh, they’re ALL my favorite!”—Sherrie R. Any 7 Blends

“Kicking Anxiety To the Curb!”

“I’m all for essential oil diffusers, but nothing compares to these personal & travel-friendly companions! From happy, to active, all the way to zen and sleepy, I love everything about these pens and how they balance my wellbeing. If anyone is on the fence about trying them, my advice is simple. Don’t doubt it until you’ve tried it! I seriously guarantee you’ll love them. As someone who works around essential oils on a daily basis and loves the effects, it’s nice to have my own little army of diffuser pens, keeping me sane wherever I go. Perfect for anyone who is always around people, or works in retail.”—Alysha C. Any 7 Blends


“I’m enjoying them! I love essential oils. This a just another neat and innovative way to enjoy them!”—Mary W. Any 7 Blends


“I’m new to essential oils and being a college student I wanted something easy that I didn’t need to mix myself. These personal air diffusers are honestly the best investment in myself ever!!! My healthy MONQ really helps me with my chronic neck pain and my sleepy helps me get the sleep I need! Honestly, all of them are amazing they taste great and work fast. I just can’t stop smiling and it’s all due to their amazing effects!”—Alyssa Zamarripa Any 7 Blends

“Loooooove these diffusers”

“I’ve been getting into essential oils more and more and I’m obsessed with these personal diffusers. Very few things help me relax, but a few puffs of Zen totally takes things down a notch; it’s my favorite so far.”—Crystal G. Any 7 Blends

“Trying something new”

“I’ve recently started diffusion of essential oils and wanted to try MONQ so the pack of all 7 was/is a great way to start. I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I tend to use Zen, Sleep and Vibrant the most and feel the effect. They have also lasted at least 3 weeks now.”—Tracy P. Any 7 Blends

“Great way to get essential oil benefits”

“Like bed almost all the blends, but Healthy and Vibrant are my 2 favorites.”—Deanna W. Any 7 Blends


“MONQ is really awesome and the little essential oil vapes reduced my stress throughout the day.”—Emily B. Any 7 Blends


“My whole family loves these….even those who are not big on essential oils.”—Michelle W. Any 7 Blends

“So skeptical”

“So I started using essential oils at the beginning of this year. I absolutely love them and all the benefits they offer. When I saw an ad for MONQ, I was immediately drawn to it. I wanted to wait a while to try them, so I could read up and see how legit and useful they would be.
I read reviews both good and bad and finally decided to purchase.
Within the first hour, my husband (who calls all my essential oil concoctions “witchcraft”) was trying to steal these from me. I had to buy him his own set because he kept snagging mine! These have already been immensely helpful and beneficial!
I’m so glad I made the jump!”—Hope F. Any 7 Blends

“Funny Story.”

“So, I got an email from MONQ asking about a review as I was puffing away at my Sleepy MONQ. I love them. I always have one with me. This is just an easier way to get my essential oils.”—Kristine L. Any 7 Blends

“Aahhhhh!!! Essential Oils!”

“Thank you for adding another way to reap the benefits of oils!! They all taste and smell wonderful!! I’m enjoying each and every one!!”—barbara S. Any 7 Blends


“They are a unique way to enjoy essential oils and like your product!”—Bonnie B. Any 7 Blends

“Will have to reorder for sure”

“Wasn’t sure how I’d feel about using these, I’m a fan of some use of essential oils but my use has been pretty limited. I love having skinny monq in the mornings, and keep vibrant and zen always on hand. My husband is a big fan too! Also the customer service was fantastic, such an excellent company!”—Meredith R. Any 7 Blends

“Owner @ 1st Street Market in New Era, Michigan”

“We are so excited to be carrying the MONQ personal essential oil diffusers in our store! They are so awesome and fun!”—Tracey A. Any 7 Blends


“Didn’t think I would really be into these but as soon as I got them I was hooked! Just what I needed for my stress. I’ve always been into essential oils and this just takes it to an entirely other level!”—Lisa C. Any 10 Blends


“I absolutely love these! I have been trying all 10 blends and can’t decide my favorite. I have been using g essential oils fir years but these bring it to a whole new level! I have been recommending MONQ to all of my family and friends!”—Heather R. Any 10 Blends


“I have only tried two of my 10 pack that I ordered. I did end up giving both of my Happy diffusers to my Brother and Boyfriend, haven’t talked to them about it yet. I am currently using the Sleepy one every night before I go to bed and it’s working out just fine. I am also using the Zen during the day while I am at work. Definitely feeling less stressed out each day for sure! The tastes can be a little pungent, but I already ingest therapeutic grade essential oils so i’m kind of used to it by now. lol Would definitely recommend!”—Alisha B. Any 10 Blends

“My MONQ, my cure”

“I love my MONQ vape devices. They are beautiful, especially with the crystal tips that light up a different color depending in which one you buy. The essential oils are well blended and taste heavenly. I love Zen and Happy. Sleepy gives you just enought to take the edge off to relax at night. I cant wait to try one of the new ones I’m leaning towards Ocean! Great product.”—Jill M. Any 10 Blends

“Love them”

“I love the option to breathe in essential oil’s.”—Iashiaa C. Any 10 Blends

“Essential oils on the go!”

“I ordered the 10 pack of Monq and it was such a great value! I love using essential oils and monq is so easy and portable to be able to have custom blends with me on the go. My favorite so far is zen, it really promotes a feeling of peace and calm. Thanks Monq!”—shaina c. Any 10 Blends

“Relaxing, soothing, therapeutic”

“I’m new to aromatherapy and essential oils. Watching Kristi’s video on my Facebook timeline piqued my interest. I took advantage of the July 4th 15% off sale and purchased all 10 blends as a birthday gift to myself. Once I was used to the breathing technique, I really felt the effects of the product and fell in love with them. Among the 10 blends, my favorites are Zen and Ocean. I’m forward to seeing further developments with the personal essential oil vaporizers. I’ll probably purchase again when a great discount comes around.”—Rachel G. Any 10 Blends

“Essential oils made easy”

“No messy droppers or locating outlets. Simply breathe”—January T. Any 10 Blends

“Monq Diffusers”

“On the go essential oil diffusers is a brilliant idea. They help with pain, stress, and insomnia :smile:”—Alexis H. Any 10 Blends

“Best Essential Oils EVER”

“So for a few months I have been on and off about buying from MONQ but I finally did it! I purchased Zen & Ocean. They are so perfect!!! Highly recommend these oils.”—Sydney M. Any 10 Blends

“MONQ custom 10-pack”

“These are amazing products!
I am a medicinal aromatherapist and use essential oils every day, but this is a really good way to get more out of your aromatherapy experience. Breathing in organic soothing, activating, stimulating plant extracts is the way to go. More aromatherapy for the people!
Zen is totally Amazing, calming, feeling centered.
Happy has a nice warm touch of joy.
Sexy is really sensual and gives a sense of confidence.
Haven’t tried the Active yet but I’m sure it’s awesome as well!

I will definitely be purchasing more!”—Linda U. Any 10 Blends

“These are fun. I have”

“These are fun. I have never been a smoker but enjoy these. They taste good and smell great. I use essential oils regularly so this is just an addition to that for me, but a great introduction to the benefits of essential oils for a beginner.”—Kathy H. Any 10 Blends


“Yes, they work! I have used essential oils as long as I can remember and it’s great to be able to bring my own little diffuser with me. The selection is wonderful, as is the taste and smell. I loved them so much, I have already become a brand ambassador. I can’t wait for the 3 new scents being released in a couple days!”—Rebecca C. Any 10 Blends

“Personal bliss”

“A first time user of a personal diffuser, but a longtime user of essential oils, I love the portability of these personal diffusers. Anytime, anywhere, I am able to pull out my MONQ from my purse or pocket for immediate use. Such a great product. I will definitely be a repeat customer!”—Angela H. Any 4 Blends

“Color me shocked!”

“A friend convinced me to buy some MONQs and try them with her. I already had some experience with essential oils, but only as topical solutions to skin issues. I was extremely skeptical about them and continued that way after trying the Vibrant for the first time. I think I was expecting a little bit more of an immediate effect, which obviously didn’t occur because these are not drugs! Then I went to work. I work at a Ballpark and am usually on my feet for 6-7 hours straight. After working the night that I tried the Vibrant, I realized that my back nor my feet were in any pain whatsoever! I had my mom, who has pretty severe back issues, try the Vibrant and even she admitted that it made a significant difference in the amount of pain she was in! Truly amazing! Thanks, MONQ!”—Kawaiola W. Any 4 Blends

“Absolutely love it. I’ve always”

“Absolutely love it. I’ve always loved essential oils but with recently moving in with a friend who has a cat, I found out some essential oils can be harmful to cats. Not knowing what to do, I saw a video on Facebook of someone reviewing it and was immediately hooked.”—Michelle M. Any 4 Blends

“Therapy in a tube”

“Absolutely love this product. The smell, the feel, the taste. Amazing way to enjoy essential oils without the hassle, fuss and guesswork!!!”—Trevor D. Any 4 Blends


“All the blends I bought, that being– sexy, active, mountain, and sleepy were great. I also got Zen for a special offer for Black Friday. What a treat! They all taste great and really make you feel good after breathing them in! I would suggest to anybody looking for a mood enhancer, an energy boost, a sleepy time helper, or just a lover of essential oils to buy MONQ!”—Ciara h. Any 4 Blends

“A breath of fresh air”

“As a user of essential oils I stumbled across MONQ from TS Madison in Atlanta Georgia, her video and first-time use sold me and I purchased a custom 4-pack and I’ve been extremely pleased with the selection.”—Christopher F. Any 4 Blends


“At first the taste was a little strong but it was only because I’ve never used essential oils before! After the second use, it was much better! I love my choices very much! One thing I would request from the company is more animal-friendly blends. Right now the only blends that are completely safe for my pets are sleep and relieve. I absolutely love these MONQ blends but I would appreciate more choices I can use in my house. Other than that they are amazing!”—Brianna R. Any 4 Blends

“My First MONQ”

“Awesome way to get my daily dose of essential oils :)”—Sheena S. Any 4 Blends


“The best way to enjoy essential oils.”—Ricky P. Any 4 Blends

“Essential oils have an odd”

“Essential oils have an odd “taste”. Obviously, it’s just passing through your mouth/nasal cavity, and you get used to it.

Besides that, I love my MONQs! They smell so good. I’ve had them for about a week and all of them are still fully functioning/no issues with them running out quickly.

The vibrant MONQ has a super strong spearmint to it. I personally think it’s too harsh, but if you really enjoy spearmint, it’s alright.”—Sydney H. Any 4 Blends

“Fantastic way of breathing oils”

“Great essential oil pens. Taste great, easy to use. Would recommend these to anyone. I love them!”—Chloe S. Any 4 Blends

“Great product! Super fun, easy”

“Great product! A super fun and easy way to use essential oils. Can’t wait to try the other blends!”—Lauren S. Any 4 Blends


“Highly Highly recommend this product!! Works exactly the same as an essential oil diffuser as in the diffuses the oils but you use it like a vape pen! In my opinion, the best taste/scents are “Ocean” and “Vibrant” They just wake you up and keep you pumped!!”—Maggie H. Any 4 Blends

“MONQ gives me life!”

“I absolutely LOVE MONQ. I get my favorite essential oils in a sleek, on-the-go diffuser. I love the health benefits and mood-boosting qualities!”—Courtney M. Any 4 Blends

“Love love love”

“I absolutely love these personal essential oil diffusers. Zen and Sleepy are definitely my favorites out of the 4 I purchased.”—Paige M. Any 4 Blends

“Surprisingly effective”

“I am a heavy essential oil user already. I incorporate oils into my daily life. I was a huge skeptic at first, mainly because I wasn’t sure what exactly was in each diffuser and how it actually worked. After much research and speaking with the helpful online customer service reps I learned of the ingredients and how the device works. With confidence in what I was getting, I tried out the 4 pack. I found the device very easy to use. The oils do not smell synthetic or fake at all. In addition, there’s really no taste with the oils. With oils like Ylang Ylang, I wasn’t sure if the taste would have an adverse effect. I like the ease of use and that I can take the diffuser with me wherever I go. I’m very pleased with this product and will try out the other scent blends as well. Thank you for making a portable diffuser.”—Anita S. Any 4 Blends

“I love my MONQ essential oil diffusers!”

“I am a use essential oil junkie! And MONQ allows me to have an easier on the go alternative. I LOVE MONQ! –Thanks!”—Brittany P. Any 4 Blends


“I bought a four-pack and selected Vibrant, Active, Healthy, and Sleepy for my first products. Vibrant is energizing, cooling mint and sharp citrus that makes me feel more awake and alert. I actually had a surprisingly calming effect from Active – I believe it’s the sage, it’s lovely and for me, that’s a very relaxing fragrance. Healthy has a grounding effect and seems to be effective when my stomach is acting up. Sleepy was admittedly my least favorite, as far as scent/taste effect, but it’s the most accurate to its name – that one will put me down for hours and I’m still feeling it the next morning. In all, I really enjoy this use of essential oils – it’s very direct and much less messy than dealing with oil bottles on the go, and since there’s no skin contact with the oils I don’t have to worry about walking around smelling like a smudge stick or whatever oil effect I’m trying to gain that day. I’ll definitely be getting the rest of these when I’m able to do so.”—Erin S. Any 4 Blends


“I could not be happier with my MONQ purchase. I am already looking forward to my next one. I purchase the four pack: zen, vibrant, healthy, and sexy. I always start the day with vibrant and finish the day with zen. I feel like these help me live the healthy lifestyle I want. What is even better they are small and can fit into my purse or wallet. Great for travel compared to bring your essential oils. I highly recommend these! If your questioning it just try it. You will not regret it!”—Devan C. Any 4 Blends

“The Feel Good Oils”

“I first got to try MONQ at the vegfest in Nashville, TN. I really liked the idea of an essential oil diffuser. I first tried Happy and was impressed so I order a 4 pack variety.”—Crystal p. Any 4 Blends

“Can’t get enough :heart:”

“I have a diffuser at home that I use every night. When I heard of this I was super stoked! I have the convenience of carrying these little sticks around with me everywhere I go without the hassle of blending or hauling my glass bottles of essential oils with me. The blends I’ve tried so far are awesome. Getting ready to buy my next batch. yey yey!!”—Crystal A. Any 4 Blends

“Huge Fan”

“I have been a fan of essential oils and aromatherapy for years, so my new MONQs have really taken that to the next level. The combination of essential oil blends with an oral/breathing element really help me to stop, relax, and embrace whatever moment or situation in which I find myself (stress, concentration, bed, etc). I love that I can easily travel with them with no mess or fuss as well! I currently have Active, Zen, Healthy, and Sexy – all of which have an incredible taste/aroma. I can’t wait to try more!”—Clara C. Any 4 Blends

“How Did I Live Without MONQ In My Life”

“I have been into essential oils for about nine years now. I use them almost every day. But this takes diffusers to a whole new level! I’ve enjoyed every blend I received it and also ordered more to complete the set. MONQ is now something I use daily and will continue to do so.”—Denisha C. Any 4 Blends

“Love my MONQ!”

“I have been really into the healing powers of essential oils lately! I purchased MONQ to cater to my specific needs, and I love my MONQ pens! My favorites so far are the Vibrant and the Zen MONQ!”—Gabriella M. Any 4 Blends


“I have been using all 10 different blends and I haven’t found one that I don’t like. I have definitely felt a difference in my day. I use each one for different days, reasons, or different times of the day. Such as vibrant is good for me after I have eaten because it has ginger essential oil which helps settle my stomach. I also have enjoyed zen when I’m anxious. Healthy seems to be my favorite and I tend to grab it the most. However, they all are great. My husband enjoys them too. We each have different favorites and they seem to work differently for us both. I think you have to try them to see which one is best for you.”—Elizabeth Any 4 Blends

“Exactly what I had wanted!”

“I have diffusing essential oils for months now but these little devices are exactly what I was looking for on the go. Very discrete and I don’t feel bad using them in front of other people because it then opens the door for people to ask me what they are.”—Heather V. Any 4 Blends

“Aroma Therapy”

“I have used essential oils for several years and I recognize the value in using natural products. When I was introduced to MONQ by my granddaughter, I recognized how easy it would be to use. I love the blends and have used them all. I love them!”—Debbie W. Any 4 Blends

“Happy customer!”

“I just got my order and I’m so excited! I can try a variety of blends for a great price!! I’m an RN but I have seen how essential oils help people 🙂 happy to see what MONQ brings in the future!!”—Aubrey F. Any 4 Blends

“I absolutely LOVE it :)”

“I love essential oils and when I saw MONQ’s ad I had to try it. I got sleepy, active, healthy, and ocean. I tried sleepy and I actually felt relaxed enough to fall asleep. The active does seem to keep my mind from being fuzzy when I am sleepy lol. I’m not sure about healthy just yet, but I love love LOVE the ocean one. I love eucalyptus oil and ocean has that in it. It keeps me sooo relaxed. I recently purchased some more and I am currently happy with them 🙂 Thank you.”—Christina M. Any 4 Blends


“I love essential oils so I decided to try a few of these. By far sleepy is my favorite. Just a little and I fall asleep fast and sleep better than I ever have. It’s not a Nyquil sleep, I still hear the kids or the dog etc., but am able to fall right back asleep with no problem.”—Tamara N. Any 4 Blends

“In LOVE with my Custom 4 pack!”

“I LOVE essential oils. I have a lot, but they aren’t very convenient to carry around. Enter MONQ pens! These are SO convenient and helpful and are so good for use on the go.”—Kaitlin A. Any 4 Blends

“Seriously a miracle product! :heart::two_hearts::sign_horns::type_3:”

“I love MONQ so much I immediately became an ambassador. I have MS so I use all scents for different reasons. I am Benzo free since I started using Zen. I use Happy on the bad days, Healthy EVERYDAY to build my amine system and keep tune creepy sickies out of our home. Being an avid essential oil user, MONQ quickly gained my interest. I have only inspiring, kind, generous words when asked about MONQ. Perfection has been created, in my opinion. Love you MONQ!!”—Nikki B. Any 4 Blends

“Amazing experience”

“I love my essential oils so when I saw this concept I thought it sounded amazing. I tried it and it indeed is amazing and just gives me that little bit of something that takes me to the next level relaxation or calm. If I find I’m getting anxious or just need to feel calm I use it. Just like I do with my actual oils.”—Angela C. Any 4 Blends

“My new favorite way to use essential oils”

“I love my MONQ…it makes me happy and is a great compliment to something I love to enjoy-essential oils.”—Sarah D. Any 4 Blends

“MONQ me!”

“I love that there’s a new, different way to experience essential oils and it has non-toxic, healthy ingredients. Zen is my favorite. I’ll be ordering again to try some new ones.”—Allison J. Any 4 Blends

“Nice quality”

“I love the quality of these but I don’t see a difference in myself with essential oils.”—Mary H. Any 4 Blends

“Happy breathing”

“I love these diffusers so much. I have always been a fan of essential oils. This makes it so convenient to use. I get to carry my own escape in my purse. I’ll be watching out for new blends.”—Melissa F. Any 4 Blends

“MONQ review”

“I ordered 3 beds at first but after trying them in had to order the other 4! Nicotine and tobacco free. Therapeutic air personal diffusers made with organic essential oils!”—Mel Any 4 Blends

“Interesting EO delivery”

“I really love these. It’s a unique way to deliver essential oils and the blends are great. It takes 3-4 times to get any effect but it does seem to last a while. Sleepy is my go-to before bed but I will be trying Zen soon to see the difference. Great product!”—Sophie T. Any 4 Blends

“MONQ is changing my life”

“I recently bought the last 4 MONQs I didn’t have to finish up my set. I am in LOVE with MONQ. I’ve never experienced such a blissful and effective item such as these before. I’ve always been passionate about essential oils, whether I wore them through necklaces and bracelets or a room oil diffuser. But these MONQs are a completely new universe. I plan to use these to better myself for a very very long time.”—Bailey A. Any 4 Blends


“I thought about ordering MONQ for a long time. I use essential oils everyday for just about everything. So I figured why not. I am so happy I did. I suffer from insomnia and I have noticed a serious change in my sleep pattern since using the SLEEP MONQ. I have yet to try a blend I don’t like.”—Jenna S. Any 4 Blends


“I use essential oils all the time in my home, so I wanted to try these out because I can take them with me where ever I go. I received my first ever Monq package in the mail just on Tuesday of this week, and I love them so far. I wish I would of got the whole collection instead of just the pack of 4. I just like the soothing smell/ ease it gives you while being around essential oils and I feel like these pens do that for me while being out of my house!”—Chelsey P. Any 4 Blends

“Love MONQ!”

“I use essential oils for everything and so when I saw an ad for these I was naturally interested. I also really enjoy vaping which is what this reminds me of. I freaking love them – especially the zen & sleep one. I have turned a couple friends on to them already!”—Carlee K. Any 4 Blends

“My Aromatherapy Obsession”

“I was introduced to MONQ by ads on Facebook. I’ve recently been so into essential oils and aromatherapy, so when this came up on my feed, I had to look into it. At first, I was a bit hesitant, since I never smoked, vaped, or smoked hookah before. But the more I read into it, the more I was interested in it. I read that there was no nicotine or tobacco, that it was 100% natural. I had to give it a try! I read about all the blends and I bought the 4 that would help me the most – Vibrant, Happy, Zen, and Sleepy. The package came much quicker than expected, which is always good. I was especially excited to try vibrant. Once I did, within 10-15 minutes I was feeling inspired and productive. I’m a professional video editor, so it really helps with editor’s block and productivity. I’ve shared MONQ with my friends and family and I’ve gotten some of them into it as well. With stress from school, work, money, and other things life throws at you, the Zen blend has truly helped me the most. I feel calm, collected, and less stressed. I look forward to trying all 7 blends soon and taking more pictures with them! 10/10 from me!”—Dani V. Any 4 Blends

“Review of a life time”

“I was skeptical at first but I plan on buying the whole set! I can’t diffuse oils in my house because I have chinchillas and they can’t handle all the smells. The personal MONQ diffuser is amazing because it gives me the essential oil fragrance and the effects without harming my fur babies. I love it and use my Happy MONQ every morning before work to get the day going. I have purchased 4 so far and I will continue to purchase more. Also my package came with a cute little sticker that is currently on the back of my phone! I love MONQ so much! Highly recommend. I purchased some in early October and they are still working!”—Makenzie M. Any 4 Blends

“Newbie to MONQ”

“I’m an avid essential oils user but wanted something easily portable and already blended. They have all been great!”—Nyree W. Any 4 Blends

“Vibrant rocks!”

“I’m not a smoker, although I’m a fan of essential oils. I usually use diffusers. My hairdresser turned me on to MONQ products. I ordered a 4 pack. My favorite is the VIBRANT variety: lemon, ginger, spearmint. It tastes great, too! I was an instant fan! Such a great product…and absolutely zero chemicals.”—S H. Any 4 Blends


“I’ve tried essential oils a few times. Having them in a portable form encourages more usage. The Sleepy MONQ is definitely my go-to when there are restless nights.”—Mary V. Any 4 Blends


“It is so nice to have the convenience of taking my essential oils with me anywhere I go rather than only being able to enjoy them at home with my diffuser.”—Lisa H. Any 4 Blends

“Love my essential oils diffuser,”

“Love my essential oils diffuser, so happy with my purchase!”—Grace L. Any 4 Blends

“Great product!!”

“Love the packaging and blends! I diffuse essential oils and use them in my baths and topically so this is an added treat with great benefits. Will order again!”—Vanessa P. Any 4 Blends

“Love them all. Especially when”

“Love them all. Especially when I’m feeling depressed, I know it’s not harmful chemicals affecting, just essential oils. Bonus. My only concern is learning how to breathe out of the nose with these. Other than that, thank you and I look forward to ordering more in the future.”—Erica H. Any 4 Blends

“Love these!”

“Love these essential oil diffusers! Can’t wait for the new blends!”—Kat B. Any 4 Blends

“Recent purchase.”

“Love these! I have used essential oils for a long time, these are travel-easy. Have shared your product with many.”—Rose F. Any 4 Blends


“MONQ really makes it easy to incorporate essential oils in my life!”—Katharine D. Any 4 Blends


“Neat alternative to essential oil diffusers.”—David M. Any 4 Blends

“Exceeded Expectations”

“Not having a lot of experience with essential oil diffusers, I decided to try out MONQ on a whim, and I am so glad I did. I will definitely be trying the other blends, as I really liked the ones I ordered. I especially enjoy using them after yoga or dance classes.”—Arielle L. Any 4 Blends

“Essential Oils on the Go”

“Obsessed with these essential oil blends they really make you feel so relaxed. My favorite is the zen scent.”—NOEL M. Any 4 Blends


“Really glad I came across MONQ on Facebook. I’m really into essential oils and it’s great to be able to have MONQ pens on the go. I like that they are all natural and have helped me with times that I feel stressed or need a shift in mood. Awesome product!”—Princess P. Any 4 Blends


“Since I have been under a lot of stress recently, I have started trying to use essential oils because my friend swears by them. These are an easy way to diffuse oils without buying a large diffuser, and I have noted myself being less stressed!”—Grace A. Any 4 Blends

“The best way to use Essential Oils!”

“So far I highly recommend every blend I’ve tried! These have helped me de-stress and feel the way I need to feel through the day. My favorites so far are Zen, Happy, Active, and all of the Nature blends. Active really increases my energy. I still need to try Sexy, Sleepy, and Healthy. Great job MONQ in creating this wonderful way of using essential oils!”—Linda I. Any 4 Blends

“Love It”

“So happy with the product but the awesome customer service. MONQ offers much more than essential oils, the offer fast shipping and an easy to use website. I like the Sleepy and Vibrant MONQ the best. (:”—Michelle S. Any 4 Blends

“MONQ aromatherapy!”

“So refreshing and a very relaxing experience. I’ve enjoyed using these a lot especially since they are 100% essential oils so I’m not breathing any strange things!”—Cyrena L. Any 4 Blends

“Love my MONQ!”

“The best way to enjoy the powerful effects of essential oils! My entire family enjoys the benefits of this genius invention!”—Bobbie M. Any 4 Blends

“Reminder to Breathe”

“The scientist in me still wants to research more about essential oils and their effectiveness, but so many of my friends swear by them I had to try! I’m not sure if an oil like lavender has an effect in and of itself, or it is the fact that the smell is so pleasant it is relaxing. Whatever the case may be, aromatherapy works. As a psychologist who teaches mindfulness and breathing techniques, I know how powerful it is to learn to control your breathing and mindfully use senses. I love having my MONQ on me as it reminds me to stop and take a few deep, slow breaths. Adding in the pleasant smells of Zen or Sleepy trigger the olfactory system which has a powerful connection to mood and memory. I will be buying more!”—Joshua B. Any 4 Blends


“The use of essential oils in this product is a very helpful and natural tool to relieve many health issues. Great product with in-depth descriptions. They are easy to use.”—Katherine B. Any 4 Blends

“Amazing product!”

“The Zen is my favorite! The ease of use and mobility of having my essential oils is fantastic. They taste great as well! I can’t wait to reorder.”—Shaneka D. Any 4 Blends


“These are my TOP Picks of the MONQ diffusers!!! I LOVE them! They are a Very Important Part of my Daily Health! I Love essential oils and have used them for a Very Long Time…Must Try Product!!!”—Kimberly D. Any 4 Blends


“These essential oil diffusers are so delightful. So tasty. It’s amazing how different combinations of oils create different feelings. Sleepy and sexy are my absolute favorite. Just a great come up.”—Heidy H. Any 4 Blends

“Loving my MONQ”

“These little essential oil defusers are wonderful. Each one has its own vibe and I find myself reaching for them throughout the day when dealing with aches, stress, lows, highs, etc 🙂 They feel natural and taste lovely.”—LILI S. Any 4 Blends


“These MONQ essential oil diffusers are amazing! They relax your body and make a difference in how you feel!”—Megan D. Any 4 Blends


“These things are unreal! Yassss essential oils I love you!!!!”—Jessa F. Any 4 Blends

“I love my MONQ diffusers!”

“They came in earlier than expected and before I even opened the package I could smell the essential oils! Each pen I got is very different and leaves me feeling great!”—Kainani H. Any 4 Blends

“Amazing Product!”

“This product is amazing! I tried it when a friend recommended it to me. I love essential oils and herbal living and this fits right in! I became an ambassador right away:) Thank you for such a great product!”—Robert F. Any 4 Blends

“This was my first time”

“This was my first time trying essential oils, and I will say that I enjoy it. The blends aren’t overpowering or harsh.
The gentle breaths are actually quite relaxing and I do sense a difference in my mood. Happy is my favorite.”—Brandi M. Any 4 Blends

“MONQ Works!”

“With a really stressful job, these essential oil devices make getting through the day much easier and more pleasant. I feel less stressed!”—Steven E. Any 4 Blends

“Any 4 Blends”

“Wow-I love this product. Essential oils and aromatherapy have always been my go-to thing. But the fact that this is portable, and just the right amount as to not overstimulate the senses, is a life changer! I take my pack everywhere I go and use it whenever I want a little stress relief or mood booster. 10/10 recommend.”—Brooklyn S. Any 4 Blends

“Moving Towards Better Health”

“At the point in my life where I’m tired of chemicals in products & medication. Been using essential oils for a while now & this seemed like a perfect way to enhance my health mentally & not only physically. Love it so far! Getting better sleep altogether also.”—Swati B. Any 7 Blends

“Best purchase I’ve made EVER!”

“I cannot get over how much I love my pens. I’ve been a cigarette smoker for 10ish years with major intentions on quitting for the last couple of years. NOTHING has worked for me! I’ve tried patches, cold turkey, etc. These pens have helped so much with the oral fixation! Plus they smell and taste good.
“Sleepy” is my favorite! I fall asleep with it right next to my pillow every night.

I’m so happy! Thank you MONQ for providing quality essential oil pens!”—Lauren G. Any 7 Blends

“Love them!”

“I have never used any sort of essential oils before but I’ve heard so many great things about it so I decided to try MONQ. I never believed essential oils could work but after these, I am a true believer! I love the taste it leaves in my mouth after use. Love every one of them.”—Alexandra V. Any 7 Blends


“I was a smoker but I wanted a healthier lifestyle. I love essential oils so I thought this would be perfect and it is. I love the ocean blend.”—Kaydee R. Any 7 Blends


“So far, I am liking most blends that I received (I gave away some as gifts). I am interested in trying at least 4 other blends and purchasing the MONQ R. I do think the essential oils have worked to bring me the mood I wanted.”—Brandy W. Any 7 Blends

“Custom 7 Blend Pack”

“These are awesome! I was hoping that they would help me handle my moods and insomnia, and they do! I feel more energetic with the active and sleep better with the sleep one! I recommend these to anyone who doesn’t want to have to take pills or anything else, essential oils are better for you and these actually taste good! And they are better for you!”—Rachelle H. Any 7 Blends

“Loving my MONQ”

“These personal essential oil vaporizers are fun and delicious and feel good!”—Mazen H. Any 7 Blends

“Fun, effective and tasty!”

“I am a huge essential oil fan and was also looking for a more natural way to lift my mood. MONQ is perfect for when I’m feeling stressed or low on energy at work. I like to combine Happy and Vibrant for the perfect pick me up. Sexy and Sleepy are my favorites for home. And Zen is also amazing! Wasn’t a big fan of the taste for Healthy though. I think the best-tasting one I got was Ocean. Overall I’m very pleased with the product. The only thing I’m still not sure about is how long they last (I’ve only had them a couple weeks). If they really last as long as they say they do, I’ll be a long time customer!”—Jennifer C. Any Seven Pack

“Love the MONQ”

“I have been researching what vapor to use and incidentally came across MONQ. Love the idea of essential oils and the health benefits from the other ingredients such as turmeric and ginger etc. I am practicing healthy living avoiding as many chemicals as possible. I tried Sleepy vapor and that really helps relax and put me to sleep. Happy vapor was also great kept me in a great mood whenever I used it and the vanilla was nice felt comforting to me. I tried all that was in my festive pack and really enjoyed them as well. I would recommend this product and would buy again.”—Deidra T. Any Seven Pack

“Best aromatherapy I’ve used”

“I tried a few other essential oils but the MONQs really know how to make me feel a specific type of way. I was surprised by the effect. They have such an influence on my mood. Also, the necklace is a great attribute. I love them.”—Sam S. Any Seven Pack

“First Time Trying Anything Like This”

“LOVE IT! It’s fun, cute, &, since I’m obsessed with essential oils, right up my alley! My Husband also enjoys them!”—Zoaltrea N. Any Seven Pack

“Pleasantly surprised”

“When this product was recommended to me by a friend, I was intrigued. I kept my expectations low because I wasn’t sure how I felt about ingesting essential oils. I was already using essential oils in my diffusers around the house, so I was excited for these nonetheless.

I was surprised at how effective these are. Each one performing exactly how you would expect. Vibrant seriously wakes me up, Sleepy helps me sleep, and Forest has this over-all muscle calming effect. I’m happy I tried them and I may order more soon.

In the future, I’d like to have a less-disposable product or ejuice for a real vaporizer.”—Shannon W. Any Seven Pack

“Excellent combination”

“The blend of essential oils in this diffuser go together very well. It has a light uplifting fragrance.”—DeAnna K. Cheer


“I could immediately feel it working and the essential oil blend was exquisite.”—Rebekah Focus


“Forest is really great, it is an awesome mood brightener and I really enjoyed the experience. I love the fact that MONQ uses essential oils.”—Babe B. Forest

“Love it”

“I absolutely love MONQ. I initially figured I wouldn’t like it just because I’ve never been particularly fond of essential oil smells and all that, but forest and mountain are perfect. I grew up in the mountains so they remind me of home. I’ve recently bought some for a friend even after recommending it to them.”—Aubrey H. Forest

“Spiritual Forest”

“I absolutely love this blend of fragrant and tasty essential oils. I thought to myself when I bought this particular therapeutic oil diffuser that to me it’s more spiritual than anything. I like to use this when I’m meditating or doing my grounding exercise and it helps to put in me in that kind of place. Who doesn’t want to feel spiritual at any time of the day?!”—Sara C. Forest


“I love the 4-pack I received. I chose happy, sexy, zen and forest. I fell in love with forest as soon as I smelled the strong essential oils in the bag. I hope that one is not a limited time thing because I will be buying more!!”—Micaiah Forest

“So relaxing!”

“I personally feel really connected to plants and the life around me and this blend of essential oils is so relaxing for me and helps me focus and think clearer and be calm. I love it. It smells amazing.”—Taryn R. Forest

“The best thing to ever happen to me”

“I usually use my diffuser when I need to relax. The blends of the essential oils used to make forest really do remind me of being in woods/forest. This really has been a good thing in my life.”—Marlenne F. Forest

“I love it!”

“It is a wonderful combination of essential oils. Even sitting in my room surrounded by man-made objects it reminds me of being in nature. I love the taste and its simple sleek design. I definitely plan to purchase more of this particular blend.”—Marisela M. Forest

“Great way to DeStress”

“Relax and breathe deep, just take a moment and take in the essential oils. A healthy way to wind down.”—Toni S. Forest

“So relaxing”

“This is my favorite blend of the 3 Feel Nature ones. I love tree scents and often have a spruce or fir essential oil in my home diffuser. This was the perfect choice for me!”—Elizabeth F. Forest

“Cute “Vape” aromatherapy!”

“Absolutely fun and cute way to introduce essential oils into daily use.”—Jennifer D. Happy

“Happy, Zen and Sleepy”

“All three contain soothing essential oils.”—Tricia R. Happy

“very calming”

“Although I purchased “happy”, whenever I breath out the vapor, the scent of the essential oil blend helps me feel calm.”—Genesis N. Happy


“At first when I got my happy monq in the mail and tried it I was off put. The taste is not anything to die for but the calming and collected feeling from it is way worth! My fiance and I share the happy monq and it’s still going strong. I am a very easily stressed person and I can tell you this helped on our road trip by a long shot. I have always believed in essential oils and their healing properties, but this is definitely worth the buy. Plus it’s super cute!”—Arica J. Happy

“Oils on the go”

“At home it is easy to keep our diffuser going. MONQ makes that happen for us on the go. Soccer games, at the beach, on the way to church, hanging out with friends or searching for Pokemon! Wherever we are whatever support we need from essential oils, MONQ has a blend that works, and is so easy to use. Glad to have found them, thanks MONQ”—janet s. Happy


“Best essential oil diffuser I’ve ever had:) thank you”—Sophia R. Happy

“Thu Oct 10 2019 00:00:00 GMT-0400 (EDT)”

“essential oils are the way to go!”—Emma M. Happy

“Loving it!”

“Heard about MONQ from a close friend, I got the Happy and I love the way it tastes. I love anything involving real essential oils so this was something I was intrigued to try & I’m ‘Happy’ I did! (See what I did there)”—Kayla C. Happy


“Honestly didn’t expect much & it has beyond exceeded anything I could have imagined. I love having my essential oil right in my pocket. It is so easy to use and carry with you where ever you go. MUST HAVE. Can’t wait to buy more.”—Kristina A. Happy

“Love Monq”

“I absolutely love this product! I now own 4, and love to turn my friends on to this unique modality of essential oil use.”—Rochelle D. Happy


“I am an avid essential oils user and this is the perfect addition. It allows me to take them wherever I go. I also get headaches with most fragrances and even certain oils and these didn’t give me a headache at all. I can’t wait to try the entire collection.”—Kylee Schuman Happy


“I bought the monq because I kept seeing it on my FB/insta. I was very skeptical of it, but I use a diffuser and I know that the essential oils work. I decided to try it and I love it. If I’m not in a very good mood, the Happy one changes that so fast. I’m going to buy a few more blends now.”—Meredith D. Happy

“Pleasantly Surprised”

“I bought these feeling a bit skeptical, but thinking it would be a worth a try. I have been pleasantly surprised with Happy- I can tend to feel a bit down during certain times of the day and when I remember to use this product, my mood is elevated. I noticed a difference without trying to convince myself it works. Out of the 5 I bought, I notice the most actual change with Happy and one other (Sleepy). So with most essential oils everyone’s experience is different, but I’d say give it a try!”—Rebecca V. Happy

“Makes me so happy!”

“I bought this not expecting how great it would be. After just a few days of using it, I have felt a change in my mood. I highly recommend getting one of these if you are looking for a different way of using essential oils.”—Alexiana B. Happy


“I didn’t know if I would like this product or not. I’m really into essential oils and this was so awesome. I felt like a badass when I had with me! Haha!”—Malerie G. Happy

“In LOVE with MonQ”

“I have always been a fan of essential oils so I was so excited to hear that this little pen was an actual thing! I have the Happy one, and I use it every day. I love it!”—Danica C. Happy

“I love this!”

“I have always loved essential oils so when I heard about these I knew I had to try them!!”—Erin D. Happy

“Great new experience!”

“I have been interested in essential oils for a couple years for some medical problems and overall health. Once I saw this I knew I had to try it! Even my co-workers are wanting some now! 🙂 I plan to get a lot more!”—Hayley C. Happy

“Awesome product!!!”

“I love essential oils and find this product to deliver on what it promises it can do for you.”—Kim M. Happy

“Happy MONQ”

“I love everything involving essential oils. I deeply believe that they have healing properties and love using different oils to achieve different results. Which is why I couldn’t resist when I discovered MONQ! I recently purchased the Happy MONQ and am so pleased! The fragrance is lovely and I use it twice a day every single day! The packaging is also gorgeous. I highly suggest to anyone who is interested in essential oils!”—Alyssa B. Happy

“I love it!”

“I love monq! Every time I use it, it really makes myself happy and I love the mix of the different essential oils in happy !”—Loriann M. Happy


“I love my happy essential oil diffuser. It is so continent and easy to use when I start feeling down.”—Dana D. Happy

“I love my natural energy”

“I love my natural energy Monq. I am an advocate for healing with essential oils and this item is great.”—Mark Y. Happy

“Love it!”

“I love that you aren’t supposed to inhale it into the lungs and that just breathing it out the nose you reap the benefits. I also love that it is all natural, essential oils. I got the Happy and after just seconds I do feel a sense of calm, happiness. Will be ordering more!”—Arielle Happy

“Love it”

“I love the taste and that it helps me relax when working with difficult customers at work or before a stressful situation and I’m much more at ease. I love that the brand uses essential oils safe for ingestion. My friends that sell essential oils say that’s how you know it’s pure. I love that there’s no nicotine or addicting or harmful ingredients. I hope it becomes so well known that they lower the price.”—Slender C. Happy

“Held its promise”

“I must say that I’ve been very skeptical about the product when I first heard of it. Also because apart from the disclaimer on the Store Website itself, I couldn’t really find any other data concerning possible health issues with vaping essential oils through glycerine. However as I dug into the science a bit more, I found out that the effect of using Monq is actually comparable to smelling at any stationary oil diffusor used in living rooms and toilets all around the place. This pretty much lowered my concerns enough to actually try it out. And I am very happy with it.

I don’t know if it’s just placebo but I actually also don’t really care because the smell and taste of the MONQ is just amazing. I used the happy MONQ and it created a calm, relaxing atmosphere right from the first puff! Also, I felt my heart rate going down a bit and my whole body just seemed to relax and feel “at home”. I would definitely recommend it!”—Patrick S. Happy

“Everything I expected”

“I purchased the Happy Monq to help with depression. Its uplifting, refreshing and relaxing. The blend is very tasty and smells so nice. I’m not sure if it’s the act of controlling my breathing, placebo or the essential oils..but I don’t care. Whatever it is, it’s good. It lasted way longer than expected too and I shared it with my Fiancé the whole time too, lasted about a month of frequent use. Highly recommend, can’t wait to buy more!”—Amber G. Happy

“Amazing product”

“I really enjoy the aroma of these oil diffusers. Make using essential oils very convenient. I really like the Zen and the Happy Monq is my new favorite.”—Stacy S. Happy


“I really enjoy this product! I have been using essential oils for a long, long time but never thought this method would be so beneficial. Thank you so much!!!!!! I don’t think I will ever be caught without them! Simply amazing and astounded! Have recommended it to several people!”—Sidney F. Happy


“I recently bought the Happy MONQ and I love it so much! The combination of essential oils definitely work.”—Nicole F. Happy

“Sexy & Happy”

“I was a little skeptical at first but after tons of research and actually following the instructions they provided exactly what they intended..happiness and sexiness. Cute little barrels with the best blends of essential oils. I am a very happy customer can’t wait to decide what my next order will contain.”—Linda A. Happy

“Love it!”

“I was always a believer in essential oils but the effect of these are amazing! I was a bit heated because of an argument so I used my HAPPY MONQ, and can’t believe how it made me feel. I would recommend to anyone :)”—Brittany S. Happy

“More relaxation and happiness? Yes! Everyone needs that!”

“I wasn’t sure exactly what MONQ had to offer me. I am not a smoker and had concerns about what this type of aromatherapy might offer…is it an electronic cigarette? Are you supposed to inhale? I should not have worried. Just letting the gentle flow of scented air bath the soft tissues of my mouth and nose is so pleasant.
My curiosity compelled me to place my order for Happy! Guess what? Amazingness! The peaceful cloud of essential oils really does influence one’s mood!
Thank you, MONQ!
Julie”—Julie M. Happy

“A new part of my lifestyle changes!”

“I’m a firm believer in using the scent of essential oils to help lift or calm your mood, but it’s not always practical to wear them or spray them around yourself, particularly when you’re at work. I got Happy and Healthy to take to work, so I could just slip away to give myself a much needed moment. However, it’s the fact that there’s no tobacco, nicotine or artificial additives that really sold me on this. The taste is pleasant, the effect is just what I need, and I don’t worry about adding crap to my body. I totally intend on making Monq a part of my lifestyle changes.”—Tara C. Happy

“I’m so thrilled to have”

“I’m so thrilled to have a healthy way to breathe essential oils! They feel great and look lovely too! I buy monthly as we are so happy with the product :sun_with_face::waxing_crescent_moon::first_quarter_moon::waxing_gibbous_moon::rainbow:”—Lucy b. Happy

“Love it every time!”

“I’ve ordered a few of this blend now, and I really love it. I love the scents of these essential oils, and I love using it when I’m feeling blue. Definitely recommend!”—Evie H. Happy

“I’ve used vapes before casually”

“I’ve used vapes before casually but never owned my own. I was thinking of purchasing one but was nervous about the nicotine in them. This was very pleasant and I enjoyed the essential oils within this product.”—caitlyn c. Happy


“It says it in the name, these oils are, well, ESSENTIAL. And having access to them 24/7 whether you’re indoors, outdoors, on the go, or just need some essential oils to lift your spirits these portable Monq essential oil pens are a life saver!”—Miles K. Happy

“LOVE IT!!!”

“It’s easy to use & makes me feel great! I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist & anything with essential oils or blends is a must. I love my MONQ!!!”—Elizabeth D. Happy

“Love these.. :smile:”

“Love every one of these….. the fact that you can carry your own little personal essential oil diffuser with you is fantastic… and it works great for those times when you really need to just chill… I have tried ..Happy… Zen… Healthy…Sleepy… they all have worked great so far.”—Julie F. Happy

“Makes me feel happy!”

“Love this essential oil blend! Definitely helps with my mood! Would definitely recommend!”—Nicole S. Happy


“MONQ is my new favorite way to use essential oils. I will be a life long customer”—Rebecca P. Happy

“Seems to help”

“Not sure if it’s just a mind thing or if it’s the essential oils, but whatever it is, it seems to help! Really like this blend. I wasn’t happy with Zen, so I got this one and love it. The “taste” is so much more tolerable! #HappywithHappy lol”—Lindsey J. Happy

“Great vape pen”

“organic coconut based essential oil vape pen, amazing”—Christopher W. Happy

“very essential”

“out of all the essential oils I have these are the most essential”—matthew b. Happy

“Happy customer”

“Really enjoy the Happy Mona essential oil diffuser. Has great effect and aroma. Will be purchasing the 4 pack of diffusers soon.”—Kathy D. Happy

“Love My Monq Diffusers!”

“So happy I found these little gems. I’ve been sharing them with friends I know appreciate essential oils as well as friends that are smokers looking to quit. They are excellent for those looking for a healthy alternative to cigs/vapes. This was a genius idea!! Hoping to get many more once I’m out of what I have.”—Charity E. Happy

“Absolutely love MONQ!”

“The blends are perfect and leave a great aftertaste. Have yet to try them all but looking forward to it. Would definitely recommend for those who love essential oils!”—Aileen L. Happy

“The Happy monq was very”

“The Happy MONQ was very light flavourful. It was relaxing to take in the combination for essential oils.”—Claudia P. Happy

“The name Happy totally fits”

“The name Happy totally fits this essential oil blend. With a couple of uses, I immediately feel relief from any negative sad emotions, and feel joyful. The taste is amazing. It’s almost like a hint of sweetness. One of my favorite blends. Love Happy!”—Ana V. Happy


“There is something very relaxing about vaping with essential oils. Smells great and even my husband likes it. :)”—Heather H. Happy


“This is a great alternative to natural anti-depressants! I suck at taking pills every day so essential oils are my second best! I loved this blend and it makes me feel better after a day of stress!”—Kylie H. Happy

“Loved it!”

“This is pretty cool. Not a VAPE fan because I’m not a smoker but this little jewel gives me essential oil diffused using the coolest pen. Even lights up when you breathe the oils. Disclaimer! Unfortunately, it is not using DoTERRA oils but when looking into the info on their webpage the oils look all natural. Worth trying!”—Teri F. Happy


“This is such a cool product. It’s so much fun to use and you really feel great breathing the pure essential oils. Bought it as a gift for my sister but will be treating myself to some ASAP”—Julie L. Happy

“Happy Monq”

“This is the coolest essential oil device I have ever used. I absolutely love it, it definitely helps calm me down and makes me feel relaxed!”—Julia S. Happy

“The Happy Essential Oil Diffuser”

“This one was a little different than I expected, but it was nothing I couldn’t get used to. It smells really good in the air.”—Justine S. Happy

“Love it”

“This product is amazing. Initially I thought this is like an e-cig, but I quickly realized that it is more like a less complicated nicotine /tobacco-free vaping device. Essentially its vaporized water with delicious essential oils. When breathed in it’s like breathing in freshness and exhaling yummy smelling Carbon dioxide. I have only tried happy it’s so yummy! Eventually, I am planning on trying more. The only downside is that it’s disposable and costs $24 with shipping. A bit too much for a disposable product.”—Victoria M. Happy

“What I was looking for!”

“This product is so perfect if you want to incorporate essential oils in all aspects of your life. I found that this was in no way harmful. It was the perfect new way to incorporate natural living to the urban world!”—D’Anna Happy

“Love MONQ’s products”

“I really enjoy MONQ and all of their essential oil diffusers. The blends are great, and I even gave some as presents this year. Everyone loved them. I’ll definitely keep buying the product and try more blends this year.”—Rebecca W. Happy R Blend POD

“Really does make me smile!!”

“People know me as a pretty gloomy person (usually in a funny way), but when my boss heard I had a ‘happy’ essential oil pod, he started to let me use it in the office. And you know what? This blend actually did make me more positive and cheerful!”—Grace C. Happy R Blend POD


“Awesome nothing better than the essential oils being infused into the body! If you haven’t tried it you should !!”—Michelle B. Healthy

“Excellent Product”

“Essential oils are under-appreciated by most. They are also misunderstood. Using these gives anyone easy access to the amazing benefits of essential oils without fuss. I strongly recommend using these products.”—Tiana C. Healthy

“One of my favs”

“Healthy is a really great essential oil blend. It makes me feel good and inspires, while also keeping my chill so I don’t get anxious so easily.”—Madison R. Healthy

“A little dream came true !”

“I actually had thought about the same exact concept: an e-cigarette without tobacco, without nicotine, only essential oils, and MONQ did it, yey !”—Nicolas F. Healthy

“Healthy Monq”

“I am an advocate of essential oils and saw these on Facebook. I really have enjoyed them thus far. They are subtle yet effective. I plan to try others in the future and buy some for gifts.”—Betty B. Healthy

“Favorite so far”

“I bought a four pack and Healthy has been my favorite of the bunch. I think these essential oil vaporizers are super sleek with the colorful brushed metal and the clear jewel that lights up at the end of the device when you take a puff. I’ve had these for several months now and the blends are still strong and still taste good. I have really enjoyed this blend, it’s not too strong and the blends are well-balanced.”—Carli H. Healthy

“Don’t hesitate, buy!”

“I found MONQ when it’s add popped up on Facebook. I’m a huge essential oil person so naturally I decided to give them all a try. I have 5 kids so patience with them sometimes is stretched thin. Zen has been essential when getting through a rough day. A few puffs and 15 minutes later I can feel the calm. I had a cold that hung around for a good month. Was driving me nuts! Insert MONQ healthy! 2-3 puffs a few times a day and within a few days my cough was gone! That’s just the 2! I could go on and on but long story short, they’re all amazing!!!! Thanks MONQ!”—Kayla F. Healthy

“Monq is great!”

“I got a 4 pack of MONQ to try. As a non-smoker, I was a bit skeptical if I would like it. However, I love my essential oils so I went for it. The result is… I love them! They smell amazing, are simple to use, are refreshing and relaxing and have a high-quality sleek packaging (for an all-around great user experience). It’s great to take a moment in my day to reflect and enjoy the positive effects of essential oils. :)”—Mara J. Healthy

“Custom 4 Pack”

“I got the Healthy, Active, Zen and Sexy. I have to say the sexy one is my favorite. It is very relaxing to me and Patchouli is one of my favorite essential oils.”—Jennifer B. Healthy


“I have a friend who’s mother is a chef and is big into essential oils and she said that this blend is really good for digestion! It is one of my favorites of the collection.”—Brooke H. Healthy

“I think I’m a Monq Girl”

“I just received my Monq – 4 pack. Shipping was so fast. I chose the Zen, Healthy, Active, and Sleepy. First I have to say, these products are made with a great eye for quality. The individual packaging is so good that I am keeping those and just put the MONQs back in there after using them. I might change this though because the vapes are so beautiful, I would like to keep them out and put them in a really cool tall shot glass I have. The first one I tried was the Healthy. I love and use turmeric in a lot of different forms for it’s many, many benefits. The fragrance and taste are marvelous! I drew a light breath, didn’t inhale and just focused on the taste and mouthfeel. I held that for a moment or two and then slowly breathed out of my nose. I literally had an immediate physical sensation. That was unexpected actually. The feeling was one of well being, my body felt less weighted, and there was, I think, a mild sense of euphoria. These effects were all quite mild, and very comfortable. I am a folk herbalist so I believe in the benefits of essential oils. I also feel like I can easily recognize very good blends and these absolutely are. Later in the day, I took a breath of the Healthy with a breath of the Active – a very nice combination as Turmeric with that cinnamon and then with black pepper is a fantastic combination. I used the Zen – just one breath before a daily cleansing ritual I do. I felt like it solidified my mood for that and helped me focus intently on the ritual. Then it was Sleepy before bed. I have chronic sensorimotor neuropathy and as a result, I have a lot of difficulty sleeping through the pain. This was not some miracle that had me sleeping through the night 🙂 , however, it was a perfect addition to the bedtime environment I try to create to help me sleep.

Monq, I really love these personal diffusers. Design is so important to me in almost everything I use (yes, I have been known to judge a book by its cover) and these products really deliver on design. But they have the rare ability to look good AND work well. Thank you.

Megan”—Megan Healthy

“Groovy use of essential oils”

“I like that it’s a really quick and easy way to feel the positive effects of organic essential oils”—Lauren P. Healthy

“It was good, while it lasted”

“I liked my MONQ, I had the Healthy blend. So many people were intrigued because they thought I was vaping, Til I told them I was basically breathable essential oil steam.

Unfortunately, I lost it my friends car the second day I got it.”—Jul H. Healthy

“love essential oils!”

“I love essential oils and what a great way to get the benefits into the air, it is a great personal diffuser.”—Becky L. Healthy


“I love the taste of Healthy wraps me in warmth & comfort. It’s in my top three Monq blends.

Thanks to all the great minds at Monq who made these totally amazing and super cool essential oil diffusers!”—KeEmonta P. Healthy


“I love the idea of having a personal diffuser, and MONQ works wonderfully for that on-the-go burst of energy!! The Healthy MONQ helps me calm down and makes me feel great! Love how its all natural and essential oils.”—Hannah M. Healthy

“Healthy Monq Essential Oil”

“I love this one! Since starting, I haven’t been sick once! I have also been using Zen, which is helping my lungs and pain in my back. Thank you Monq for some incredible products!!”—Patty L. Healthy

“I Love this stuff!!!”

“I love this product! When I saw an ad on fb I got really curious but a little skeptical. So I ordered one which was active. I was surprised at how few puffs gave me a boost of energy. So the very first day I received my MONQ I placed an order for 3 more different blends. I can’t wait to try all the blends! Hopefully, this product will be around for a long time! It’s such a fun & clever way to get my essential oils!”—Delia Healthy

“Breathing Differently”

“I must say this product opened my eyes. Knowing little about essential oils, I figured this was the best aspect to learn and understand which oils assist with different time frames for your daily needs. I have been letting everyone try it!! I don’t mind sharing, I thought it was funny how the majority of my male friends loved “SEXY” but said – the packaging was too feminine for them. (something you might want to consider?) But in conclusion I highly recommend this product, I will be back for sure! Thanks!”—Melissa F. Healthy


“I purchased the MONQ 4 pack and was super excited to try them as I am a fan of essential oils. I also am an ex-smoker and was nervous as I assumed they might trigger an addictive response such as e cigarette’s, as I have had those too; but happy to say I do not use them that way and it doesn’t feel the same way. I only use them before bed and just a few puffs. The happy MONQ is my absolute favorite so far, very sweet. I love having them before bed at the end of a long day. Very relaxing and now symbolic for me. The smells are just as good as the tastes. Thanks, MONQ, keep up the good work!”—Octavia B. Healthy

“Tried MONQ for the first times last week and LOVE it!”

“I saw MONQ advertised on FB and I already love my essential oils so I thought I’d give it a try. It’s so easy to take with me. Relaxing to use and has a light fresh taste. I’ll be buying more for sure”—Stacy N. Healthy

“Love it!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed it! I love how you can taste nearly every essential oil used in the product. I think the diffuser itself, overall, is an amazing idea!”—Jasmine S. Healthy

“Really cool!”

“I wanted to get an essential oil diffuser for my room, but didn’t know if my cats would have a bad reaction to the smell- this personal diffuser was the perfect solution!”—Katie Z. Healthy

“healthy Monq for pain”

“I wanted to try turmeric for my arthritis and Lupus issues. I do not stomach it very well so I decided to try the essential oil. It worked wonders. My hands are usable again and no tummy aches. I recommend Healthy Monq for anyone with inflammation issues.”—Kelly T. Healthy

“Healthy MONQ”

“I was a little skeptical at first, but once I read reviews, I decided to give it a try. I ordered 1 Healthy MONQ and loved it. I’m into aromatherapy and using essential oils daily. I love the combination of turmeric, cinnamon, and cardamom. I’ve noticed a decrease in inflammation as well as a decrease in pain and discomfort. I’m definitely ordering again and will try and few others…”—Stacee A. Healthy


“I was skeptical getting these but I love MONQ! I have never gotten heavily into essential oils but I really enjoying diffusing them. I have chronic pain from Endometriosis disease and have been trying to incorporate more Turmeric into my diet and lifestyle. Healthy has that in it and I feel like it helps just a bit with my pain. I feel more energized and my bad moments of pain are fewer between. MONQ is just fun too. haha They came quickly and it lasted me FOREVER even though I puffed on it a bit more than they say to in order to make it last. It still lasted forever. haha Hope you enjoy your purchase because mine was epic!!”—Natalie G. Healthy

“Pleasantly Surprised”

“I wasn’t 100% certain what to expect when I ordered my Healthy Monq. I was sort of surprised to see how closely it resembled an e-cigarette. When I tried it for the first time, I didn’t mind the taste. Essential oils haven’t really worked for me before, but somehow the Monq did! When I passed the air from my mouth to my nose I felt relaxed. I’m quite pleased with this product and have shared it with all my family. I’m looking forward to trying more, if not all.”—Bethany F. Healthy

“My new favorite treat”

“I’ve always been a huge fan of essential oils, but I have a hard time finding blends that I like, and I’ve also been frustrated by the lack of portable options. When I discovered MONQ, I was instantly attracted to the sleek, gorgeous package and ease of use. I knew I had to try them all, and I do love all of them. If I had to pick a favorite for everyday use, it would be Healthy. I love the clean, spicy, slightly sweet taste. It gives me a simultaneous boost of energy and feeling of total calm, which is a really cool effect. I recommend and gift this to everyone I know, and can’t get enough for myself either! ;)”—Mel F. Healthy

“Healthy makes me happy.”

“I’ve been using Healthy for about two months and I love it! It’s difficult to describe how it works or what it does but I can say that I feel great after I use it. It has a slightly peppery, cinnamon taste which I enjoy. I’m currently studying to be an aromatherapist so I know the Health benefits of the essential oils used in Healthy. I’m genuinely glad this product is available.”—Charleen M. Healthy

“Couldn’t be Happier!”

“I’ve never smoked so I got these for their therapeutic properties. I love essential oils and I have several defusers around my house, but there is just something about MONQ that takes it to the next level! I have a hard time sleeping so the sleepy time MONQ is my favorite! Would recommend everyone try!”—Grace J. Healthy

“Another green fresh break in the day”

“I’ve used essential oils for many years but never used a diffuser for a variety of concerns. This lovely portable diffuser design resolves all my concerns and is just very unique, effective and beautifully designed. Thx.”—suni m. Healthy

“Healthy living with MONQ”

“I’ve tried both the Healthy and Vibrant. They are both wonderful and make me feel so fantastic. At work, they help my focus especially when it’s been a long day. Nothing like a boost of essential oils to keep you going! MONQ is doing great things! Can’t wait to try the other blends!”—Clarrisa P. Healthy

“Love MONQ”

“Love the MONQ products! You can take them anywhere with you. They are not harsh to breathe, taste good, and the essential oils are healthy and helpful. I enjoy using them!”—Heather C. Healthy

“Viable option”

“Refreshing alternative. Essential oils reach the mood I feel and alter it in a positive way!”—Melanee W. Healthy

“Luvin’ them !”

“This is by far the best way to get essential oils into your body…luv it.”—Leslie A. Healthy


“This is my first experience with essential oils and I am hooked! Healthy is everything it is described to be and more!”—DanaDanaDana Healthy

“WOW. an essential oil eCigar.. hooked”

“Tokin feels like being in your own personal aromatherapy spa. In today’s “go-go-go” world; for me, it’s become a must. It’s ALWAYS on my person. Helps your yoga too ;)”—Paul L. Healthy


“We loved our Zen MONQ! True zen. Amazing essential oils. And we will be ordering again!!”—Barnes Healthy

“Love oil pen”

“Absolutely LOVE the aroma:heavy_heart_exclamation_mark_ornament: and the benefits from this way of taking in my beloved essential oils. I hope to see a broader range of beneficial oils added to your collection. WAY TO GO, MONQ!”—Karen E. Love

“Love MONQ”

“I absolutely am in LOVE with MONQ. I’ve used essential oils for almost a decade now and this is my dreams come true. A portable easy to use aromatherapy “pen”. It is innovative and affordable!”—Cody C. Love


“I’m in LOVE (pun intended) with this blend! All the essential oils in it mix perfectly and it’s so relaxing! My boyfriend even tried it and liked it too! Might be my favorite of the 2 I’ve tried! (Sexy and love).”—Allison J. Love

“I love Love!”

“Love is such an amazing blend. The essential oils selected were perfect for this.”—Regina B. Love

“Mountain is breathtaking!”

“creates this cool peppermint feeling I crave from a mint or bubblegum except in an essential oil ! Feels so fresh afterward I love it !”—Samantha S. Mountain

“Mountain, Loved it!”

“I did not know for sure if I would like the Pine essential oil. I am super glad I tried it though! It has become one of my favorites! I really enjoy the fresh taste and that it brings you that much closer to nature.”—Ty G. Mountain


“I have now tried all of the MONQ blends and I enjoy them all for different reasons. Zen, Cheer, and Sleepy are my favorites, but they are the most helpful for calming my anxiousness or kicking me into a more relaxed state! I love personal diffusers but always seem to forget to fill them with water and add my essential oils. These are perfect to just tote around with you wherever you go, no hassle, no worries just there when you need it! Excellent company, excellent products, BEST customer service and support!! I will continue to buy from them as long as I can!”—Jennifer B. Mountain

“Portable Bliss”

“I love that the essential oil is so portable and easy to use. Much more so than having a bottle of oil in my purse. l also love the mixes that are offered.”—Nina L. Mountain


“I was skeptical about the idea of an essential oils diffuser, but I figured I’d give it a try as an early birthday present and it is honestly amazing. The fragrance was so relaxing and I would highly recommend it to any of my friends.”—Megan E. Mountain

“My New FAVE”

“I’m someone who loves essential oils so I couldn’t wait to try these out and see how they worked. I’m happy to say they are AMAZING. I use this when I need something to get my mind off things and help me relax. I definitely recommend and cannot wait to buy the other nature pens.”—Juliette K. Mountain


“I’m very much enjoying my Monq! I use it at the end of the day to relax. I love the fact that it’s essential oils and nothing harmful. Thank you for making such an innovative product!!”—Penny B. Mountain

“Mountain is my favorite!”

“I’ve tried 8 blends already and by far Mountain is my favorite! It feels so crisp and cool, exactly what I want out of an essential oil pen, a little foresty too which I loved. I will definitely order this one frequently.”—Natalie G. Mountain

“Amazing Blend”

“So I was excited to receive this new blend of MONQ and once again for me it is a ten out of ten! It really takes your mind into nature if you close your eyes while breathing the smooth essential oils in you can really just envision that mountain top and it takes you away even for those three times a day twice a day 🙂 I do love these and will order and help spread the word on what an amazing product they are always and forever!!!”—Nicole l. Mountain


“These are so awesome. It gives me another way to use essential oils and help my body relax in different situations. and they have a great taste!”—Lauren S. Mountain


“What I really enjoyed about the essential oils in this one was the peppermint. It always makes me feel “refreshed””—Natalia R. Mountain

“Love Love Love!”

“I absolutely love my pumpkin spice diffuser. It discreet and perfect for whenever I need a lil pick me up. I use essential oils for everything so this is perfect for me.”—chenita h. Mystery Blend Subscription

“It’s a fun present”

“I love the idea of getting one each month. Monq has quickly become a staple in my car, bag or pockets. I’ve talked to friends and family about them, I love essential oils and having them at my fingertips no matter where I am, best ever.”—Katie C. Mystery Blend Subscription


“I was honestly very skeptical about the MONQ Essential Oil Blend but I love it so much!!!! It is so refreshing and signing up for the mystery blend will allow me to try all the blends! I cannot wait for my next box to arrive”—skylar k. Mystery Blend Subscription


“Such a nice product and very elegant design. Nice way to enjoy essential oils.”—Candice H. Mystery Blend Subscription

“These are sooooooo good, and”

“These are sooooooo good, and I would defiantly recommend these to anyone looking for an easy way to work essential oils into their lives”—Simone W. Mystery Blend Subscription

“Mystery Blend Subscription AWESOME!!”

“This was my first time trying this and I got Ocean it was awesome I cannot wait for the next one! I’m very into essential oils and I just love how this works and it really does work!! Thank u Monq :clap::skin-tone-3:”—Andrea B. Mystery Blend Subscription


“Helps keep me relaxed and keeps me from boredom. I don’t use them daily so they last a long time. Pure essential oils!! Waaaay better for you than a cigarette or a vape.”—Olivia J. Mystery Blend Subscription – 3 Blends

“My first thoughts …”

“I think I’m gonna be very happy with my new find 😉
Vibrant really does give me that little “lift” Sleepy is exactly what is….3 breaths and I’m so ready to start counting sheep. My first purchase went straight to signing up for the Mystery 3pk monthly subscription. I was pretty impressed Pumpkin Spice was in my 3pk…too cool. Thank you Monq, you are showing me a new way to benefit from essential oils”—Laura A. Mystery Blend Subscription – 3 Blends


“I already use essential oil diffuser and this is a great personal extension. I am able to use at my desk and not affect my coworkers!”—Riann M. Ocean

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